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When you have determined who will be responsible for each portion of your team's debate, it is up to ou to prepare yourself for the challenge that lies ahead. What charcters are there?A  What are there jobs?A  Use Xmind to chart it out.A  The beggining of the book has the names. If you were heading to the antartcita today, what would you pack?A  What would you buy from REI?
In the book Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, Sir Earnest Shackleton had to make a tremendous amount of decisions that would impact the life or death of his crew. In the end we can paste all of them together and make connections as to what type of leader he was. Michael Boll is a Grade Seven teacher and Technology Coach at Concordia International School, Shanghai. As a Technology Coach, Michael is an enthusiastic designer and presenter of professional development workshops.
As a middle school educator, Michael enjoys working with "distracted" students and offering them, and their parents, systems and strategies to help them function more effectively in a busy school environment. The given Sales Coaching Checklist gives you a list of the most critical selling skills and abilities and briefly describes how to use AIDA model in training sales teams.
Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. Smile and be polite and courteous during first 5 seconds when starting communicating with the customer in order to generate a good opinion in the customer’s mind. Be honest, open and direct to avoid using gimmicks, tricks and crafty techniques for attracting your prospect.
Use strong words and phrases that have the greatest impact on the customer during first 30 seconds of the communication.
We love to share quotes on social media, and we thought you might, too, so we’ve made them shareable! Connect Selling helps you to build your sales funnel or pipeline and allows you to identify how many opportunities you need to have at each stage of your selling process.  As you begin to track your sales results you will be able to identify your average deal size and what you need in your pipeline to achieve the short term and long term results for your business. Connect Selling will work with you to review your selling process for each offering in your portfolio and determine your desired results associated with each service.  This will also allow you to review your results compared to your plan, what can you learn and what can you do differently in the future for optimal results.  Connect Selling stays with you every step of the way to deliver sales training that sticks and gets results! A performance coach partner’s with clients to discover their inner strengths, desires, and self, facilitates change in a creative, thought-transforming process that promotes sustainable results, and champions them to new levels of their own success.
Simply put: a coach can help you know YOU better, partner with you to get where you want to be in life and business, and make the transformation stick for long-term results.
On a scale from 1 to 10, rate each of the following statements (if not applicable, score the item with a 5).
31 to 60: Coaching could help you to look at your life from a different viewpoint as well as help you develop a plan to change what it is that you would like to change. If you are interested in becoming a coach, follow this link to find out more information about iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).
Gina Kaelin-Westcott acts as a coach, consultant and personal advocate for you, so you can be the success you know you can be.
Gina performs an upfront skill assessment with each individual to tailor the appropriate level and duration of the sales coaching time. The sales coaching program covers four key areas: Operational, Customer Focus, Financial and Personal Development.
Sales coaching program rates and duration are flexible and can be done in the recommended 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on skills, or adjusted to fit every need and budget. Sales coaching can be done in-person, phone or webinar meetings are available for individuals and teams.
Identifying new opportunities to continue to build the pipeline and grow your business; this is where the relationships come in. Ensuring you’re prepared for meetings makes you look organized The customers will see you as a professional who cares about them and their time. We will outline ways to ensure you meet your sales quota numbers year after year by reviewing what’s in your portfolio, and staying on track throughout the year. After identifying your personal and professional goals, we create an achievable plan with accountability and an attainable timeline for you to accomplish your dreams! Determine if a need exists for your offering and work to outline a clear Vision and goal for a successful product launch. Con•nect Selling™is a Colorado company that enables entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses create and implement a winning sales strategy based on building long term customer relationships that allow for sustained business growth. We've put together a series of workshops (Extreme Relationship Management) that will build on each other to maximize your networking efforts to grow your business. Limited seating hands on workshop, which means you will do most of the work during the workshop time. Gina's NEW book “Creating a Bond Beyond the Handshake - 100 Reasons Why Relationship and Value Sell Every Time!" is an Amazon Best Seller!

