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What are the Sales Management Essentials and how do we master them?  Well firstly Sales management and leadership is not about selling! In fact when one examines the role of the modern sales leader it quickly becomes evident that there just isn’t time to sell. Tragically many sales managers are promoted to this crucial role without the training and development that this demanding role requires.
Sales leaders are given very little or no support when it comes to being a competent, effective sales managers.
In most instances the majority continue to learn their craft by observing their managers and then replicating both the strengths and faults. Few sales leaders receive formal training in “sales management” practices – either before or during their tenure. Even where sales leadership is relatively mature, managers do not know what standards to use to coach and develop their teams. If sales managers are more frequently and better trained and coached themselves, their sales teams achieve higher performance and results. No other type of sales training has a more positive correlation between frequency of training and sales performance. PS: If you are interested in attending the Sales Management Essentials 5 day intensive workshop in 15-19 April 2013 please contact us to book your place or call (+61) 03 95330000. Who is it for: Barrett Sales Management Essentials is designed for sales managers and people moving into a role in sales management who want to ensure they are current with sales management best practice. Until now no single program has provided sales leaders with a complete curriculum of sales management and leadership skills and techniques.
The essential resource for people anywhere in the world to enhance their sales capabilities. CRM systems, sales automation software, and other sales productivity tools now play a vital role in enterprise sales productivity. The reason so many companies are scrutinizing their sales productivity rather than focusing solely on increased revenue boils down to sustainability. A concerted strategy should be developed which focuses on a number of targeted areas within the sales process that can be improved.
Before this multi-pronged sales productivity strategy can be implemented, a set of clearly defined sales productivity metrics will need to be established.
The first port of call for companies that target increased sales productivity is the identification of the specific roadblocks hampering their sales productivity.
If a rep is spending more than half of their time in non-selling activities, there might well be a number of other tasks that are unnecessarily being performed manually. While time-consuming administrative tasks and unnecessary meetings can hamper sales productivity, it is the information overload sales teams now face that is proving truly problematic. With an abundance of information at their disposal, companies, in theory, now have the sales pitch for almost every occasion. Even if the sales rep can find the particular file or folder they were trying to access, how can they be sure it is the most up to date version?
Eliminating wastage from the sales representative’s schedule will certainly help to improve sales productivity in the organization.
Unfortunately sales productivity issues can not be solved simply by increasing sales rep selling time.
As far as marketing departments are concerned, sales productivity is not simply a numbers game. The potential CRM systems and other sales productivity tools can bring to an organization are tremendous. The CSO or sales productivity project leader will need to leverage the technological input of the CIO.
The final step in the sales productivity project is the establishment of a set of clearly defined sales productivity metrics. Adoption metrics can be as simple as running a report on the company CRM system and shouldn’t need to involve the IT department.
On the completion of a successful sales productivity project, a company should organize a review or retro of the project.
To successfully increase sales productivity companies will need to adopt a multi-faceted approach that requires revamped sales processes as well as successfully implemented sales productivity software.
Increased sales productivity will require a concerted effort from all sectors of the organization.
Sales Management Training for Sales Management Professionals » Blog Archive » What Does A Sales Manager Do With Poor Sales Performer? This is the second in an occasional series of guest posts from James Hughes, sales management coaching expert and founder of Sales Leadership Consulting. All of these answers may be appropriate, and if you have managed this team and this individual for quite some time, then you have probably done one or all three of the last 3 items and are ready for the first choice. The first thing to establish is what does your boss think needs to be done.  They are not always right, so understand their perspective and accept it or shape your own plan and ask for support in implementing it.
Once you and your boss get on the same page, it’s time to improve performance.  Where do you start, and what do you do with the remaining poor performers? Well, it’s easy to say leave your top performers alone, but what if they need just a little help from you to close even more business.  Maybe they need a specific resource?  Maybe they need help in handling an objection?  What if they just need to show management involvement and the prior manager was not involved?  Now, a top performer has probably handled all this, but what if your top performer had just been lucky?  Never seen one of those?  Lucky you!  The key is making sure you ask.  It could be the greatest return on your time investment!
Now what?  Middle of the roaders?  The remaining poor performers?  This depends on a few factors.  1) How quickly can you hire someone and get them up to speed where the revenue will exceed the revenue produced by a poor performer?  There are a lot of variables here to consider.
