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Students, teachers and administrators from Parry McCluer High School in Buena Vista are waiting to receive the results of the standardized tests that their students are taking this week. Other students in Buena Vista, Rockbridge County and Lexington will take their tests in the spring.
Buena Vista Superintendent Rebecca Gates said she believes that schools have entered the “age of accountability,” marked by standardized testing and rising progress goals for schools. The federal government intensified its use of standardized testing for accountability after the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as No Child Left Behind. While Lexington has met federal standards every year since they were adopted, the other two area districts have failed to meet the “adequate yearly progress” (AYP) standards for the past several years.
Rockbridge County School Superintendent John Reynolds said he is not surprised that four of seven schools in his district did not make AYP. Administrators and teachers in the Buena Vista and Rockbridge County schools have come up with ways to help struggling students pass the tests. Parry McCluer High School has set up what Principal Anna Graham calls “built-in interventions” to keep kids in school through senior year. Special block scheduling offered at PMHS is one such “built-in intervention.”  The school’s arrangement gives students more flexibility to retake failed classes and still graduate on time.
According to Graham, other intervention programs at PMHS include an afterschool tutoring program for students who need help passing SOL tests.
But even with these intervention programs, the high schools in Rockbridge County and Buena Vista have not met federal standards for the past two years. Each AYP category is divided into the following subgroups: white, Hispanic, black, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students and limited-language-proficient students. If one subgroup fails one subject by one percentage point, the entire school fails to meet AYP for the year.
AYP standards for math and reading are expected to reach 100 percent in two years, according to the Virginia Department of Education. Many local teachers and administrators said they believe that 100 percent proficiency is an unrealistic goal.
Jennifer Hall, RCHS math teacher and department chair, said she agrees that the goals of No Child Left Behind are unrealistic because they treat all children as the same. All hope delivered located A To the Completed copy Gediploma Certificat I Want To the See community college transcript Diploma Test master's.
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According to the Virginia Department of Education, only 38 percent of Virginia schools met federal learning standards in 2010-2011.
For example, in 2001-2002, 60.7 percent of students at a school had to be proficient in reading to meet AYP. The Obama administration announced in August that it would accept state applications for waivers from certain aspects of NCLB.
12 Virginia Board of Education meeting, officials have reviewed a draft of an application for an NCLB wavier.
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