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While Christopher Columbus may have sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred-ninety-two and then received a national holiday in his honor in 1937, there's been ongoing debate over whether or not the holiday is socially insensitive or worth celebrating. Sure, Columbus Day may be historically incorrect and a wee bit out of touch, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with it. HD and 3D wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds, free download your favorite desktop wallpapers here!
Descriptioni?socean waves sail storm monster boat 1280x1024 wallpaper is a very suitable as a wallpaper background,You can download or save ocean waves sail storm monster boat 1280x1024 wallpaper or share your opinion using the comment form below. These days, in the flesh wars that dictate the way we dress come summer, it's increasingly hard to know which bit of a body it is seemly and stylish to put on parade. It has been great to see the attendance high and keeping high, even over the Easter weekend, and also to see different boats on each occasion, some of whom are new to LTSC Meets. Bucklers Hard was another good gathering, although as far as I was concerned not entirely incident free.
I naturally decided to keep somewhat to starboard going in to leave plenty of room for the turn to port, but somewhat over-did it. Tuska€™s resident professional skipper later told me that this is the fourth time something similar has happened to them in recent times whilst berthed and involving an insurance claim!
Chichester two weeks later was a much less stressful and a more pastoral affair for Selene and myself. I did not make the Poole Meet, Selene being out of the water to have her annual anti-foul, sail-drive service, and scrub up. The recent Open Day, and otherwise, seem to have provided us with a very good new intake of members specifically interested in sailing on yachts rather than dinghies, and in a couple of instances who own nice cruising yachts. One thing that does concern me is finding ways to get those who do not own boats sailing with those of us who do, and thus into the swing of things. It is not so bad for those who are free to sail on Wednesdays and can Meander, and this does provide some sort of a way in for new members. One thing we could do, although not because of all the other meets until the autumn, would be to restart the Saturday Saunterers in something like its original form.
So we should perhaps try again in the autumn, but with proper pre-announced destinations and the draw of a decent lunch. A closely related matter is that several of those who have joined recently have sailing experience but some time ago, or on dinghies rather than yachts, and have said things like their a€?knots are a bit rustya€? (hint - try not using wire rope?) At least one took the very sensible step of taking an RYA Competent Crew course before actually coming along to join the club.
Something we could do, which would also get people meeting each other, is to book the pontoon one Saturday, get two or three yachts alongside, and so some revision of basics like knots, how to make up lines on a cleat, springing off, etc. Keith Willis, our Rear Commodore Sailing, with a couple of other dinghies, is intending to sail an Osprey to Alderney this summer, something that is well documented as a tradition in the club years ago. As everybody knows, Mike Kelly is our admirable Admiral as far as the LTSC Annual Cruise goes, and year after year he works very hard at researching the itinerary, making berth bookings etc etc. He usually goes on the cruise on Graham Swetmana€™s boat, so it was interesting when I caught him during one cruise looking severely at Graham and pointing and I captioned it. I think I converted the photo to B&W with an intent to use it in the then printed a€?Cruising Newslettera€?. So a very nice weekend.A  The facilities at Chichester are excellent, and the marina is well run with a smooth running system on VHF where you book in when wanting to leave and then get called in groups of 3 or 4 when it is your turn for the lock. Keith Willis, our Rear Commodore Sailing, with a couple of other dinghies, is intending to sail an Osprey to Alderney this summer, something that is well documented as a tradition in the club years ago.A  Duncan Wright is intending to take his RIB across with them, as I believe is Dave Gorringe. It has so much magic that Ia€™m thinking it might even be the answer to that rather vexing twin fin issue of wanting the crazy loose feeling but not wanting to have to be so careful about spinning it out or even have to put a couple more boxes in there to quad the thing.
My basic steps are to draw out the new template, cut it with a jig saw, draw the center line onto the edge then rough out the shape with a file.
And herea€™s another one for all us compulsives with Obsessive Compulsive Rigging Disorder and a little time to spare.
The paint was chipping off mine and even if it hasna€™t yet on yours, it wona€™t be long so no worries about that. A A A  I had already been running my lines just a couple inches apart to make for finer sheeting sensitivity and line placement.A  And Ia€™ve been using roller hooks since Reactor brought them to market as they also promote sheeting sensitivity and go easier on the lines. A A A  And it might also be worth mentioning the line placements may well be a little asymmetrical. A A A  For those that may be concerned that the single point loading might be hard on the boom, I wondered about that a little too.
There's nothing like a three-day weekend or an Italian pride parade to start off the week in celebration of the explorer's discovery of America (although he was not, in fact, the first European to step foot on North American soil).
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Too much chest - particularly if your boobs are suspiciously buoyant - and people will assume they're fake; even if your chest is all your own work, the rules on cleavage display as one ages are complex.
My rule is that if people are shocked that I look much younger from behind than from the front, then the skirt may be a smidge too short.' At 76, Joan Bakewell wouldn't give a long skirt house room, far less actually wear one.
