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As more and more tools emerge to help us communicate, are we instead becoming less-connected?
A face-to-face meeting or a phone call will always be more personal to some, but nowadays there are those who would rather receive an email or a Facebook message.
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This tutorial will assume a basic knowledge of programming in general, and an understanding of Python.
Writing a GUI application to do a task may seem like a difficult job, but in fact, it can be very simple. Before we begin, I will make note that glade works in a way that web developers will be used to, by using relative positioning, and splitting the area to arrange things, not by absolute values.
In the middle, put a label in each as the three left-hand items, and a Text Entry as the right hand portion.
Add some appropriate text to the top label, and Number 1, Number 2, and Result to the labels on the left. Repeat this process for everything you will need to access, changing the names of the entries to something appropriate (these don't need any signals), changing the name of the bottom left hand hbox which contains your warning to something more apt, and changing the names of the two buttons then creating 'clicked' signals for both of them. The sys library is there purely to allow us to call 'sys.exit' - used to exit the application. Basically, it loads the widget tree from your glade file, and then creates a list of signals and what methods they point to.
The gtk.main() function just makes a loop which will display the GUI, and handle any signals as you have told it to.
Note the last line which creates an object of our GUI class, this makes the program actually begin. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Thanks for the suggestion, it works, but because of the looping and since my dataset contains around 47121615 rows, it takes an awful lot of time.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged python pandas dataframe or ask your own question. The Monty Python reunion in London began on July 1, and after a 10-day break, picks up again tonight at the O2 Arena for the final five nights that will see Eric Idle, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin on the same stage together, doing silly things one more time. Wireless AC second generation is great, but comes with its own problems as with any new technology. You don't even really need that, but if you don't know python well, you might need to look some stuff up, but google is your friend. Python is the language of choice for me, it's simple and fast to develop in, with a fair amount of power behind it. Let's do something very basic to begin with, a program to add two numbers, and display an output. Next create a table 2 wide and 3 down in the middle, and finally a horizontal box with 2 items at the bottom. Choose your Window (probably 'window1' in your treeview) and go to the 'General' tab in the properties window. In our case, closing the window and clicking quit both make it quit (a member function which is pretty obvious), and clicking add calls our add member function. They are automatically translated to the language the user is currently using, and change icon with the theme the user is using, so it always fits in.
I just presumed there were not that many people interested in Linux and Programming here, by the looks of it. The parrot, which is famous for being dead from the moment it was sold, was placed on Monday at Potters Fields Park in South London, near Tower Bridge. Taking two inputs in the constructor (__init__), and then adding the two, and storing the result in the 'result' member.
This is so we don't throw ugly errors to the user if they input something which is not an integer. The top will be instructions, the bottom buttons and information, the middle the entry areas.
Change your image in the bottom left hand corner to 'Stock' and then choose the stock image 'Warning'. Select the hbox which contains your warning (which should not be renamed something, hboxWarning in my case) - then set 'visible' to false.

This example, of course, may seem like a lot of work for little result, as the resulting application is not that useful, but what you have learnt here can easily be applied to other things. This is both a fine reminder to tune in on Sunday to the broadcast and an outstanding opportunity to inspire countless visitors to declare in increasingly frantic tones that "This parrot is no more! It then prints the result, and asks if the user wants to go again, all pretty self-explanetory. Make the label next to it a warning (like "Sorry, one of your values was not a valid integer." in our CLI). Set Window Title to something you want the user to see ("Latty's Amazing Adder!" in my case.).
For the two buttons, choose 'Stock' for both, and make one 'gtk-quit' and one 'gtk-add' - for obvious reasons. Next go to the signals tab, and open 'GtkObject' - and click on "destroy" - the dropdown menu under 'handler' - then choose 'on_windowMain_destroy' - This is the event that the GUI will give your application to say the user has tried to quite the application (by clicking on the close icon).
You need to do the opposite for the main window, which you do want visible, so make sure it is. You will need to go through your items forcing them to expand or not until it looks correct. Make sure to click somewhere else so it goes out of edit mode before doing anything else, otherwise it'll not save that signal. You will also want to turn 'sensitive' on the result Text Entry (under 'Common') to be false - this is for the user to see the result, they don't need to edit it. For example, the button box should have 'expand' off.) Remember, you can use the tree view to the right to select items, so go through each one one-by-one and check it expanded and not, and see which works, you'll soon get the hang of what needs to be expanded to make the GUI function correctly. You also need to go to the button box containing your two buttons and set 'pack type' under 'packing' to end, so it doesn't move around when the warning appears and disappears.

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