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In 2008 Bill Clark was driving through Connecticut with his beloved Airedale terrier, Max, when his convertible was struck by another car.
You have to be pretty brave to jump out of a plane—but you also have to be lucky to survive the leap with a faulty parachute. Last Christmas Eve, Tracy Hermanstorfer's heart stopped beating while she was in labor with her third child, a boy she and her husband, Mike, had named Coltyn. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! Most of us have experienced a cash crunch at one time or another, and thought, "I need a miracle." For these three people, a money miracle is exactly what they got.
When he heard a knock on the door that night in mid-December 2008, Chris Miles wasn't sure if he wanted to answer it. Chris was struggling to keep his business afloat through the Great Recession and provide for his family. Since that year, business has improved and the Miles family has adopted this tradition as their own, and encourages others to do the same. As an actor, comedian, writer and voiceover artist, Jim Dailakis is well aware that sometimes projects take much longer that expected to be completed.
Then a couple of nights after production was put on hold, Jim had a dream in which his roommate's father invited him into his office. Jim had never met his roommate's father, who had died in a car accident several years before.

Two weeks later, Jim found a letter in the mail from his producer in Australia who explained how he felt bad that Jim was the only person who worked on the film and didn't get paid -- especially considering he was responsible for getting the project started in the first place. Getting the check was exciting, but Jim says he'll never forget telling his roommate what had just happened.
It turned out that her sister-in-law, who had passed away a decade before, had named him on a life insurance policy.
A South Carolina woman's luck stopped short after she told a few friends about her winning $500 ticket.
Lareece Butler had fate on her side in March, when she escaped a free fall of 3,000 feet with only a broken leg, a fractured pelvis, and a concussion. Just after receiving an epidural for the pain, she lost consciousness and went into full cardiac arrest. Would he find another door hanger informing him that he had 48 hours to pay his utility bill or have the service cut off? Chris did track their footprints in the snow the night after they left the milk on the porch and discovered that several sets stopped near their kitchen window.
They hope to make the holidays a little brighter for another family, as someone did for them. With a huge smile on his face, he opened his checkbook, picked up his pen and began to write. Then she put in her husband's name, and was flabbergasted to discover that not only did he have unclaimed funds waiting for him, the amount totaled nearly $11,000!

He never knew about her generosity, and may not have found out if his wife hadn't searched on his behalf. Register was helping two customers in his antiques store when one of them aimed a gun at Register's head. Doctors attempted to revive her but couldn't, and began an emergency C-section to save the baby. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. He and his wife Lyndsie had three children ages four and younger, and another was on the way. She later told reporters she had prayed, God save me, please; I have a son, but could recall nothing else until she woke up in the hospital, surrounded by her amazed and grateful family. They sometimes found themselves relying on friends and family for just the basic necessities.
On the sixth day ("Six Geese a Laying") day the Miles family found a dozen eggs on the porch.

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