Once you have evaluated the team, and tried to decide where you will focus your coaching and development skills, (Your time investment!) Then, check yourself weekly.  Is the investment in this rep working out?  Is this person “Coachable?”  Are there other factors impacting the team’s performance? If so, please join over 8,000 sales management professionals who receive exclusive weekly sales management training tips and get a FREE COPY "The 10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Sales Team" eBook!
Goizueta was especially skilled at capturing a complex idea and communicating it in a clear visual, yet inspiring way.

Visual sales leaders use memorable simple concepts to make it perfectly clear what needs to get done. If you can distill your entire market down to its essential visual elements, and then MONETIZE it so your salespeople understand it without question…then, watch out. Visual leading cuts through the crap…while reinforcing the predominant sales messages so your reps keep their eyes focused on the prize. Creative, passionate and dynamic sales leader with a flair for orchestrating effective sales campaigns, developing strategic partnerships, and executing top-level presentations. Exceeded sales quotas (105% to 190%) and generated 10-year revenue stream of $130M+ through consistent networking, customer assessment, and market strategy, 2000 – 2010. Recognized for Highest Percent over Sales Goal, 2009, $10M+ Sales Average for three consecutive years, 2001-2003, and Highest Sales Volume in California, 1997 – 1998.
Secured 85% market share and generated $35M in revenue within two years by leveraging long-term relationships, ensuring broad market coverage and penetration, and prioritizing sales opportunities, 2003 – 2005. Managed an annual budget of $1M+ with complete financial oversight, expense analysis, inventory evaluation, and revenue forecasting. Designed Pilot Management Team Concept and created guidelines detailing standard procedures; adopted by representatives throughout the state.
Developed hiring procedures, managed team of up to 20 employees, and designed training programs for enhanced consultative sales strategies.
Organized pilot programs for targeted accounts using a consultative sales approach; coordinated per diem sales representatives to partner with teachers throughout sales cycle with a focus on customer service. Acted as trusted Subject Matter Expert (SME) to company leaders, conveying key competitive analysis and market data to inform strategic planning and marketing. Liaised across departments including editorial, marketing and sales to maintain open lines of communication and evaluate current and future market trends; coordinated focus groups. Created successful exhibits to enhance branding and marketing, organizing products and collateral to appeal to national, state, and local educational organizations.
Capitalized on growing niche market to introduce supplemental products and optimize revenue. Traveled extensively throughout the United States with primary responsibility for formal sales presentations, in-service. Training, and developing and implementing marketing strategies for all Language Arts and Social Studies products (grades 6 – 12).
Executed high-level presentations to state boards of education to secure textbook adoption. Collaborated with cross functional teams including sales, editorial, and marketing to drive products that captured market share. Responsible for coordinating all activities involved in guiding manuscript through entire editorial process to finished bound book status. You are a career coach, a resume writer or an HR professional looking to gain exposure and build your expertise? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new projects by email. The list of items sent for enquiry to that vendor is also flashed on the screen where the quantity as in the quotation received is entered their quotation quantity should not exceed the enquiry quantity. To set the record straight, I’d like to dispel the eight most prevalent myths about selling, the sales process and sales success. Equipping sales leaders to perform the tasks for which they are responsible, and sustaining the momentum of the sales force in its drive for incremental value and volume, at the same time as continuously improving the customer experience, is a challenge that demands a high degree of maturity, dedication, focus and extraordinary leadership skills. Mastering these 8 functions is not easy however raising awareness and making these functions visible is the first step to sales management and sales leadership mastery.  Let’s get these topics in the sales leadership agenda and stop selling and start getting sales management fit.
Sales productivity is the rate at which a salesperson acquires revenue for the organization. Companies are willing to invest increased amounts in these tools which means successful implementation, roll out, and adoption has become integral to the sales productivity effort. While growing revenue, quite naturally, remains the major aim at most companies, an increase in sales productivity represents a more holistic goal to aspire to.
The responsibility for sales productivity does not lie solely with the sales representative.
CIOs will need to support sales managers with the required technology when and where it is needed if sales productivity is to be successfully addressed. Companies that successfully raise their sales productivity will, in the process, establish a company roadmap and a set of processes on which future revenue growth can be built.
Research has shown that sales representatives spend as little as 41% of their time selling. One way to identify this wastage is for sales managers to perform a ride-along with their reps. In recent years companies have increased the rate at which they produce content exponentially.