I have not been that far up Southampton Water before, but you cannot get lost - carry on until you have just passed the big silver dome that houses the incinerator and the view ahead is full of cranes, containers, and container ships, and you have reached Marchwood YC whose pontoons will be on your left. The food was good and they had, perhaps appropriately for the 1950s architecture, a beer on tap that seemed to be something that has disappeared from the pubs down here.

We brought up temporarily on the C pontoon hammerhead whilst Peter Bennett went ashore to get a berth allocation from the HM - they do not operate on VHF and we could get no signal on our mobile phones.
All was OK as I started in, taking account of the cross-tide, but just as I had fully turned into the fairway there was a sudden very heavy gust.
Mike Knowles has been working valiantly on lists of those who want to find yachts to sail on, and of skippers willing to take new crew. However quite a few of the newer people are younger and work, so cannot sail and make their initial contact with skippers on a Wednesday. In recent years it declined to a very pale imitation of the Meanderers, with a meeting in the Solent Room one Saturday every month.
Ideally I think it should be run by a newer member and one of those who are working mid-week since this would provide some a€?creative tensiona€? with the Meanderers. And if there were sufficient interest we could have a yacht or two doing a€?trips round the baya€? meantime to get crew introduced to skippers, etc.
This for those of a historical disposition later got renamed TellTales whilst remaining still purely a Cruising Newsletter under that title, until eventually we, the cruisers, agreed to let the rest of the club also put other stuff in it because the general LTSC Newsletter a€?Mainsheeta€? had become essentially defunct. Selene is due to go back in the water tomorrow, sans radar pole, after being anti-fouled etc.
I have not been that far up Southampton Water before, but you cannot get lost - carry on until you have just passed the big silver dome that houses the incinerator and the view ahead is full of cranes, containers, and container ships, and you have reached Marchwood YC whose pontoons will be on your left.A  The very hospitable club is housed in what is left of the old military port with a classic taste of MoD guard-house architecture. So what about some yachts going across with them - for one thing this could provide some berths for the evening for the dinghy guys, for another would be much in the a€?one-cluba€? spirit, and we could probably have quite a good evening, either in Braye or up the hill in St Anne, once we are there.
A And no wearing yourself out fighting a rig that you don't even realize is out of balance. A These experiences convinced me the only two prerequisites for getting on them are an open mind and a reasonably modern sail thata€™s rigged to be at all draft stable.
A Variables like the current's relationship to the wind, sailing stance and degree of reach seem to have a noticeable effect.
Take a look at these hilarious memes in honor of Christopher Columbus and--once you've finished laughing--tell us your favorite one!
All your uploaded desktop wallpapers should comply with the resolutions we offer and pornography or violent HD wallpapers is unwelcome. What a splendid start to the season, a Meet every fortnight and glorious weather more or less throughout.
I did not like the berth allocated, A10, which was narrow and going to be hard to turn into with the wind, which at that point had freshened to about F5, blowing straight up Selenea€™s stern as we approached up what little fairway there is between A and B. Selenea€™s T-keel conveys rather little lateral resistance unless she has a bit of way on, and I was slewed and blown onto the protruding anchor platform of a 19 metre LOA Grand Banks MV (ironically called Tusk) berthed on the B pontoon hammer-head. In my case when leaving one sounder display showed minus 0.3 metres for a couple of moments (I have two displays with different offsets!), but we escaped nonetheless. However he reports the obvious - skippers are conservative creatures, and like taking their established crews! Memories of my time as an RAF cadet marching into various airfields in the 1950s came flooding back, see the picture below. But locked in with only a short free flow period, and 7 miles from the sea, would not be to my taste as a permanent base. A Much more than a quarter an inch off and you are gonna know it by the discernable pull from the direction you need to shift the line toward.A  I suppose a draft stable sail is a bit of a prerequisite and I do love the Robechaud battens in my Northwaves. A Thank Kiting since the Mono would seem to be trickle down from what they designed for kite bars before they switched to center lines. Up, up and - wahey - there will be a point when your legs look slimmest and angels will sing. Having seen someone else get into difficulties up there and have to be rescued and turned in by the HMa€™s assistant in his dory, I asked the HM for somewhere else but no joy. Or, to be exact, the pole on Selenea€™s stern holding my radar and other antennae was (the radar is there because the self-tacking jib does not give enough clearance in front of the mast).
Other than the streaming hay-fever I was suffering from, the whole weekend was extremely pleasant. I started the Saunterers and then persuaded Sheila Wicks to take over, and it worked well for a while on the basis that it would go to a definite place where we could all get ashore for lunch, one not normally frequented by the Wednesday Meanderers, and that the destination would be announced by e-mail a couple of days in advance once the likely weather was known.
Perhaps if we go to Marchwood again I should take one of my trumpets along so we could do a proper colours ceremony? A In my quest for ever more perfect groove out there, I've even taken to measuring the line placement along with the other settings after particularly dialed sessions and keeping them in a book.
