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When an antenna is attached to electrical circuit of a computer or wireless device, it converts the digital data into wireless signals and spread all over within its frequency range. Radio frequency is easier to generate and because of its large wavelength it can penetrate through walls and structures alike.Radio waves can have wavelength from 1 mm – 100,000 km and have frequency ranging from 3 Hz (Extremely Low Frequency) to 300 GHz (Extremely High Frequency). Radio waves at lower frequencies can travel through walls whereas higher RF can travel in straight line and bounce back.The power of low frequency waves decreases sharply as they cover long distance. Lower frequencies such as VLF, LF, MF bands can travel on the ground up to 1000 kilometers, over the earth’s surface. Electromagnetic waves above 100 MHz tend to travel in a straight line and signals over them can be sent by beaming those waves towards one particular station. Microwaves can have wavelength ranging from 1 mm – 1 meter and frequency ranging from 300 MHz to 300 GHz.

Microwave transmission depends highly upon the weather conditions and the frequency it is using. Infrared wave is used for very short range communication purposes such as television and it’s remote. Highest most electromagnetic spectrum which can be used for data transmission is light or optical signaling. Because of frequency light uses, it tends to travel strictly in straight line.Hence the sender and receiver must be in the line-of-sight. Laser is safe for data transmission as it is very difficult to tap 1mm wide laser without interrupting the communication channel.
Royalty free communications clip art of a tall pylon tower sending out red waves or radio signals, symbolizing a strong network and connection.

For the dissemination of Regulated Information Finmeccanica uses SDIR-NIS run by Bit Market Services SpA (London Stock Exchange Group) established in Milan, Piazza degli Affari n. 6.For the storage and filing of Regulated Information Finmeccanica uses a€?NIS-Storagea€? run by Bit Market Services SpA (London Stock Exchange Group) established in Milan, Piazza degli Affari n. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.

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