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This website is devoted to Saint Gemma Galgani with over 70 articles and many of her writings, along with official photographs and numerous examples of her heroic life, in hopes that it will inspire in others a greater love and devotion for Jesus and Mary.
When two years old, Gemma was sent with her brothers and sisters to a private half-boarding school for little boys and girls of the best families. At age 7, due to the death of her mother, Gemma had left school for awhile and went to live with her Aunt, while her father accustomed himself to the loss of his wife. She did not like amusements or games, not even those suited to her age, and did not play with dolls.
Although Gemma did not enter for the public examinations, because it was not customary at her school, she did well at the examinations which were held by a visiting professor. Yet, she was often found studying assiduously and frequently—so much so that such remarks as these were addressed to her by her family: 'Why so much study!
As there cannot be true sanctity unless it is acquired at the foot of the Cross, God put into Gemma's soul an ardent desire to know the mystery of the Redemption. This good religious sister also taught her how to practice some little mortifications, in order to compensate Jesus for her many backslidings.
Things went on in this way until March 1888, when God was pleased to call to Himself this pious mistress, Sister Camilla Vagliensi, a religious of rare holiness of life.
This angelic child, persevering in her good dispositions and full of fervor, continued during the whole of that year (1888) to attend the same school and began to take her younger sister Angiolina (Angelina) with her. At this point Gemma was then nine years old, and already at that early age her heart ardently desired to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.
While her pious mother initiated Gemma from her earliest years in meditation on the Passion, and the religious in the school taught her to continue it, yet who was it who had told this child how our Saviour's Passion allies itself so intimately with the mystery of the Blessed Eucharist, that these two great mysteries are completely bound and united to each other? That was the 19th of June, 1887, to which day the solemnity of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus had been transferred from the previous Friday. A Patron Saint for headache and migraine sufferersGiven all the migraines and headaches that she suffered, Saint Gemma can certainly be considered a patron Saint for those who suffer with headaches, along with St Teresa of Avila and a few others. Please pray for my daughter who has New Daily Persistent headache for the last 4-5 months, I ask you to pray that Jesus will heal her through the intercession of St.Gemma, our Blessed Mother Mary and Infant Jesus of Prague and St. I pray that St Gemma may intercede before Jesus for both you and your daughters migrane problem--in His infinite love and mercy may Jesus grant healing for all of you.
Hey there, I am a college student and my headache routine is every time come home, it start with like pinching in brain and suddenly it goes like crazy, I been doing every ting I can but it's not working. Please st gemma pray for me im suffering with headaches all the time in the back of my head I need your help. I ask for healing with my brain tumour it on the optic nerve and it got bigger and I do not have the love our support of family and it harder as I leave alone. I pray that Jesus may stregthen and heal my daughters long standing headaches.l pray believing and trusting in Jesus name Amen. I pray for healing for my daughters chronic daily headache that she has had for the last 2.5 years, I ask our dear Lord Jesus to heal her through the intercession of St. In His infinite love and mercy may Jesus hear and answer the prayers of all who have come here seeking His help through the intercession of St Gemma. I ave begun experirncing migraine headaches and I pray the Loed have mercy on me and take them away so i can care foe all who need me!!! Tiffany Lape it is a blessing for us to go through a suffering but i understand how much pain one goes through for my mother has this same situation.
For the first time in English St Gemma's Autobiography, Diary and Novena have been combined together into one book and is being offered here.
Many will have recalled reading the extraordinary story of how the demon tried to burn Gemma's Autobiography, because he knew the immense spiritual treasure that it would be for souls who read it.
The book contains 3 original photographs of Saint Gemma that were taken just a couple of years before her holy death.
Those interested in purchasing the book should click here to visit the Saint Gemma Gift Store.
A friend in Saint Gemma named Daniel kindly sent me a few photos of two life sized statues of St Gemma and Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina that are located in St.
Incidentally, many people who are devoted to Gemma are also devoted to St Pio and those who are familiar with this website perhaps remember a two-part article published here concerning St Padre Pio's devotion to St Gemma.
Hi, I have just stumbled across this site as I was looking to see if there were any showings of the film The Triumph in Chicago? I am sure this piece of writing has touched all the internet users, its really really fastidious post on building up new blog. Have you ever noticed on both photos and paintings of saints, the deep sense of knowing that is present in their eyes?
