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The following is an adapted from Lowe’s memoir, Love Life, published by Simon & Schuster in April. The death of my mother was one time, but her passing was pro­longed enough to let me prepare for it, to the extent anyone can.
When I was a boy, I had to leave my friends in the summer, just as Malibu was becoming Malibu, say goodbye to my first girlfriend and go to Ohio to stay with my dad. I am remembering and feeling the details of my parents’ divorce and our family’s forced march out of my home to an alien world across the country.
One of the great gifts of my life has been having my two boys and, through them, exploring the mysterious, complicated and charged relationship between fathers and sons. After my parents’ divorce, when I was 4, I spent weekends with my dad, before we finally moved to California.
Now, standing among the accumulation of the life of a little boy he no longer is, I look at my own young doppelganger and realize: it’s me who has become a boy again.
This line of questioning is irrelevant anyway, as my wife Sheryl is pre­paring for any possible scenario, as is her genius. At age 50, Parks and Recreation alum Rob Lowe is still considered one of Hollywooda€™s sexiest stars.
Half-hearted: Demi Moore was Lowe's co-star off-screen and on, and starred in the 1986 film About Last night. Homespun: Melissa Gilbert, who starred in Little House on the Prairie, was one of Lowe's many girlfriends in the 1980s. Lowe had very public affairs with Demi Moore, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Nastassja Kinski, Melissa Gilbert and Winona Rider, among others. Player: Warren Beatty was Hollywood's premier Lothario and he had a fling with his Splendor in the Grass co-star Natalie Wood. Another questionable career move was to the short-lived series The Lyon's Den.And what was worse, the chemistry with his co-star, singer Jewel, was potentially lethal. All in the family: Lowe says that he owes his sobriety to his wife Sheryl and his sons, John Owen (right) and Matthew. Lowe devotes much of his book to his loving relationship with his two sons and his wife of 22 years, Sheryl, who, he says, have helped him stay away from alcohol for 24 years.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. And yet, the 50-year-old Brat Pack member managed to dig up new dirt for his second book, Love Life.
He encouraged Tom Sizemore to seek treatment for drug abuse.The actors worked together on Dr. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.
Like an el­ephant is sitting on my chest, like my throat is so tight and constricted that I can feel its tendons, like my eyes are 100 percent water, spilling out at will, down pathways on my face that have been dry for as long as I can think of.
At the most intense moment, sitting at her gravesite, I felt like I could hear every leaf blower in a 50-mile radius, felt as if I could feel the sun’s rays turning my skin darker shades with each second, my skin irritated and jumpy, making me want to crawl out of it.
There is a little of that sense memory at play too, a feeling that I’m about to be left out of important events, separated from life as I know it, the world as I love it. The goodbyes to my father and my beloved grandparents; rationally I knew I would see them all again, but now I have the same body-deadening weight of the condemned, counting the minutes until the final moments of a life that’s all I’ve ever known.
As I try to raise them, I discover the depth and currents of not only our relationship but ones already downstream, the love and loss that flowed between my father and me and how that bond is so powerful.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was incapable of enjoying the day’s activities, of being in the moment, because I was already dreading the inevitable good­bye of Sunday evening.
All my heavy-chested sadness, loss and longing to hold on to things as they used to be are back, sweeping over me as they did when I was a child.
I’ve said before that the common perception that all good actors should be good liars is exactly the opposite; only bad actors lie when they act. We all have our strengths; among hers is the ability to put anything a human being could possibly need in a suitcase.
I am one of those people who believe dogs can actually smile, and now I can expand that belief to include an ability to look incredulous as well. Rob Lowe dishes on his 'sexual circus', clashes with co-stars and the TV role he turned down in new book, Love LifeConquests included Demi Moore, Winona Rider and Melissa Gilbert - but Madonna and Amy Adams were the ones that got awayLowe's lip-lock with Jewel was so horrible, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand when it was over.
And the attraction to the heartthrob started way back when he was ten years old, sitting under a stage platform in a community theatre in Dayton, Ohio with a 13-year-old girl rehearsing The Wizard of Oz.'I want to French you. Long before the term had been invented, she was the original MILFa€™.Rob is relieved that his wild drinking and sex-crazed days have long passed, days when his starring role was in the notorious X-rated tape that amplified his sex-symbol status.
But, although debonaire actor Cary Grant once suggested to Lowe that he was on the road to become a Lothario of Warren Beatty-size proportions, his drinking put the kibosh on that dubious distinction.Indeed, Lowe admits he was no match for Beatty in the love department. He told Rob a story about Natalie cheating with Frank Sinatra that got the younger star thinking about his own girlfriend and BeattyA  In the kitchen, Beatty remarked to Lowea€™s girlfriend that she reminded him of Natalie which Lowe stated was a€?The lay-down hand. She was an inexperienced actress, he says, and was not interested in pretending she wanted to kiss Lowe.
