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Rather, it makes him more credible, for he is no longer seen as someone who thinks he has got somewhere. On November 27, 2013, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople approved the proposal for entering the hieromonk Porphyrios Kafsokalyvitis  in the registry of the Saints of the Orthodox Church. Our Dear Lord Jesus will satisfy the requests of the members of His holy church, when He deems that the outcome will only be for our own good. ???????? M???? B?????????? (H ???????? ????? ??? ???????? ??? ????????? ??? E??????????? ??? ????????, ???? ????? ????? ?????????? ? M??? B??????????) - 1620 ?.?.
In the recorded interview mentioned above he also says: ‘The man who belongs to Christ should love Christ, and when he loves Christ he will be freed from the devil, from Hell and from death’.
Well, I’m nothing, although I do try and am just beginning, it seems, to get a taste of the things that I talk about.

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I try to, I want to, and I actually do feel love for others, although I don’t want to force myself.
They are words drawn from real personal experience and therefore possess the value of an eye witness’s testimony.

It makes no difference that Elder Porphyrios, out of humility and a profound sense of human weakness, tells us that he has not yet reached that state.
I haven’t been somewhere, you know… or rather I did go there once and saw what it was like, and now I am no longer there, but I remember it, I long for it, I want to be there. Yes, now, this very moment, tomorrow, the day after, at every moment I feel the desire to be there. ???? ?????, ??????????? ??? ??? ??????? M??????, ????? ???????? ??? ??????? ??? ??? ??? A????, ??? ??????? ??? T????? ??? ??? ????? ??? M??????? ??? N????.

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