Gemma Galgani was an Italian mystic, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church since 1940. The author endeavors always to be in full communion with the Catholic Church and its teachings. After a few months he called Gemma and his other children back to him That was about Christmas of the same year, 1886 .This affectionate father had not the heart to separate himself from Gemma by placing her back at the boarding school. For having mistresses consecrated to God by profession, with many pious practices between the hours of study and work and recreation, she, who from her earliest years had been accustomed to live rather in Heaven than on earth, had certainly found a joyful atmosphere. I remember that on one occasion her father wanted her to go to hear the city band which was to play in the Piazza.

According to her teacher, she attained a high degree of proficiency in literature, science and mathematics. By reason of my office, I had occasion to be with her more than the other Sisters and was constantly struck by her solid piety and childlike candor.
To this end she sought from her mistress, Sister Camilla Vagliensi, and besought her so often to explain Jesus’ Passion to her, that the Sister consented to do so on the days on which her disciple should get the maximum of good marks both in lessons and work.
She spoke to her of various instruments of penance, whereupon the fervent child procured some and fitted them for herself; but, notwithstanding all she said and did, she was not allowed to use them. Then Gemma was placed under the direction of another equally virtuous teacher, Sister Julia Sestini, mentioned earlier in this article, who was gifted with a singular spirit of prayer. The Gospel words written of Our Blessed Saviour could well be applied to her: she continued to grow in wisdom and grace before God and man. Her brother Gino of whom Gemma loved so dearly fell victim to tuberculosis--the same disease of which their mother died, and was soon at the point of death.
As God willed it, she recovered, but her sickness left her so weak and shaken that it was found necessary to forbid her to return to school.
There is no consolation coming from Him whose sweetness is not soon followed by the bitterness of some cross. This great act was to be one of the crowning points in Gemma's life, so far as she was concerned. She longed to have Him and repeatedly with tears besought her confessor, Monsignor John Volpi, her father and her school teachers to give Him to her. John Volpi, later on Bishop of Arezzo, gave way at last to Gemma’s repeated entreaties, so unusual in a child of her age. After having, with overflowing heart, thanked Our Lord and His Blessed Mother for the favor, she directed her thoughts to receiving Jesus with the utmost devotion and love and at once determined to make her preparation in the convent, where, after a course of spiritual exercises in quiet, prayer and solitude, she would be better able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.
Without doubt, that same Holy Spirit was again her Teacher who even in her tender years had so divinely enlightened and inflamed her soul. I write these lines only to assure you of my love and to move you to pray to Jesus, in order that the first time He comes to dwell in me, He may find me disposed to receive all the graces He has prepared for me. He made Himself felt, oh so strongly, in my soul, and then understood how the delights of Heaven are not like those of the earth.
I will prepare for every Feast of Our Blessed Lady by some mortification, and every evening I will ask my Heavenly Mother's blessing. You know what I and those near me need: look after my urgent needs and my spiritual and material wants. Gemma suffered with severe headaches for three reasons- firstly because she was diagnosed with spinal meningitis (or possibly spinal tuberculosis), and she developed large tumors along her spine, which lead her to the brink of death in the Spring of 1899, prior to her miraculous cure.
But non stop for 6 months and really bad for about a week its been this bad before but never lasted more than 3 days at this level.
I pray that Jesus may heal you of the head pressure, and strengthen you and help you to overcome your anxiety. Gemma wrote both her Autobiography and her Diary in 1900 under obedience to her confessor (Diary) and her spiritual director (Autobiography).
3) Two prayers that Gemma composed herself, 4) Several prayers to Gemma seeking her holy intercession, 5) Several pages of quotes from Gemma's ecstasies and letters.
Additionally, there is also one full page colorised photo of Gemma (the same photo that is on the Home page of this website. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. She was realized from birth and her story is told in the book, The Life of St Gemma Galgani by her spiritual director Fr. If you ever get a chance to check out the Treasures of the Church and the Relics of the Saints, do so! She has been called the "Daughter of Passion" because of her profound imitation of the Passion of Christ. The reason for this is because Gemma was a very conscientious student who worked very diligently at her studies, as we shall see from the various testimonies in the story below.
He therefore determined to send her as a half-boarder to finish her education at the renowned establishment in Lucca managed by the Sisters of St.
Very soon indeed her new teachers and companions were struck by her rare dispositions and drawn to admire and love her. In fact, this sincerity with her words sometimes hurt the feelings of others, but for Gemma this was unintentional. But it was in the knowledge of her religion, the catechism, the Bible and ecclesiastical history, that she excelled. Nay, from the very first days that I knew her, she impressed me as being a soul most dear to God, yet hidden from the world. Meanwhile under the guidance of the same religious, she made up for the refusal by a rigid mortification of her eyes, her tongue and her senses; and particularly of her will. On the contrary, she was most diligent and at the yearly examination carried off the highest prizes. With her usual resination to the Will of God and to her father's wish that she should leave school, she calmly remained in the solitude of her home, being then in her fifteenth year. Blessed are they who, like Gemma, know how to accept both consolations and crosses, roses and thorns, with equal resignation and courage!

