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Click HERE, to subscribe to Mystery Messages!Mystery Messages are intermittent messages sent directly to your email inbox. Lorna has supported me back on my life journey and has allowed me to overcome issues that were previously holding me back.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Lorna for several years as a coaching associate and friend.
That night, I finally opened up and expressed myself to my fiance, and later that evening, we got engaged after a long, meaningful talk. I see my dreams being fulfilled in not only getting married to the greatest man ever, but also in publishing my first novel. I did something recently that has really opened my life up in only a few weeks – I hired a life coach. If you’re ready to take the first step in ending the badboy cycle, contact Lorna to see how she can guide you in transforming your life. Let Lorna show you how to make those bad boys vanish forever and help you find the love you deserve! You will receive an email letting you know whenever I publish a new post (about every 7 to 10 days)If you would like to be among the first to receive announcements of events (teleseminars, workshops, etc)  from Coach Kathy, please click here.

They are messages fromThe Mystery as I experience them and I pass them along to you with inquiries and contemplations for you to consider.
I am now a successful business owner and am continuing to grow, both personally and professionally. She puts her clients at ease with her dynamic personality and positive energy as she gently uncovers the core of their personal struggles and brings them to a place of peace, joy, and happiness.
Lorna has been able to really help me process many of my emotions and has given me tools to create healthy relationships.
When we first started talking, I had no idea he was even going to propose, even though I was hoping it would happen all along.
She helped me see how my thoughts and words were attracting the very thing I didn’t want to attract.
They certainly try to tell you enough and yet much of the time ita€™s hard to listen as they are so emotional.
I find her experience and knowledge on relationship matters second to none – she is realistic, practical and very beneficial. A relationship that started over a common passion for horses grew as we found ways to help each other.

Lorna’s guidance motivated me to finally open up to my fiance, and this powerful experience changed both our lives.Avril B. I am now happier in myself and I wake up every day beside my loving partner who treats me with love, joy and support. You may feel like the only option is to withdraw and protect yourself from their irrationality. By working with your Directors, and their direct reports, on their relationship issues, youa€™ll not only see a sharp increase in productivity, but your workers morale will increase and theya€™ll innovate more.
Yet this leaves you feeling sad, alone and angry, as what you really want is to be appreciated.This list of resources is designed to help you get the most out of your relationships, and answer the most important questions you have about life, women, and manhood.

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