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I’m all for getting customer feedback – it’s a great source of ideas, opportunities, improvements, and it demonstrates to your customers you care (provided of course you do listen and then take action!). Unfortunately, too many businesses simply get boxes ticked, ‘go through the motions’, and ask questions that don’t make them too uncomfortable.
These questions are not the ‘traditional’ customer feedback questions that typically get asked, and I’m not suggesting that you ask them all to all of your customers.
This may give an insight into the value they place on you as a supplier – Would they actually notice? Just one thing – it may highlight their priorities and key issues to help identify and develop that ‘Dramatic Difference‘!

I also think that lots of businesses waste lots of time, money and effort in getting customer feedback. They are a bit different, and their aim is to get conversations going, challenge the status quo and help you develop and reinforce your ‘Dramatic Difference’! If they can’t name anyone, what does that say about the way your people interact with your customers?
It’s a brave question, but it stops us rationalising away when people score us a 7 or 8 when we ask them to rate us out of 10. They may also help you improve your performance, attitude and relationships (no guarantees though!).

They ask the wrong questions, they ask lots of questions, but don’t actually listen, or they listen to the answers and then do nothing about what they hear!

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