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While the greater majority of Australians have absolutely nothing to do with organised crime, it lives on our doorstep and in one way or another, everyday folk have been touched by it, or will be touched by it if we don’t take some very simple steps. In this blog, I want to talk specifically about the risks our superannuation is exposed to from attacks by organised crime. With more than $2trillion held by Australians in superannuation, it has become a very attractive target for organised crime. Superannuation savings continue to grow, primarily due to the compulsory nature of the Superannuation Guarantee system.
All superannuation fund members are potential candidates to be attacked by illegal operators.
As a trustee of a SMSF myself, I have received approaches on a number of occasions from tele-marketers wanting to introduce me to rather questionable investment “opportunities”. Many promoters of questionable schemes are extremely sophisticated in the way they operate, often with very credible “fronts” for their operations, including professional looking websites and publications and very slick “sales staff”. Check your account balance on a regular basis and don’t be hesitate to report any irregularities to your superannuation fund, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, or to the police. Preferably only deal with advisers that you have met in person who operate their business from a bona fide business premises. If you are approached by someone offering financial services, ask to see a copy of their Australian Financial Service Licence or ask for their licence number and check them out on the ASIC website before proceeding.
Be alert for emails, phone calls and direct approaches from people purporting to be from your bank, super fund, or from a government agency such as the Australian Taxation Office. Be very cautious about clicking on any hyperlinks included in an email, no matter how genuine the email might appear. Sadly, there are people in our society who are keen to separate us from our hard earned super and other savings. PK believes people have the right to accurate, affordable and unbiased information that addresses all aspects of their preferred retirement lifestyle, thereby giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions that will empower them to live out their lives with dignity, certainty and security. Tealey’s ambition is to change how people think about their retirement, he wants people to dream, plan and realise retirement is not defined by a magical age prescribed by the legislation. Your Bio forms a bond between you and your reader (Part 4 of the #SelfPublishing series) In the last three posts, we have discussed about the myths of self publishing that most seem to have and how to bust them, then how to design professionally looking and aesthetically pleasing covers for your books and how to write effective blurbs that compel your reader to buy your book. Blurbs make your reader excited about your book (Part 3 of the #?SelfPublishing? series) Your book blurb, also called as back-of-book description or your book’s cover copy, is probably the next most important element after your book’s cover.
How to create a professional looking cover for your self-published book (Part 2 of #SelfPublishing series) Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Employers currently contribute (or should contribute!) 9.5% of employees’ wages to a superannuation fund. They have multiple superannuation accounts and rarely (if ever) check their superannuation balance.
Each regulator has their own separate and distinct role, often making it difficult to identify and trace criminal activity.
But perhaps self-managed superannuation funds are more attractive, not only because members of SMSFs tend to have much larger superannuation account balances, but many trustees are also involved in the day to day operations of their funds. When checking your account balance online, never leave a computer unattended and always logout at the end of your session. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may use a number of professional advisers including an accountant, lawyer, financial planner, tax agent, etc. By all means, listen to what they have to say, but don’t provide personal information and never supply bank account details, tax file numbers, passwords, or other personal details that might identify you and your super. If you receive an email from your bank, and it asks for information or requests you to click on a link, don’t be afraid to print a copy of the email and go to your local bank branch and have them check that the email is bona fide.
You would be surprised by the number of people who feel embarrassed after having been taken advantage of.
By being alert and aware we can go at least some way to protecting what is rightfully ours. Any information is provided as a general guide only and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any individual. As a result, any loss of superannuation will often not be picked up for many months, if not years after a theft has occurred. If they hesitate in providing this information, or say they are exempt from holding a licence, be extremely suspicious. Some promoters of questionable schemes may request you sign a confidentiality agreement or request you don’t disclose their proposal with anyone else. They often remain silent and don’t report their experiences, thereby leaving the perpetrators free to roam the streets and stalk their next victim.
As humiliating as it may be, report any theft to the police as soon as you become aware of it.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, no liability shall be assumed on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of acting upon such information.
We strongly recommend that independent professional advice be obtained and additionally a copy of any relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making any decision about whether to acquire a particular financial product.
It appears both in your book and also on the pages of your website, your blog and the websites you sell your book on like Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and many more. With a printed book, getting attracted by the large cover, bright colours and captivating fonts is easy for a reader.
So, on a week day which  I think was a Wednesday, we (myself  Rajkumari Joshi, my father C.N. It should take a natural flow from there and make it easier for your reader to empathise with you. We must have walked just one or two yards when we saw Mother Mary standing before us, in human form, around 5’8 in height, very delicate, almost translucent fair skin, thin, pink lips and sparkling blue eyes, so full of gentleness and love.