A A I was just needing to cinch the velcro tension on the boom straps a little more (after arriving at perfect placement if you prefer) to keep the lines aimed downward at the preferred angle. A They haven't seen any failures from the lines and their carbon tubes point load to eight hundred pounds. A It was all about eliminating harness line input to the bar and certainly was one of those happy accidents.
Good legs have definition.' What's more, and here's the joyous heart of the matter, you can access all this at any age. At least I got the mast and the shrouds past before the gust, but the radar pole suffered, see below.

An extremely nice meal was had by all on Good Friday in the Chichester Yacht Club, with their hi-tech buzzing and flashing devices to tell you when your individual meal was ready for you to collect.
This not only provided a vehicle for those who were not free on Wednesdays, but also for those whose boats were not parked in Lymington. A I guess if you've been out trying to stick monstrous one handed forwards or back loops hooked in -- or have an old beater aluminum boom thata€™s looking a little powdery from too much time in salt water -- hey you might want to stick with the conventional lines. Though some old-timers might argue that skirt length should extend with age, fashion flips all that. As I arrived at 40, the minutiae of the hemline debate suddenly became live in a way that wouldn't even have registered on my radar a decade ago. So unfortunately did Tuska€™s bow and varnished capping rail, and various efforts by the HM in his dory and others who took a line on the dock, pulling in opposite directions, bent a couple of Selenea€™s stanchions and damaged her gel coat for a few centimetres along the toe rail when rubbing against Tuska€™s prow. On the lay-day, Easter Saturday, Robyn and Peter, with most of the others, walked into Chichester itself, whilst I stayed around the boat and did a few odd jobs, and ate lunch in the very nice marina restaurant. I dona€™t think it is a coincidence that the idea began to decline once Sheila handed it over and the path of least resistance as a copy pure and simple of the Meanderers took over. So unfortunately did Tuska€™s bow and varnished capping rail, and various efforts by the HM in his dory and others who took a line on the dock,A  pulling in opposite directions, bent a couple of Selenea€™s stanchions and damaged her gel coat for a few centimetres along the toe rail when rubbing against Tuska€™s prow.
A That it's the improved efficiency and balance of a rig with perfect line position and no line input along with the single hinge point letting you impart far more rig leading to the board. A Now, assuming that hasn't blown away or if the book is at hand, I can cruise through rigging without pause and hit the water with total confidence that at least my gear is ready. That evening we had a a€?pontoon partya€?, but on the grass, and Andie and Mike Smith whetted some peoplesa€™ competitive instincts by organising an egg-and-spoon race.
This phrase contains a a€?gema€? that reveals what Goda€™s Word can do if you give it top priority in your life. A Yeah, why risk being less than dialed on that all important first run of the day -- as it so often sets the tone for the entire sesh.
A But Ia€™m not exactly easy on my stuff and I've been yarking on mine heavily for about four years now, on the southern Oregon coast, with no problem. Greenough really was so freaking far ahead of his time that we are still trying to catch up.
As anyone past 40 will know, this very particular piece of thigh can still walk the walk as the years tick by. Vogue writer Christa D'Souza, in her late 40s, knows how to work the look: 'My uniform is a denim mini and Converse or Birkenstocks,' she says. It was used to depict a ship that had previously been ill-equipped for traveling; but because its owner had decked it out with new equipment and gear, this ship had becomeA A thoroughly furnished to sail anywhere in the world. I think heels and minis are too much once you are over 30.' Hosiery is, of course, another neat way to skirt around the age issue. The quest, then, is to find your sweet spot, the place where a hem loves your legs the best. You'll have noticed the coloured opaques doing the rounds, the crazy patterned hose clambering up a leg like ivy up a telegraph pole. When we first come to Jesus, we are like the first boat a€”A just beginners who hardly know enough to get by in life.
This will depend largely on your own legs, but there is a Golden Rule for this, a mandate so useful that it may change your very fashion future, so listen up: Never Cut A Hem Through The Fattest Part Of Your Leg. If we choose to not make Goda€™s Word a priority in our lives, we are stillA headed to Heaven, but wea€™re like that first simple, plain, basic boat. In other words, wea€™re just believersA who have only enough spiritual equipment to make it across the little lakes of life.
If youa€™re just in this for a little jaunt across a lake, you willA be satisfied with a low level of Goda€™s Word in your life.
But if youa€™re planning to take a long, adventurous,A exciting faith journey, you betterA dive into the Word of God.
But the truth is, everything I need is in Your Word.A Help me to diligently read my Bible, take it deeply into my heart and soul, and apply it toA my life.
I regularly read Goda€™s Word andA meditate on its truths; therefore, my mind is being renewed with the Word day by day.
As aA result, that Word decks me out a€” equipping, outfitting, and furnishing me with all the spiritualA gear I need to take the adventurous trip God has planned for my life.
In order for you to become spiritually well-equipped, what do you need to startA doing that you are not doing right now?A 3. If you continue to do exactly what you are doing right now in your spiritual life,A how far do you think you are prepared to sail?

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