Recently there has been some progress in data retrieval software which can make information instantly available.
While this increase is certainly an important starting point, it must be supported by other functions within the organization or run the risk of proving futile.
Supplying sales teams with lower quantity, but higher quality and qualified leads may even be the recipe for sales productivity success. The implementation of sales productivity software has the potential to make or break the sales productivity project.
Chances are, reps won’t spend non-selling time on a tool from which they can’t derive any obvious benefits to their bottom line – sales revenue. The metrics should include sales performance targets as well as sales productivity adoption software adoption rates.
It can also help to instigate a system that rewards sales reps for using these new sales processes.

At the review the recently adopted set of best practices can be enshrined as a roadmap for sustained sales productivity.
This effort, while certainly sizable, pales in comparison to the enormous benefits increased sales productivity can bring to the organization. 2) After your first brush with each rep, are there “mid-performers” who have some good skills but are missing on a few key skills.  You may be able to improve their performance faster than hiring, or investing in the poor performer.
Thrives in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment with the unique ability to focus on the big picture without losing sight of the details.
She specializes in providing one-on-one personal service to clients throughout the world in all industries and career levels to help them achieve their professional goals through powerful, customized resumes, cover letters and social networking profiles. Some of the codes here is not my original work that I found over the Internet and Books while I'm learning how to program. On entering the enquiry number, the vendor details appear on the screen and the system accepts the quotation details such as opening date, price basis. Quotation number is displayed and the purchase order date will be the system date upon selecting the quotation number vender details and item details appear on the screen.
Rather than pushing salespeople to work harder, an increase in sales productivity is primarily concerned with salespeople using their time more effectively. If their presence isn’t absolutely necessary perhaps the meeting can be struck off their calendar. This minor commitment by the sales manager can free the sales rep from multiple non-selling activities which are damaging sales productivity.
The rate at which companies create and store content has not been accompanied by any major developments in data retrieval technology. This revamped sales schedule will certainly help the sales productivity effort, but sales teams will still need support from the rest of the enterprise to really impact sales productivity. If marketing does not support sales with qualified leads, sales reps may waste their increased selling time on prospects who are not yet ready to buy. If sales reps are presented with leads that are ready for conversion, then they will really begin to maximize the benefits of their increased selling time. Sales productivity software will need to be identified, implemented, rolled out, and adopted. One rule of thumb the CSO should bear in mind is that the software should serve the process and not vice versa. Low adoption rates on expensive software has the potential to derail an entire sales productivity project. Versatile product manager with expertise driving products and leading cross-functional teams to consistently meet key program deliverables. The entire information will be stored in the purchase order master file and in the detail file. Sales productivity software will need to be successfully implemented into a streamlined sales process.
Companies must also ensure that any administrative tasks that can be automated are not being performed manually. Entire sales teams may need to undergo a training session or two to incorporate a set of automated tasks into their processes.
The unfortunate reality is that content retrieval has become a major sales productivity drain.
By leveraging sales enablement software that simplifies content retrieval, companies can immediately improve their sales productivity.
The CSO or whoever leads the sales productivity project must take the time to secure an enterprise-wide buy in.
There are however a number of steps that can be taken to ensure the successful implementation of sales productivity software.
After the sales productivity software purchase, follow up meetings and reporting should be instigated to monitor the progress of the chosen solution. Develops and implements strategies driven by careful, intuitive, customer needs analysis to drive product sales with a focus on end-user application. Please share my work to other people also who interested to learn the basics of web development and programming. The Inventory Management  System takes care of the activities such as Indent order processing, quotation processing, Purchase order processing, Item receipt order processing, Item issue order processing, Item returns order processing. Through a simple analysis of sales team’s non-selling activities, reps can refocus previously wasted time on engaged selling.
With the increased utilization of cloud storage services and the enduring popularity of file servers and shared drives, sales teams must now wade through a variety of locations to find their most relevant content. For a sales productivity project to succeed, there must be a culture of shared responsibility across the enterprise. Maintains open communication with customers to strengthen relationships and build mutually beneficial partnerships throughout all district levels. Has earned a reputation as an industry leader among customers due to knowledge, integrity and personal service. The Salesforce example is just a typical example of the non-selling activities sales reps might be engaged in. Life-long learner with a constant desire and motivation to expand professional knowledge to stay up-to-date on industry standards.

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