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Dusza® is a strategically led, full service digital creative agency with social media agency capabilities. Our bespoke management systems help businesses do more with less, with clients seeing ROI within as little as 12 months. Dusza® offer clients access to many reliable and secure hosting platforms from cloud to dedicated and all types in between. DuszaA┬« create innovative web-based software to enhance your processes, deliver better workflow efficiency and resource utilisation; ultimately, to increase the performance of your business.
For companies where standard applications don't meet expectations due to flexibility or uniqueness of operation, we offer a way to achieve a dynamic working environment. We understand that efficiency is doing things right, and that effectiveness is about doing the right things.

Customised software solutions can enhance your business, making tasks consistent, quicker, simpler, and easier - effectively enabling you to do more with less. From a single module to solve an individual issue or a combination of modules and customisation to complete multiple tasks more efficiently, you can gain savings immediately resolving the most critical issues first.
With our experienced-based approach it's not just the software that's perfectly suited to your requirements but it's also the implementation strategy.
Our change management strategy ensures your business gets quick wins, anticipates the problems and potential deserters, puts a plan in place to reduce this impact or address them when they happen, thinks about motivation and how to embed the change. Everything we develop is subjected to extensive functionality testing to ensure the solution works from day one. Should something go wrong our promise is to resolve the issue as a priority, and we always assume responsibility.

But we never underestimate the confidence that comprehensive training builds in your staff.
Our post-launch plan includes periodic analysis of process improvement, systems integration and extension opportunities, user training, inter-department collaboration and system performance.
Training is offered to you on-site at your premises or at our corporate offices, and is delivered in a methodical, phased approach ensuring your core team members acquire the skills to train others.

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