We were so taken aback that I at once turned to my dad and said, “She is the same lady that I drew.” He said, “yes”. I at once turned behind to ask my mother whether she had seen the vision and she said that she did.

For a while, we were stunned and asked the candle seller whether she had seen anyone in front of us as she was close enough to have seen her as well. However, she said that on weekdays not very many people visit the church so she saw no one else. Starting with setting up a background to the story, your blurb should introduce lead character early on and show their emotional side. I then asked her whether she saw any lady like a nun – in white and she said that she didn’t.
Then you need to let the reader know what the problem is, what is at stake and what stops your character from achieving her goal. My father immediately felt the need to go and pray in the church to which I said, “But she has just left the church”.
The most important part of a great blurb is how you end it — a cliffhanger your lead character finds herself hanging from. This incident is known to most of my acquaintances, and though I feel that we were blessed, the one regret that is constant is that I did not embrace her or touch her feet.?? Mother Mary has been part of our lives even before this incident. In 1958 when I was 9 years old, I told him to visit the church as Mother Mary would make him alright.
Your reader should feel connected with your lead character by now and be excited to know how she overcomes the challenge.
The thick croplands she is walking in whose end is not visible clearly conveys a feeling of mystery; that Brida is searching for something. Due to the crowd he could only stand on the outer steps of the main entrance.? He prayed there and as we moved down, he said, “My leg has stopped paining”.
He is 91 now and his leg has never given him that trouble again. Another prominent incident is when we were living in a rented apartment and were being constantly harassed by the landlord. I again told my dad that if we offer a little wax house in the church and pray for our own house, Mother Mary will give it to us. Of course no one is going to recognise your picture when you are publishing your first book but it is important to give a personal human touch to your Author Bio.
Doubtless, she gave us an opportunity to buy a small plot of land in Khar and my dad built a little cottage. Our faith in Mother Mary is truly an undiluted faith and we do not even repeat our requests because of that. It helps your reader picture you while writing and also establishes a sense of credibility. So, obviously, when writing the blurb, you won’t be able to cut down the story, the sub plots, the major twists and all those interesting things. The story reveals past and present life mysteries to the lead characters of the book as the journey progresses. Believe it or not, if we pray to her, our house is filled with fragrance – sometimes lavender, at times sandalwood and even frankincense. Look at the pictures of some of your favourite writers in their books and decide how your's will look in your book. The railway tracks also symbolise the two main characters of the story, Paulo himself and Hilal, a girl who joins Paulo on his trip, and the fact that their lives can never intersect, just like the railway tracks. I suddenly heard her tell me that before I returned next week I should get a mammography done.
She was insistent that I don’t get it checked with a doctor but get myself tested on a machine. If you’re writing a fiction novel in which your hero is an investigative journalist (remember The Millennium series?) and you have a background in journalism or you have won an award for that, brag about it (yes, bragging is not bad and in fact it could be advantageous for you and your book if done in the right way). While Brida’s cover gives the intended feeling and tells the reader how the book is going to be, Aleph’s don’t. If you walk into a bookstore or visit Amazon and see Aleph, you cannot imagine what the story is. But I found I could not leave the church until I gave her an assurance that I would obey. So I did the test and suffered a bigger shock when the doctor discovered the beginnings of a tumour. But Paulo Coelho is one of the leading and most renown writers in the world and his name itself is enough for the book to sell. Immediately, my life and my world that had been stable, steady and safe until then, turned upside down. All my achievements and relationships seemed unimportant, almost illusory in the face of death. But you can write a blurb that best reflects your story and then have it edited by someone.
This is where you need a fresh pair of eyes to go through your book, your blurb and then edit it to reflect your entire book but without giving away any crucial plot-related details or being too lengthy.
There was no person or power that could console and support me. My doctor advised that no time should be lost and the surgery was fixed for 25 May. Three days before the surgery, a young boy who was praying for me got a message to be given to me. But the differences should not be too much to make the reader think both books are different.
He was not able to understand it himself but he was told to give me the message exactly the way he got it. It helps to set the tone of the book and connect with the reader’s expectations about the story. Only subtle changes in the background or colour combinations, minor changes in fonts or small differences in details are to be done. It IS okay to mention that you have previously written poetry in the Author Bio of your fiction novel if you are an indie writer and this is your first fiction book.
I want your life.” The young boy was initially hesitant to give me the message because he thought it was contradictory. But if you have already published a fiction work before, then mention that one instead of your poetry work. But you need to place your subject in an environment which, when combined with your subject and the title of your book, tells the reader a story. He wanted my talents, my abilities, my attributes and my time for the advancement of His kingdom. Your local people will identify you and this detail can help you in marketing or approaching local press or media.

