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Sales Training Courses - Helping You Deliver Your Sales Results The complete range of sales training - catering for core skills through to advanced sales professionals. As your customers expect more and the difference between your own and your competitors' products and services becomes less, your ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships is key to winning and retaining business. Our internationally renowned sales programmes range from core through to advanced level and are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results. Our sales know-how is underpinned by regular research into buyers' views of salespeople.
Research over the past decade has shown that hospitals in the US market are behind the curve when it comes to good procurement and it is costing them dearly. More important still, it appears that sales training has failed to reflect any of the dramatic changes that have taken place in respect of how buyers buy.
Indeed, to say that buying has changed is an understatement – this is the era of changed priorities, slashed budgets and stalled projects. More of the same in terms of cold calling, sales pitches and proposals cannot deliver higher conversion rates, or increased sales success.
Make sure your next sales trainer can provide your sales team with the insights to how buying decisions are made and to how they can influence them.
Ray Collis is author of 4 books on accelerating growth, His articles are just a sample of the research underpinning the Growth Pitstop - a powerful formula for accelerating growth. The most intriguing and maybe relevant article for me recently has been “selling to the cold and reserved buyer”. Younger buyers tend to be more analytical and “cold” – used to communicating via technology and happier to work in that medium and deal with facts and business cases.
Older buyer often happy to build that relationship but be aware of getting trapped – the segment maybe much better at appealing to the sellers emotions. Our online courses will teach you various concepts about the management subject of your choice. Study our online courses from any of our digital devices – laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

We understand the value of your time, and wouldn’t want you to spend months on studying simple management concepts in complex manner. We strongly recommend that you take our certification exams after studying the online courses.
Developing front line sales people needs to be a process of “mental mouthfuls” delivered over time rather than one single training event. Sales people need the right mix of skills and processes to enable them to do their job effectively. All our sales programmes are available as ready-to-roll, open courses and, worldwide, as made-to-measure, in-company courses, customised to your specific business and development needs.
Our sales processes and models have been developed and refined with over 65 years of field testing. We found that there was little change in over a decade in terms of the topics being addressed. Indeed, as the word cloud below (an analysis of 10 sales training courses) shows there is little mention at all of buying. But if sales training has changed little to reflect these new realities the result is a widening gap between how buyers buy and how sellers sell.
So if you are buying sales training make sure that those delivering it know as much about buying as they do about selling.
Given your team the tools to more effectively pre-qualify opportunities based on a analysis of buying process and the tools to increase the level of success when it comes to buying decisions that are made by extended buying teams and through competitive tendering processes. Yesterday’s performance may not win tomorrow deal but poor performance will obviously loose it. We are completely aware about the concepts that employers would want to test you on, during a selection process. We simplify it for you and present the courses in a compact manner, allowing you to complete any of our online courses in 10-15 hours of study time.
The knowledge that you gain, if backed with our Expert Management Training certificate, you will be able to prove your knowledge confidently to your employers.

These courses address all sales areas and help you, whatever your experience, achieve the best results you can. The content of many of our sales development programmes is also endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (UK).
The scale of the deal obviously influences how procurement managers act but there are other factors also such as time constraints. Time challenged buyers are not going to spend time developing business cases for marginal gains particularly if it introduces a service risk but know the market and adapt. The course content structure has been designed and developed keeping in mind that you do not have any prior understanding of the subject. The Expert Management Training online courses provide you the knowledge that will be handy for you in your day to day work tasks & practical application. Our courses are developed keeping that in mind, so you can confidently apply for jobs and clear the selection process.
Also, a certification will also improve your Curriculum Vitae and enhance your chances of being shortlisted. This genuine integrity in content and quality multi-modal delivery means your people have greater retention, deeper learning experiences and faster skill acquisition. Less staff for more work – time spent on over long meetings, lunch and dinner can eat into valuable family time so those with children to manage are often more constrained than those without.
Awareness of competition position and having the flexibility to adapt to short term market trends may keep that buyer in your camp.
And with our courses, we try to bridge the gap and offer you only the information that will be essential for you at work.

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