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We crawl the web to see how these companies’ search engine results are improving or deteriorating.
Sometimes the company has direct relationships with retailers who run coupon code campaigns with them. Other times, they might not have a direct relationship, but still make money through the company’s affiliate programs.Is that a good deal for retailers?
Well, on one hand, retailers are paying for performance - they only pay RetailMeNot when someone makes a purchase.
Google can change its algorithm or banish someone from the top spot instantly for unsavory behavior.

Google personalizes search engine results for each user, but you should be able to approximate this analysis by doing searches incognito.RetailMeNot ranks first in Google search results for an astounding 187 out of the 263 keywords we track. We visualize its dominance of the prime real estate in SEO land in the below graphic that shows the top 10 companies in the Google search results for the first 50 keywords we’re tracking. Customers searching these keywords are very valuable because they intend to make a purchase. RetailMeNot occupies most of this prime SEO real estate and knows how to efficiently monetize it through affiliate fees. There might not even be a precedent for a company dominating monetizable keywords so thoroughly for an extended period of time.

At some point, Google will change the rules, RetailMeNot will trip up, or competitors will catch up.

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