So your blurb’s tone should make it clear to your reader what kind of book he or she is going to read.
This can be inviting your readers to your website or to explore other books you have written. I personally like minimalist designs because they are easier to create, are clear at conveying meaning. I had disregarded them because at that time, I was fully caught up in the professional challenges of my career, completely involved in the process of rising in the ranks of a large organisation.
I’m not saying complex graphics are bad; in fact I’m myself opting for such a detailed cover for my coming novel Finding Nour. While I was a regular church goer, I was unwilling to give up all the material benefits I had received and hoped to receive to devote my life to God. The boy’s message seemed to disentangle several knots in my heart. This is also the right place to remind your readers to write a review for your book on the website they have purchased it from; encourage your readers to share a review and help other readers enjoy your book. I remained anxious about surgery but I no longer felt that my life and all existence was fleeting, fickle and meaningless. The day I received the boy’s message, I went before Our Lady and promised her that after my recovery I would not return to the position that I was holding but would offer my services for the work of her Son. My recovery was just as quick as the detection. It gives the reader a feeling that the story is getting unfolded now, in the present, and also creates a sense of urgency. In fact the oncologist who is a leading doctor in Mumbai called me aside and asked me which doctor had detected the cancer.
The more ways you offer your reader to know more about you and connect with you, the better.
I told her that it was no human being but divine intervention and narrated the entire incident. She said she could fully believe it because it was beyond human detection at such an early stage. She said very few people get the chance I did. That is the power of Mount Mary and I consider it a privilege that she has chosen me as her humble servant to work for her Son my Saviour and Lord. He is bullied by them and his fat, spoilt cousin Dudley, and lives a very unremarkable life with only the odd hiccup (like his hair growing back overnight!) to cause him much to think about. He is literally rescued by a world where nothing is as it seems and magic lessons are the order of the day. The scratches on the wall above, the muck at the window and the shadows on the bathtub and the floor that looks as if they have been casted by the moon outside adds to the aesthetics and intrigue of the picture. Read and find out how Harry discovers his true heritage at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, the reason behind his parents mysterious death, who is out to kill him, and how he uncovers the most amazing secret of all time, the fabled Philosopher's Stone! You need to highlight the kind of work you do or services you provide, how they help your clients and what your clients say about you.
You need to tie this in with what the book is about, why you decided to write it and how the reader will benefit from reading your book.
Highlighting your skills, experiences and your expertise in the topic you discuss in the book will add much more advantage to your book. Or do you feel like the story happened to Harry in the past and there’s nothing adventurous happening in his life now? Unless you’re someone whose name stays in your readers’ mind and they can immediately picture your previous works. The author's name is larger than the book's Title given the fame of the author (more on text elements and fonts below).
But if you are an indie writer, however effective you think you made your one-liner sound like, don't go there. In the original chapter, I discuss in depth about writing Author Bios for books to compete with those published by traditional publishing houses.
We will look at more examples and go through a simple framework to write your best Author Bio for any platform. Or you can tell about an award or critique the book has received, reviews by some industry expert or magazine or if it’s a part of a series, you could indicate that. If you look at the cover of The Mermaid above, you do have some place to have a one-line information without making the cover messy. Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children is a story of India after independence beautifully crafted and presented.
It’s quite important because The Best of the Booker is a special prize awarded in commemoration of the Booker Prize's 40th anniversary. But to stand out from the competition (read: fierce competition) from other self publishing writers and also from big players with a lot of bucks to boost marketing and distribution, you need more than a good blurb. Writing a perfect Blurb is not a science and cannot be explained in an article like this; it is an art but this article is a good start. There are more additional elements like the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Enchantress of Florence above the author’s name and also a review by The New York Review of Books. Even this cover won’t look great as a tiny icon on Amazon but it still works as important elements, the Title and the author’s name are clearly visible. In the original chapter, I discuss in depth about writing book blurbs that compete with those published by traditional publishing houses.
Your awards, reviews or other such things should not overshadow the Title and the author’s name.
They can be in a small different font, usually in lighter shades, at the top or bottom edge of the book. They should clearly read the title (though the book’s name will be clearly mentioned below the icon on these websites, a font that looks confusing still won’t attract the readers).
Serif is the best for printed books as the letters are more distinguishable for the brain so that the brain can recognise the letters in less time than it needs to understand the sans-serif letters.
Times New Roman, the old and often considered boring font is a serif font while Arial, yet another boring old font is a sans-serif font.

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