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A good comedian and a good speaker should both be able to maintain the audience’s attention and keep them entertained. Inspired by Michalowicz’s article, we looked up advice from some great standup comedians, and thought about how you could use these tips in terms of keynote speaking. When you first start out in public speaking, looking out at a field of unfamiliar faces can be intimidating. Jo Caufield compiled a list of some great advice from comedians, and our favourite section was Tony Cowards’. Inspirational Quotes, especially the ones on public speaking are favorites; as well as all inspirational sayings of famous people. Non verbal communication is a very important aspect of speaking; make sure you practice this skill. These 3 Commandments summarize what countless articles, books, podcasts and webinars will tell you about great public speaking. Let thy passion shine through: This is where so many speakers go astray–especially those who are motivated by mission! Learn how you can change the world by changing your words at Claxon University!We won't ever share your info with anyone - promise!
They shouldn’t be repeating what other people have already said; material should be innovative and fresh.

Jerry Corley argues that you should be inspired and potentially emulate your idols, but make it your own.
When asked for tips about breaking into the entertainment business, Steve Martin’s advice was simple. The tips tricks and secrets you find on 'your public speaking' are based on my experiences.
We just tend to let our crazy brains make it scarier and more complicated than it needs to be.
In his article, ‘6 Things Comedians Can Teach You About Public Speaking’, Michalowicz argues that we should make speeches less formal; lose the powerpoint and lectern, and tell jokes and personal stories instead. If your audience is full of university students, the easiest way to make them switch off is to sink into technical talk as if you’re a disheartened door-to-door blinds salesman.
What do they hope to learn from you? Do they want to be inspired or do they want to be able to go back to their office and immediately kick butt? Similarly, a speech that references Russell Howard jokes will sink like a lead balloon in a room full of high profile CEOs.
Krebs suggests planting supportive friends in the audience, to laugh at the right times and make the room seem less awkward. 20 minutes of the best material will be received far better than the same material padded out to fit a 30 minute slot, and give you extra time to either do a q&a or network with the guests.

Write down everything that comes to mind, even if it sounds like dross, because you may be able to edit it into something great.
Whilst you don’t necessarily need them to laugh, having familiar faces (maybe not Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but we can dream!) to look at can make a speech a lot less intimidating! This should be your mantra before you get on stage, before you start writing, before you even agree to speak. Probably, at least in part, because that person knew every in and out of their subject matter.
Analyse their performance, write down what makes them great, and think about what you could do to generate a similar response. You get so worried about people throwing tomatoes at you (not gonna happen, right?) that you read from a script. If the only thing you make eye contact with during your talk is a piece of paper, you’ve missed the boat. If you get lost, you say, “I get so excited about this stuff that sometimes I get carried away.

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