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Was just in Tampa Fl for rowing and thought about all the cool things they did to make rowing easier. Workbench with Clearly labeled drawers for commonly needed boat parts - Fixing a missing nut or a broken oar lock would be a lot easier with one of these. Shell stiffness – Stiffer shells are better and trailering and usage wears the carbon fiber down. Riggers –  Wing riggers support the gunnels from bowing  out as you put weight into the hull. Hull Size – Who is going to row this shell and whats their weight and average weight? Shoes:  Do the choose fit the rowers that will be using this shell or will you be replacing the shoes for $100+ a seat?
Difference between New and Used: I estimate that you can gain ~40 seconds on a 5km course if you have a brand new boat compared to a 10 year old boat. Yep, as they were handling their shell the top nut of the rigger gave a nice cut into the bottom of your hull. While in spring training at Oak Ridge, TN I found that they used tennis balls to alleviate this problem.

You cut a tennis ball around its white part, and drill a hole in the top to parts of the tennis ball.
How to replace a Vespoli 4+ original rigger’s oarlock, pin, and black spread-adjusting insert. To replace this piece you first remove the Top Bolt, the Top Bolt lock washer, the Top Bolt flat washer. You should now be left with just the rigger pin, a nut on top of the white plastic piece, the black metal piece (spread-adjusting insert) that protrudes from the the silver rigger frame. You’ll need to remove the clamp that hold that black peice to the silver rigger frame by loosening the bolt. You’ll have to rotate the pin and black metal peice back and forth while pulling it out of the silver frame since the black piece is usually tight in there. Foot board angle should be adjusted if rowers are having problems at the catch getting a 90 degree because the ankle can’t bend that much. If you also lost your rudder you can easily fix it by unscrewing the bolt on the deck side of the shell and pulling the rudder from the bottom of the shell.
I hope this helps you the next time you lose your skeg or rudder and you need to know how to fix it.

The secret to winning in rowing – Drive distance, drive speed, slow recovery, and 8 people timing up.
When putting the black piece back into rigger frame, I had to use a rubber mallet to get it back in. Are their shells proven to be fast by olympians and Varsity programs competing at the top level? The stroke seat kept digging his oar since the pitch was off by 3 degrees compared to the other 3 riggers. When putting the top bolt on make sure not to over tighten it since the pin could start to rotate down and your pin height will be changed. Also make sure you have the proper spread for your rowing shell.  You can find a video on hot to calculate that here.

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