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The Radiant Life pendant features a vibrant dark green enamel inlay (the photo shows blue, but it is a brilliant green) resting upon an elegant matte gold-plated bronze cross. This stunning pendant is an example of the power of understated symbolism in Christian art–without any ostentation, the artist uses simply the color green and radiating lines to elicit the life-giving power that emanates from God. Celebrate life with this gorgeous, spiritually meaningful and elegant matte gold-plated pendant, one of our old favorites and a favorite of Catholic shops and those looking for Christian art and Christian gifts.

Hildegard von Bingen is one Doctor of the Church who focused especially on the aspect of God that can be contemplated through the window of the exuberant necessity of life.
Etched into the cross on the periphery of the green inlay are radiating lines, evoking the essence of God, divine power bringing overflowing life into being. She went so far as to coin one term, veriditas, to reflect those aspects of the divine nature that are reflected in nature: fecundity, cycles of birth, and growth and fruitful change, overflowing goodness, and much more.

An old favorite from our collection brought back by popular demand, this is Christian jewelry in its highest form: the cross is elegant yet understated, spiritually meaningful, and it conveys a spiritual message.

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