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Geiger suggests starting off by complimenting the teacher on something that he or she seems to be doing right - a piece of advice echoed by the National PTA.  This can set a positive tone for the meeting and help foster cooperation later on.
Divorce, remarriage, foreclosure, moving, a new baby:  These are just a few of the personal issues that can affect a student’s behavior and work on campus.
Spoto agrees that “stress and emotional issues definitely affect a student’s work.”  By informing the teacher of possible causes, you will help the teacher better understand the child and be more equipped to appropriately instruct him. And it’s not a bad idea to inform your child that you’re keeping in touch with her school.  “When a child knows parents and teachers are regularly working together, the child will see that education is a high priority requiring commitment and effort,” according to the National PTA. In regards to letting a teacher know what's going on this household – that can be a smart move!
The only parents who show up to conferences are those whose kids are doing great in school. As a teacher and parent I can tell you beyond doubt that the problem with the education system is parents. If you are a parent, your PRIMARY responsibility is to your child and doing all you can toward their success as a human being. Your post implies that teachers should be responsible for researching every possibility as to why a child might be having difficulty, and that is just an impossibility.
Most people are in the teaching profession because they do care and they do all they can to support their students. I remember being sent to parent-teacher conferences when I was in high school to talk about my little sister with her teachers. You were harassed by the principal, because he wanted to have high percentages of parental engagement (it is part of his review model). You might consider that some parents work nights and some parents do not have cars, so might face a large bill for a taxi, given that evening routes for buses are far more limited than daytime routes. The KEY thing is keeping in touch with the teacher and staying on top of your kid's homework and behavior. Either Mr Muffinopis had problems with teachers or the education system overall since his comments really are offensive and hardly pertain to the subject of this blog.
Tell me what the ____ "You should teach your children the importance of using maple syrup as lube.
Sounds like Mr Muffinopolis could use a refresher and either see s psychiatrist or go back and try doing school all over. 2) Because you are a single, working mom- like MANY- your child should not be held to the same standards as others?
Did not mean to imply that children of single working parents should be treated differently than children from two parent families. If you want teachers who work for you, you will have to go to a private school so that you can be the one paying for them. I believe many teachers would see an embarassing lesson in humility from being dressed down by a teacher in front of your child would be a valuable object lesson for your child's benefit (and some much needed albeit delayed education for yourself from your public school system).

CNN’s Schools of Thought blog is a place for parents, educators and students to learn about and discuss what's happening in education. Related: Student NewsCNN Student News is ten minutes of commercial-free, cost free news for middle and high school classrooms. Part of the school process is to also help teach children about assignments and getting the assignments on time. Some are essentially absent, some don't discipline their kids at all, and others make excuses when their child makes mistakes.
Also worth a thought is that the parent might not have anyone to watch small children while they are at the conference, and sitters are hard to find and expensive. If you cannot afford to make sure your children; which should be your highest priority after keeping yourself alive, do not get a good education then you should not have them.
The only reason a parent of a great student would get harassed for not attending is because poor parent attendance may reflect poorly on the principal's performance appraisal.
Think what they could have accomplished if you had gone to their parent teacher conferences! They also have their OWN guidleines they have to follow from the state and perhaps they dont really have a choice in givign your kid homework. IF we can NOT compromise as a culture than the devil take us because we're going to eat each other alive. Parents do not pay teachers – parents (and nonparents, including the teachers themselves) are taxed and that money is used to hire and employ teachers for the good of society (not for the good of parents). That means a focus on helping children aquire the skills that will keep them employed, out of prison, off of welfare, and earning as much as possible to increase tax revenue. By the teen years, it is becoming the child's responsisbility to oversee their education as they transition towards independence. I actually like what you have obtained here, certainly like what you're stating and the way through which you assert it. They're not the center of the universe but its obvious where your priorities truly lie. I called him about a student cheating on an exam, and the mother complained to me that it was my fault, yes my fault, that her son cheated and because of that her son shouldn't be given a zero on the exam.
If all you have to make your point is a typo you might as well keep it to yourself because everyone is just rolling their eyes at your post.
Meeting with your child's teacher is an opportunity to talk with the person who spends everyday with your child. They are also a chance for the teacher to share good news, to highlight some of the great work kids do, to offer insight both ways, to see how the educational experience might be made even better. Those parents seldom attend because they are either (1) inferior parents, (2) are sick of hearing bad news about their struggling child, or (3) both.
By the way PTC are not only to discuss grades, they are to discuss any personal or social needs the child may have.

You would be charged the same tax even if you never had a child – because it is not about you. If you threaten them, well, in most states threatening a state employee is a crime (above the crime that threatening is by itself in many states). Having a child there also removes one of the great annoyances of high school education: being the go-between for parents and students who do not communicate with one another. By the time you get the assignment to them, your child is already behind the other class, also how is it fair to the other students as well?
Parents should still be help somewhat accountable for their child's success in school. The parents teachers most often see are parents of high achievers who love to have their ego stoked with stories of how awesome their children are. You are assuming these parents can get to school as easily as you can, and your conclusion is they don't care about their kids. By the time a child is old enough to be legally trusted driving a ton of steel at 70 MPH, it is shameful that a parent would ask or that a teacher would consider going behind that child's back to discuss grades, performance, or strategies to improve.
When you teach a kid that there aren't consequences to their actions, they will behave that way in school. I think it is less about generalizations than just recognizing what YOUR child needs from you as a parent and that is too be as involved as necessary! Even with top marks, a good teacher should have some goals for your child to work toward, goals your child and you as a parent should be aware of and work together to achieve. I am sorry that you missed out on that aspect of conferences, and might I add you are your child's first teacher. You are responsible for your child's education- teachers and schools are expert technicians there to help make it happen.
Yeah, leave the kids with the folks, a sitter, whatever but at that point the kids are basically just a distraction and won't really add much value to any planning conversations around education challenges and needs. I expect my kids to learn at LEAST as much from me as from their teachers on the same subjects. If you have kids and you don't do everything in your power to help them be a success in life how do you call yourself a parent? I not only make sure my kids do their homework but I actively look for ways to reinforce the subject matter in everyday life to help bolster them.
Jones, I will be happy to get that shoebox for the school project, but it can't happen this week because I am tied up.

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