His last drink was on May 10, 1990.a€?When I changed my life, when I sobered up, when I saw that show business couldna€™t fill that place that was empty, those buried feelings rose, and having found the love of the right woman, I started a family of my own. Vegas was a failure, but it gave Lowe the opportunity to work with a future Golden Globe winner. I know that this is all good news; my son will go to a great school, something we as a family have worked hard at for many years. There are parents sending their kids off to battle zones, or putting them into rehabs and many other more legitimately emotional situations, all over our country.
Trips to the mall, miniature golf, or movies had me in a foggy, lump-throated daze long before my dad would drop me home and drive away.
But now I’m using the tricks of every hack and presenting a dishonest front to my son and wife. Buster seems to be the only mem­ber of our family to see what a wreck I am, and he is having none of it.
In Atlanta for the 1988 Democratic National Convention, Lowe met two women in a bar, took them to his room and turned on the video camera. The West Wing star recounts being invited up to Warrena€™s a€?notoriously cool pad on a shaded turn of Mulhollanda€™ by Lowea€™s unnamed squeeze at the time, a young, successful actress whom Warren had also befriended.A A  Whenever she was invited up to Warrena€™s, shea€™d ask Lowe to join her but he always said no. The line that would turn any young actress into his personal concubine for lifea€™.Warren went on to reveal that he asked Natalie what she was doing all those times she was invited to Sinatraa€™s. He was taken to her dressing room where she greeted him wearing a white cotton robe a€“ but they werena€™t alone.a€?She had flawless skin and eyes that imparted secrets from the moment you saw thema€™. In a move that I've come to know says so many things about my temperament, I didn't gingerly explore this new beverage with a dainty sip; I took a full swig.
He says never thought that the tape might get out - or that one of the girls was underage.A The scandal didna€™t do anything to diminish his appeal in Hollywood at the time, but it was a wake-up call for Lowe when he turned on the television and he led the evening news with Tom Brokaw. He just didna€™t want to go a€?into the sweatbox of the Valley when all my pals were hitting the beach in Malibua€™.One night he did accompany her to watch films with the a€?undisputed king of Hollywooda€™. They made a later date to meet up at the Palladium, a concert hall and nightclub in New York, where she was performing.

Clearly she was a substantive actress, beautiful (but not in a TV way) and very, very smart. But looking at his suitcases on his bed, his New England Patriots post­ers on the wall, and his dog watching him pack, sends me out of the room to a hidden corner where I can’t stop crying. She is channeling her extraordinary love and loss into a beautiful display of preparing her son for his travels.
Eating ice cream in the kitchen, Warren told Lowe, a€?I started young like you and was dating an actress more famous than I was, just like you.a€™ He was referring to Natalie Wood, his co-star in Splendor in the Grass. We were f***ing.'Beatty then looked Rob in the eye and asked, "Isn't that funny?" a€?I looked over at my girlfriend, who looked away, ashen-faced.
He pushed through the unruly crowd to get in and was whisked off to the VIP area where Madonna was holding court with good-looking guys. She landed a role in the comedy-drama movie, Junebug, that earned her an Academy Award nomination.After he signed a deal with CBS to make 2004's Dr Vegas, he received a call 'from the producers of a potential new show for ABC called Grey's Anatomy'. He was fit with prosthetics and his hair was dyed grey.The day after his six-hour dye job, he was to meet Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge who were in California. He turned down a major role on Grey's Anatomy.It's hard to imagine anyone other than Patrick Dempsey playing Dr. Like you, Rob, when The Outsiders comes out." When Beatty later told Lowe's girlfriend that she did indeed remind him of Wood, the future Wayne's World star remembers thinking, "'There it is.
Positive sentences only and nothing but enthusiasm framing my answers to Matthew’s questions.
They talked about where they could sneak off to at the end of the evening and then she wanted to dance.
He was offered the role of Dr Derek Shepherd, which, of course, ultimately went to Patrick Dempsey.'I was torn.
Rob passed on joining the jammed dance floor and he didna€™t see her again for 20 years when they both were married.a€?While it was a great run from my teens into my twenties and I enjoyed every minute of my time as a young, famous actor, it was too overwhelming, too intense, too fun for me to learn anything about what real love wasa€¦a€™He just enjoyed the sexual circus and alcohol made it easier to trip without experiencing any real intimacy, he writes. The line that would turn any young actress into his personal concubine for life.'""It's funny," Beatty told the couple. That little-watched drama was canceled after five episodes in 2004."After a week of negotiating, my deal was done, although not yet signed. Madonna was the one of the few that got away when he tried to hook up after she performed at the Universal Amphitheatre in the mid-Eighties.a€?It was a crazy time in my life and she was just exploding. It was then that I got an urgent call from the producers of a potential new show for ABC called Grey's Anatomy," Lowe recalls. I never paid much attention to it, but years later, just a few days before Natalie died, I asked her, 'Hey, we're both adults now, what exactly were you doing all those days at Sinatra's? We ran into each other once or twice, but there was never any time where there werena€™t people around us, so it never really went anywherea€™. And she looked at me right in the eyes and said, 'Oh Warren, what do you think we were doing? We were f--king!' Isn't that funny?" Lowe looked at his girlfriend, who was ashen faced."Thanks for the heads-up, Warren Beatty," Lowe writes.

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