For a long time Gemma was being consumed by her longing to be united with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.
The prevailing custom, however, was against her; the more so because she looked much younger than she really was, owing to her small and delicate frame, so that, at nine years of age, she appeared to be scarcely six. Her father, however, was much opposed to this plan, as he did not wish to be separated from his beloved child even for a day. I beg your pardon for all my disobedience and all the pain I have ever given you, and I beg of you this evening to forget them all. Those who are familiar with spinal diseases know that they can cause severe, debilitating migranes. Almost has my five year old taken away from me breccias his catholic pre school called the sheriffs who called cps. I am sorry to hear of your chronic headaches and also the problems with your son--this is a very difficult cross to carry.
She works full-time and has a very busy life but as you know migraines can make your life miserable.
It is wonderful to see these two great mystics and stigmatics together immortalised in these lifelike statues. Maximilian Kolbe) and the entire Communion of Saints to pray along with us that the Holy Spirit will find that opening to the hearts and minds of lukewarm Catholics, atheists and all those who have no idea just how much God loves us all!
She on her side strove to pass things off, in order to keep hidden from the gaze of others. They would also be able to go along in good time to the evening devotions in the parish church. In a competition amongst the children of the city she won the gold medal for Christian Doctrine. I noticed later when urging the children to the practice of a little mental prayer in the morning and examination of conscience in the evening, that she, who was already advanced in these exercises, took them always more to heart than her companions. In the scholastic year 1893-1894 she won the great Gold Prize for religious knowledge, which is given only to those pupils who in the whole course of the year have always had the highest number of marks—a perfect ten in the lessons of Christian doctrine. They were two souls in one, seeing and feeling alike, especially in all that regarded spirituality and piety. For some years before, her devout mother had instilled into her a knowledge and foretaste of its sweetness; and, in order to excite within her more and more a desire for the Bread of Life, she very often took her before the Tabernacle.
But Gemma often repeated her entreaties: "Give me Jesus," she would say, "and you will see how good I shall be. My lil boy its mad and I think restful of me being it wrong of me to pray to God to take these away?
However I am glad to hear that Jesus has led you to St Gemma and that you are inspired by her holy life and her great love for Jesus and Mary. She has tried all meds and nothing helps - continuous doctor visits and now high blood pressure along with horrible debilitating migraines. But she did not succeed in preventing the candor of her soul from radiating through her whole person.
But I never could get her to tell me how much time she devoted to them, and only from a few short answers she gave when questioned on the subject was it made evident that she employed much time in meditation. Every evening, immediately on coming home from school, I shut myself in my room and said the whole Rosary on my knees. At the school exhibitions the Sisters sometimes succeeded in overcoming this humble child's great repugnance to display and made her exhibit compositions, verses, exercises in French, arithmetic, etc.
Pray that I will be able to walk in the path of humility, simplicity, love and sacrifice, fulfilling at all times and in all ways, the holy will of God.
As you have read, Gemma had a most extraordinary love for Jesus; her heart was all on fire with the love of Jesus and she expressed her love for Him so well in her writings. And that with His love and mercy she too will feel the Miracle of Healing that only Jesus can provide. Imagine a fiery furnace, great as the universe, nay, infinitely greater, that burns everything without consuming anything, and burning, illumines and strengthens, and those who are most penetrated by its flames are happiest, and desire more ardently to be consumed. Whenever Gino became aware that his sister was in the house, he wished to have her immediately at his bedside. She saw clearly the danger of contagion of tuberculosis, but regardless of her own life, she remained close by his pillow day and night, serving and comforting him and suggesting holy thoughts to prepare him for eternity. And because her spinal disease was continously progressing for the worse, she initially could still walk and began wearing a iron back brace, but soon she became bedridden and almost completely paralised, able only to move her head and arms a bit. When this candid child wished to hold a long conversation, a thing which seldom happened, it was so interesting that one could remain listening and talking to her for any length of time without feeling tired. This pious young man died a holy death in September 1894, and soon after Gemma too fell ill and had to remain in bed for three months. Pray for me to have the courage to accept God's will if it is His will for me to continue through the pain if it will make me a better person and lead me towards sainthood. And when she fell ill and had to leave school permanently, there was general grief among her school companions.

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