There’s no greater impact on sales performance than the implementation of effective sales coaching.
When we perform analysis of sales coaching, the sales leaders all claim to be coaching their sales people and coaching them to a high standard.
1) most sales people are lucky to receive one coaching session per month – this is typically less than sales leaders claim and less than their employers want. 2) when we measure the competencies of the sales people, we see an over optimistic appraisal of the situation from the sales leaders. With clear differences of opinion on how much sales coaching is actually happening, it helps to get sales leaders to agree on what exactly sales coaching is. This last sentence is the clue as to why there is a volume gap perception for sales managers when it comes to sales coaching.
1.Sales Executive Council research with 2,000 salespeople showed salespeople who receive three hours or more of coaching a month, on average, achieve 107% of quota, compared with 82% who don’t. 2.According to the Corporate Executive Board, a leading research and advisory services company, effective sales coaching can potentially increase top-line revenue by up to 20%. One of the biggest impacts we look for from sales coaching is in the area of discretionary energy. Discretionary energy is the energy a sales person uses when going above and beyond the call of duty to complete a task or get the job done. Discretionary energy is particularly important with sales people because sales people typically have more of it than other types of employees.
If a sales manager has the qualities you want in a manager, give them the tools to succeed.
Our sales management coaching program is designed to help sales managers improve sales performance, their ability to hire and retain quality salespeople, become a better leaders , and make better decisions. I am offering a Free Sales Management Coaching Session which will provide you with real value. Just complete the form below and we will schedule your first sales management coaching session.
You should have answers prepared which will be used to respond to your opponents questions. This assignment is worth ________ points and wil be graded based upon your ability to debate this issue and convince the judges that you are indeed deserved of your claim. Recap your previous points breifly and throw in something extra that they will remember upon leaving the room. However, Michael understands that some of the best coaching is done in a one-to-one situation.A  Sometimes educators want to take what they have just learned and implementA  it (with assistance) in their classrooms. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules.
In this checklist you’ll also read suggestions on conducting negotiations with prospects. There are some basic skills and abilities that your salespeople need to have and continuously develop in order to become a successful sales team. A skill to choose the right type of questions (opening, closing, alternative questions) in a given moment within communication with a customer.
A set of abilities to help your customer choose a solution and provide some effective suggestions. A suite of skills and abilities that let you plan and organize your time and activities in an effective manner.
AIDA model is used in various fields of life and science to teach people to be attentive and interested in better results, have a strong desire for success, and show intensive activities. With regard to this component of AIDA model, a salesperson needs to know how to make customers desire to buy a product and pay for a service. During negotiations with your customer it may happen that the customer tries to compare your product to your competitor’s product that has more features and advantages. One of the greatest mistakes of people involved sales negotiations is that customers are allowed to discuss further terms without giving any commitment. It’s critical to set yourself up for the best possible outcome of sales negotiations. Before you can get into sales negotiations you need to determine what your prospect requires, including both emotional and personal aspects.
Summarizing helps you avoid misunderstandings and establish good rapport with your customer.
They all use a performance coach to help them live their dreams and be the best they can be. 1 being that you not at all agree, 5 beginning that you somewhat agree and 10 beginning that you totally agree. However, if you decide to work with a performance coach now, you should decide and commit that you will take the necessary action for your benefit, or you will not make life-changing improvements. The program incorporates real life scenarios and tips on how to be accomplished and excel in each area.

We wil show you how to create a perfect presentation every time that will set you apart from your competition and hit the mark every time. We all like to get commission checks, but don’t necessarily understand how they are calculated.
We will ensure you’re on your path to success by creating an image that becomes you and propels you to the next level to get those “C” level meetings. Based on your business needs and customers we work to create a model that fits for your business. We work with you every step of the way to design your sales actions and goals that align with your overall company values and vision.
Salestrong help sales leaders and sales managers to improve their coaching performance as part of every sales transformation programme that we run. But experience tells us that when someone says that they do not have time to do something, what they are actually saying is that they see no value in it. Every sales person has discretionary energy and the question is are they using that for or against you? Sales people have a lot of autonomy and this is where the use of discretionary energy is key.
The reason they struggle, is because they don’t receive the support and training needed to succeed. Imagine that you are from the other teams and determine what questions may be asked of your team.
Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. Negotiation coaching is not an alternative to AIDA model (or other similar models) but it supplements this sales training model and helps you foster good communication abilities. For example, if you have a sales target of 10 product units you need to start negotiations with 20 units. Because everything has a cost there are factors that can force your customer to buy your product. We cover key areas in the sales cycle and how to keep them moving to close more deals in less time. We will focus on your individual compensation plan and break it down in terms you understand.
We will help uncover what’s important to you and build your goals around your unique wants and desires. After we have agreed with them on what sales coaching actually is, we then set about helping them to see the value that sales coaching can bring to their sales teams. Typically sales managers need something that can be used in both planned and unplanned sales coaching opportunities.
Be sure that you work together so that all members of your team have an adequate background of the positions and arguments thatyou will be proposing. The questions should be specifically directed to your opponents and should be concise and clear. You should take notes during the entire debate so that you may refer to these in your final presentation of your team's views. Having an alternative means providing the customer with your unique solutions that are alternative to any solutions of your competitor. You’ll need to make your customer commit to your deal in order to secure this deal and engage the customer in further discussions. For example, if you know that your prospect wants to get a discount you need to give this discount.
Please take just a few moments to find out how ready you are to live life to the fullest and be the best you can be. One the methodology has been introduced there should be a focus on associated sales coaching skills such as active listening, asking great questions, building trust and rapport, giving feedback and holding people accountable.
The model can teach your salespeople to attract customers, focus them on product features, and engage them in purchasing. You need to convince the customer that your solutions are better because they have some unique features. Remember that making more concessions to your prospect disarms you and reduces the probability of success.

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