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Frequency of Purchase: Use Consultative Selling with infrequent buyers and be the expert who fills their knowledge gaps.
Cost of Failure: When your buyer is facing high costs of failure, Consultative Selling is usually the right sales approach. Last year, in a very non sales management training related move, we made the decision to leave home, travel cross country for a year and homeschool our two grade school boys.
We figured that instead of paying the $20,000+ per year to pay for the to go to a perfectly nice private school on Cape Cod, we’d save that money, indulge in our passion for travel and see the country instead. So as part of that, we decided we would take our kids out of school for a year and home school them along the way…even though neither of us are teachers. Unless they’re in the mood for a nice afternoon nap, salespeople by and large, hate power point slide presentations. You can spice things up with even more spiffy charts, graphs and stats using those wicked cool power point “animations” and clip art, right? Or you can mimic what the cavemen and cavewomen did for eons to pass along information handed down from generation to generation.

The good things is that you can use this in one-on-one sales conversations with your salespeople as well. CLICK HERE to get immediate FREE access to your choice of sales management training at The Sales Management Mastery Academy.
It makes it hard to motivate and coach the salesperson if you do that, don’ t you think? OK, let’s face it, not every one of your salespeople is going to willfully follow you, do exactly what you say all the time and go along with whatever the company tells them to do. Unregistered 26th December 2015 03:29 PM Salesforce Apex Training  I want to get some information about the Salesforce Apex Training so can you please give me details of it? Apex code automatically executes triggers and classes if any changes are made in the code when those components are executed. Both my wife and I work from home so we figured with the kids the ages they were, now was the time to do it before they (or we) got too old. Its the same technique your forefathers and foremothers used to get their point across for generations.

Most theorists believe its because its hard-wired into our genetic makeup…hence the cavemen example above. Get your own free sales manager training course – you can actually choose which one you want.
On the other hand, without a proven sales process like Consultative Selling, many expensive sales leads are wasted.
Neither may have been trying to rally their de-motivated troops to sales stardom, but its the same thing. Consultative Selling will help you capitalize on your lead generation efforts and make your paydays more frequent, predictable and repeatable.

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