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Social Fusion is a Tribal Leadership technique used by business leaders to quickly expand their network. Additionally, once a person makes the connectioin they often find themselves at the hub of number of separate relationships that have to be independently managed and cultivated. Check in whether they connected again in one week.  If they’re working on something, you’ve fused them. Sign of social fusion: the new person shows up at social events, having been invited by your contacts.
One of the first women to graduate Ranger School has been assigned to the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade. A gunman was shot near the White House after brandishing a weapon at a Secret Service checkpoint, according to multiple reports. Iraqi forces fired tear gas and gunshots into the air as hundreds of protesters stormed Baghdad's heavily secured Green Zone. Army infantry platoons will soon have the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle as a permanently assigned weapon. The Navy's highest-ranking female officer has been tapped to command naval forces in Europe and Africa. This is a significant change since patrols count for approximately 50 percent of graded portion of Ranger School. This change to Ranger School is just one of several training upgrades the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Benning has launched in an attempt to prepare young soldiers and leaders for battlefield threats they may face in the future.
One of the newest training concepts Benning officials have stressed is what’s known as Advanced Situational Awareness Training.
That means that soldiers armed with this training will be able to recognize and understand the human behaviors occurring in their environment, said Col.

Soldiers will learn skills such as how to best use their optics to observe an area of interest from a distance and make threat assessments, Rauhut said.
The Ranger Training Brigade stresses some of these key lessons in the enhanced patrol portion of Ranger School.
In the past, these patrols featured patrol-base planning, executing a react to contact against a predictable opposing force during movement to a raid objective, Lear said.
The react to contact may involve civilians where intelligence changes the planned raid objective, Lear said. Safer's controversial August 1965 report from Cam Ne helped ignite home front protests against the Vietnam War.
Paul Treaster's ashes had been lost after getting left behind during his son's bad divorce but were found on the side of the road. The first 29 Palms Military Film Festival gave veterans a chance to come together last week in California's Mojave Desert.
More than 225 students from Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana attended the Prairie View A&M program, held in June.
Cadet Christina Edlebeck from Cypress Falls also won the Highest Academic Average award at the program. Cypress Springs’ Hotel Flight, commanded by Cadet Victoria Rubio, senior, was the Honor Flight, the top flight in the program. Instead of asking for referrals you go out of your way to give referrals to people you know. Navy is ready to take ownership of the Zumwalt, its largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer. Air Force said Thursday a B-52 crashed on Guam shortly after takeoff, but all seven crew members made it out safely.

Officials have focused the concept on a five-day training course that seeks to train soldiers in human-behavioral analysis when observing a situation on the battlefield. Benning officials are pushing a combined-arms mindset in both the Infantry Basic Officers Leadership Course and Armor Basic Leaders Course.
As a result, soldiers have become less proficient in traditional, combined arms combat operations. Leaders stress the need to return to combat training that prepares soldiers and units for more-costly, high-intensity fights.
Captured enemy leadership on the raid objective then could lead the platoon to conduct a hasty ambush.
1 overall graduate of the Prairie View A&M Summer Leadership Program in June, earning the Willie A.
Delta Flight, commanded by Cadet GlennAnne Enriquez, sophomore, was the top flight in Precision Drill.
When you refer people you know to each other, you establish yourself a valuable asset to people you know and build a network that manages and cultivates itself.
During the two-month course, students must master combat-leader skills under grueling, mental and physical conditions.
At the same time, most planners are determined to hold on to the lessons the service has learned over the past decade of war. Another scenario could feature intelligence from an unmanned aerial vehicle that leads to an adjusted patrol-base location, Lear said.

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