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Critiques Critiqueable Scratch Map® UK Edition Navigation Home of the original Scratch Map® and full Scratchables® range. Scratch is a natural explorer, having investigated the crystal mines of her mountain home for days on end. High in the peaks of Cats Eye Mountain sits a towering city of crystal and gold that can only be reached by creatures of the Air Element. Born in a city of crystal and gold atop Cats Eye Mountain, the young Scratch loved soaring through the sky and searching through the many gemstone mines.
Scratch and Flashwing were assigned by Spyro to search for Master Eon at Molekin Mine when the old Portal Master was kidnapped by Squirmgrub, who was an agent of Kaos. Under Knight Light's command, Scratch participated with the other Skylanders in defending Skylanders Academy from Kaos and his armada. Hold Attack 2 to shoot a moveable laser onto the ground, release to pounce where the laser was pointing. Hold Attack 3 to pull enemies into a massive whirlwind and do damage to all of them caught inside. Laser Pounce (Secondary Attack): Hold (X) to shoot a laser that can be moved around and damage enemies.
Because she resembles an sphinx, she resembles Nefertimon, a Digivolution form of Gatomon from the Digimon franchise. Scratch's voice actress, Kathryn "Kat" Cressida, is also the voice actress of Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory during Seasons 2 and 4.

Scratch is one of the few Skylanders who are able to heal themselves without eating food (others include characters like Wrecking Ball, Stealth Elf, Camo and Slobber Tooth).
Like Sunburn and Flashwing, Scratch doesn't possess a Flight upgrade despite having wings, although she does fly while performing her attacks.
In her magic moment, Scratch briefly chases after a moving laser pointer, a common trait shared by felines who love chasing after moving shiny objects. She, Flameslinger, and Freeze Blade are the only Skylanders that wear masks over their eyes. Cat scratch disease is medically called as Bartonellosis since it is the name of the bacteria that causes this infection. The symptoms of cat scratch disease are small bumps or blisters are formed on the affected site. It was here that Scratch spent her youth soaring playfully in the clouds or exploring the endless number of crystal mines. Her idyllic life was shattered when a band of Pirate Greebles invaded, plotting to steal the magical gems that lied deep inside the mountain. However, without a Portal Master to operate the Portals, it took long for the two Skylanders to reach their destination. Hold Attack 2 to shoot a powerful new laser at the ground, release to do a devastating pounce attack that does increased damage. Hold Attack 1 to charge a wing attack, release to shoot a vortex that pulls enemies into it.

When (X) is released, Scratch will pounce to that location doing additional damage to nearby enemies. When fully crouched push the Circle Pad in any direction to start sprinting into a claw spin that damages enemies. In case if the symptoms are not clear, then he would suggest to do IFA test for detecting the presence of bacteria. One day, an army of Pirate Greebles arrived in a fleet of airships, looking to steal ancient magic crystals buried deep in the mountain. Donning her golden armor, Scratch led the counter-attack against the invaders and fought them off, saving the city and catching the eye of Jet-Vac, who invited her to join the Skylanders. When the person comes in contact with the pet’s saliva directly or touches the broken skin of the cat he may get this infection.
Donning specially made armour, Scratch led an epic battle against the pirates, using her incredible fighting skills to defend the crystals and the city. In case if the person is suspected for AIDS or any other immune system problem, then taking antibiotics is necessary. Tales of her heroism soon made their way to Jet-Vac, who traveled to Cats Eye Mountain and recruited Scratch to the Skylanders.

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