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In the fall of 2008, Matt Magness began college at the University of Oklahoma to major in aviation with a minor in aerospace studies and business. Matt Magness plans to compete for an Air Force pilot slot in the spring of 2011 and wants to fly A-10’s or KC-135’s. The utilization and management of Reserve Forces in the Philippines started when Rajah Lapu-Lapu, chieftain of the Mactan Island, Cebu, rallied his troops and defeated the Spanish invaders lead by Fernando Magallanes in the year 1521.
By 1935, the Philippine Commonwealth, under the leadership of President Manuel Luis Quezon enacted the very first legislature of his government. Reservists fought hard during the 1940s and saw action on almost all parts of the country in World War II. A ragtag group of former ROTC Cadets, Guerilla Fighters and draftees of the Philippine Army Reserve Force formed units among themselves and fought gallantly against the Japanese invaders. Post WWII saw the re-organization of the AFP and the further need to rebuilt the defense of the nation. On September 1, 1977, the Army Reserve Command was activated pursuant to General Orders No. By 1986, after the infamous EDSA Revolution, the unit was shortly deactivated since the AFP at that time will undergo retraining and re-organization.
1991 saw the birth of a new reserve force when Republic Act 7077 (Reservists Act of 1991) was signed into law on July 1, 1991. On May 12, 1992, the Reserve Command, Philippine Army, was again reactivated pursuant to HPA General Orders No.
Section 65, Article X, of RA 7077 clearly defines the right and duty of every able bodied female citizen of the Republic of the Philippines to serve in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Basic ROTC is the only component required by a tertiary (college) level student to have completed as requirement for completion of the National Service Training Program.
A Sergeant from the Scout Ranger Regiment gives instructions on military rappelling to SBCMT CL45-11 of the 1302nd Community Defense Center.
Basic Citizen's Military Training (BCMT) is a military training course conducted by the Philippine Army through the Army Reserve Command. BCMT instruction is administered by a joint training pool of military instructors from both regular and reserve forces and is usually conducted inside any of the Philippine Army's training camps.
Special Basic Citizen's Military Training (SBCMT) is a special course conducted by the Philippine Army in response to a request from a Local Government Unit (LGU). First Category Reservists - Able bodied reservists aged eighteen (18) years of age up to thirty five (35) years of age, inclusive. Second Category Reservists - Able bodied reservists aged eighteen (36) years of age up to fifty one (51) years of age, inclusive.

Ready Reserve - physically-fit and tactically-current reservist personnel that are always on constant alert and training; ready to mobilize once a mobilization order has been given. Standby Reserve - reservist personnel who do not maintain currency in specialization qualifications but the base for expansion, support and augmentation to the Ready Reserve Force as needed. Retired Reserve - composed of citizens who are qualified for retirement either by lenght of service or age. ARESCOM's unit are divided into several base units, regionally into 13 Community Defense Groups, having three or more Community Defense Centers incorporated into them, and nine Reserve Infantry Divisions. UH Army ROTC Battalion Sets Goals for Growth, Additional ScholarshipsUH Program Identified as a a€?Growth Programa€™ by U.S. As the Government Accountability Office (GAO) evaluates campus-based Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) programs across the nation for possible defense budget cuts and as part of military drawdown, the UH Army ROTC continues to set goals for future growth.
In addition to tactics, land navigation, leadership training and other physical training aspects of the program, the ROTC cadets take military science courses taught by the Battalion Cadre. Part of what sets the UH Army ROTC apart from many programs is its unique demographic profile. The UH program has produced a number of notable officers who have gone on to distinguished military careers. Reserve Officer Training Corps prepares college students to be leaders in both military and civilian careers. ROTC has many benefits including financial assistance for college, monthly stipends, and eligibility for other military benefits.
It was created for the sole purpose of Reserve Force management, procurement, and organisation. 1, particularly Section II, cites the responsibility of each and every citizen of for the defense of the nation. 7077,[9] also known as the Citizen's Armed Force Act or Reservist Law of 1991, is an act passed in to law by the joint house of representatives which clearly provides the policies and procedures in the creation and administration of reservists and reserve units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Military subjects are provided similar to how military instructions are conducted in the service academies and graduates are automatically enlisted in the reserve force of the particular service branch (Army) administering the training. It is an entry level training course undertaken by Filipino Citizens wanting to enlist in the reserve force.
Guest instructors are requested from other government agencies and non-government organizations (NGO) for specialized instructions. Funding is usually provided for by the requesting agency as compared to regular BCMT which receives funding from the Army. The battalion has seen a 66 percent jump in recruits and 300 percent increase in scholarships offered since August 2012.

Courses include military leadership development, advanced military science and military history.
Matt Magness is a private pilot and plans to graduate as a commercial pilot with instrument and multi ratings. 01 ensured that Philippines will be prepared to thwart off any invasion or aggression of some sort by any nation, or entity and thus called upon its citizens to provide manpower to then fledgling Philippine Army. Advance ROTC is purely voluntary in nature and that Advance ROTC Cadets are provided a modest allowance after passing the requirements for their respective Advance ROTC Examination (PAARE). Approximately 80 percent of the UH Army ROTC cadets are UH students, while the other battalion cadets attend local universities including Texas Southern University, UH-Downtown, Rice University and the University of St.
John Roberts, dean of the UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, said he hopes the military drawdown does not negatively impact the UH program. By comparison, women make up 16.1 percent of the all active-duty officers in the Department of Defense.
Naval Academy— graduate approximately 25 percent of commissioned junior officers needed by the military. Smith, battalion commander and professor of military science, is to grow the program to 200 cadets and sustain it.
By race, the battalion is 28 percent white, 34 percent Hispanic, 27 percent African-American, and 11 percent Asian and American-Indian, mirroring the demographic makeup of Houston and contributing to a more diverse group of officers.
Smith said campus-based Army ROTC programs provide nearly 78 percent of the new Army officers needed each year. Currently, the battalion is comprised of 118 cadets, 106 of them are either officially contracted or working toward a contract with the U.S.
While that number may decrease due to drawdown, ROTC programs are still critical in meeting that need.
Price is a 1985 Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of Houston’s College of Business Administration. The program is on track to graduate 15 commissioned officers this academic year, but current projections have the number of officers more than doubling by 2017.
Slightly over one percent of active duty officers report themselves as multi-racial (DOD Demographic Report, 2012).
In 2011, Noriega was named brigade commander of the Texas National Guard's 71st Theater Information Operations Group.

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