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The show runs from May 9th to June 8th, 2008, and among the artists there’s Michel Henricot who was featured here recently. The place chosen was a place called as "Cardenal Court", situated in front of the occidental side of the Mosque, that is Torrijos Street. After different changes of place they decided to build a hospital that took care of ill people.
For this reason the brotherhood was created, and as a temporary measure was enabled one of the cellblocks of the Orange Trees Courtyard of the Mosque, and it was set on one side of the Mosque.

Previously he brought the jesuitas to his house, then his house was transformed in a church. It is very deteriorated becase of the time and because of the materials employed, it is made with vegetable and zoomorphic decorations. Then there is a blind arch, framed by jambs, whose mouldings are like a ogee arch, that rests on the mentioned access vain. The place was used as purification room during the muslim period, in the west side of the Mosque-Cathedral.

Today it is the Congress and Exhibition Palace besides the ancient church is the tourist office information, and the entrance is free.

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