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Research over the past decade has shown that hospitals in the US market are behind the curve when it comes to good procurement and it is costing them dearly. More important still, it appears that sales training has failed to reflect any of the dramatic changes that have taken place in respect of how buyers buy.
Indeed, to say that buying has changed is an understatement – this is the era of changed priorities, slashed budgets and stalled projects. More of the same in terms of cold calling, sales pitches and proposals cannot deliver higher conversion rates, or increased sales success.
Make sure your next sales trainer can provide your sales team with the insights to how buying decisions are made and to how they can influence them. Ray Collis is author of 4 books on accelerating growth, His articles are just a sample of the research underpinning the Growth Pitstop - a powerful formula for accelerating growth. The most intriguing and maybe relevant article for me recently has been “selling to the cold and reserved buyer”. Younger buyers tend to be more analytical and “cold” – used to communicating via technology and happier to work in that medium and deal with facts and business cases. Older buyer often happy to build that relationship but be aware of getting trapped – the segment maybe much better at appealing to the sellers emotions.
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Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK. Good training can identify why sales people are underperforming and address those needs and challenges. Golden Apple Sales training courses can be tailored for your specific needs and can include case studies, role play and scenarios relevant to your organisation or industry.
We found that there was little change in over a decade in terms of the topics being addressed. Indeed, as the word cloud below (an analysis of 10 sales training courses) shows there is little mention at all of buying. But if sales training has changed little to reflect these new realities the result is a widening gap between how buyers buy and how sellers sell. So if you are buying sales training make sure that those delivering it know as much about buying as they do about selling. Given your team the tools to more effectively pre-qualify opportunities based on a analysis of buying process and the tools to increase the level of success when it comes to buying decisions that are made by extended buying teams and through competitive tendering processes. Yesterday’s performance may not win tomorrow deal but poor performance will obviously loose it. UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too.

Well trained sales people can learn to be more self aware, more focused on tangible results, more positive. The scale of the deal obviously influences how procurement managers act but there are other factors also such as time constraints. Time challenged buyers are not going to spend time developing business cases for marginal gains particularly if it introduces a service risk but know the market and adapt.
Less staff for more work – time spent on over long meetings, lunch and dinner can eat into valuable family time so those with children to manage are often more constrained than those without.
Awareness of competition position and having the flexibility to adapt to short term market trends may keep that buyer in your camp. And, there is no mystery to successful selling: it is a logical step by step process, which when completed in the right order and frequency, gets results. And the good news is that once someone understands where they might have a problem, they are 50% of the way towards success.

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