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Sales Training Courses - Helping You Deliver Your Sales Results The complete range of sales training - catering for core skills through to advanced sales professionals.
As your customers expect more and the difference between your own and your competitors' products and services becomes less, your ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships is key to winning and retaining business. Our internationally renowned sales programmes range from core through to advanced level and are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results. Our sales know-how is underpinned by regular research into buyers' views of salespeople.
We offer a variety of interactive training programs customized to your industry and our sales training techniques include proven sales coaching methods and common sense strategies that define training for success. Implement successful sales techniques to convert enquiries and achieve revenue growth with an EzSales qualified sales training provider.
Courses are designed for delivery in a team context, to maximize your training dollar in a group setting. Our second stream is designed to quickly indoctrinate new hires, introducing them to a culture of accountable and effective sales professionalism. We have specially designed packages to fit the Entrepreneur, Small Business and Individual Sales Professionals budget. Our clients consistently exceed their sales targets and achieve more success than they ever expected. We only ask for testimonials when clients have had ample time to use the techniques that were trained, in the real world with real clients.
Please fill out this form to have one of our representatives contact to you discuss how we can help you achieve your sales goals through our customized training, specific to your business, clients and sales force needs.
Sales people need the right mix of skills and processes to enable them to do their job effectively.

All our sales programmes are available as ready-to-roll, open courses and, worldwide, as made-to-measure, in-company courses, customised to your specific business and development needs.
Our sales processes and models have been developed and refined with over 65 years of field testing. The topics covered in-session are reinforced through real sales activity in the field with real prospects. Sales audits identify areas of significant opportunity, resulting in policy and strategy interventions to improve the effectiveness and profitability of teams. We also offer advanced training sessions which are designed for the seasoned sales professional who has been selling for years and has already taken sales training. These courses address all sales areas and help you, whatever your experience, achieve the best results you can. The content of many of our sales development programmes is also endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (UK).
Start out with winning habits and avoid costly mistakes, with Real Results for you and your business. These tactics have rocketed our clients to the top of their teams and in several cases the top of their industry.
If your competition moves forward while you stand still, you just fell behind.If seeing an average of 5% improvement from your team would not pay for the training, then don’t do it. Though I am thrilled to see clients who have doubled within eighteen months, plan on 5% and be pleasantly surprised when you exceed the numbers. Keep in mind that not every participant will see results.Wash, Rinse, RepeatI don’t care how good the facilitator thinks they are, you will waste your money if you do not have a plan for reinforcement in place BEFORE the workshop occurs. PrivateA publicly available program will often range from one to two days and cost $500 to $5,000 per participant.

I would encourage you to take two steps: 1) Schedule a call 30 days in advance of the workshop to plan for success, and 2) Schedule a call roughly 45 days after the workshop to hold participants accountable and make any adjustments they might need. The lower cost programs are generally designed to attract large audiences who the organizers can up-sell other offerings. Those who don’t share experiences or have questions on the 2nd call are probably not doing the work, and are just falling back on old habits. If you don’t have a plan to regularly reinforce and discuss the concepts, then you will have wasted your money.
If you are a small company and lack a selling system, this can be a very cost-effective approach.
By their nature, public programs are “one-size-fits-all.”Private programs, when done properly, create a foundation of principles, and then hold the participant’s hand from concept through how to apply the concept to your business. Private programs can range from $3,500 per day on the low end, to $25,000 per day on the high end (I fall in the middle). Get someone who specializes in your industry and has plenty of content available so you can confirm if their philosophy aligns with yours.
As you’d imagine, a more experienced facilitator with a track record of results can demand a higher fee than someone who is new to the field. For example, if a company is not committed to selling with integrity, I know we won’t have a good fit.Experience Matters – Ideally, the person conducting your workshop will have sold products or services at a similar price-point and to similar customers as you. Sales training from the low bidder is like getting dental work from someone with bad teeth.Variable CostsWhether public or private, the cost of the facilitator is often just a piece of the puzzle.

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