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Sherman was already going to be in the spotlight for what he did on San Francisco’s final offensive play, twisting his body to deflect a pass intended for Crabtree into the air and allowing time for teammate Malcolm Smith to run over and make an interception in the end zone to clinch the Seahawks victory. RelatedRichard Sherman explains post-game rant in Sports Illustrated columnBroncos’ Peyton Manning vs. Sherman had been rarely targeted by the 49ers, with most of Colin Kaepernick’s passes being thrown in the direction of Byron Maxwell. But in the final minute, Kaepernick decided to take a shot to the end zone with Crabtree and Sherman matched up one-on-one.
Sherman won the matchup, staying in position to deflect the pass and have it fall into Smith’s hands, similar to a tipped interception from Sherman to safety Earl Thomas in Week 15 against the New York Giants. Sherman ran over to Crabtree and gave him a pat on the backside, then appeared to extend his arm for a handshake.
Instead, Sherman got shoved in the face before picking up his personal foul as his celebration continued. Carroll said he viewed the situation as a father talking to his son and wanted Sherman to realize some more thought should have gone into what he was saying.
For Carroll, the return to New York is heading back to where he got his start as a head coach in the NFL, albeit a short-lived tenure as the head coach of the Jets. We will send you a weekly email to make you more knowledgeable as a fan and more interested in the game you're watching. Join us to learn how to Ignite Your Life using REAL, RELEVANT, LIFE CHANGING, SPIRITUAL TRUTHS that you can utilize to improve and heighten your everyday life. This unique, 2-day immersion event by authors and master life coaches, Richard Seaman and Loree Bischoff will include powerful talk circles, exercises and engaging, interactive conversations around the topics being presented.
Richard Seaman is an award winning teacher, gifted speaker, spiritual leader, and the founder and director of Seattle Life Coach Training.
Richard currently teaches at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), Arizona's award winning, private holistic healthcare college, and Seattle Life Coach Training in Seattle, Wa.
Richard is the author of the books, It's All in the Sharing and Spiritual Reliability, which helped secure a spot for Richard as one of America's Next Top Spiritual Authors.
Certifications from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts a€“ Arizonaa€™s award-winning, nationally accredited, private holistic healthcare college.

Loree is the author of Common Sense Happiness, 5 Principles for People Who Want To Stop Whining, Bitching and Suffering.
A: This workshop will help develop your relationship with Spirit and apply what you learn to enhance your daily life, gain a greater sense of control and direction, and realize more peace and happiness. Jamie Wilson is a community-college English instructor, high-school pole vaulting coach, and a die-hard Seahawks fan.  He earned an MFA in creative writing in 2012 and is currently hard at work on a collection of short stories. Early last week, I lost the better part of a day reading everything I could find related to Richard Sherman post-game interview controversy. I made a snap decision: I assigned an article on Sherman in my English 101 classes, and dedicated all day Friday to discussing it. I began class with a simple question: Why did Sherman behave the way he did, and why had so many people responded with such disgust and outright hatred? But these details seemed to fall short of fully answering the question.  We needed to go deeper.
It seemed impossible to fully answer this question without acknowledging the brutal nature of the sport. What Sherman did wrong is he expressed this violence in a taboo way, with his helmet off and his eyes fixed on the camera. Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times.
You can follow Times reporter Bob Condotta on Twitter, send him an e-mail or join conversations in the Seahawks Forum.
Take a minute to subscribe and continue to enjoy The Seattle Times for as little as 99 cents a week. But Sherman’s antics from that point drew praise from some for being honest and unfiltered, and criticism from others for being too harsh and combative. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Carroll was the Jets head coach for one season in 1994 before getting fired after a 6-10 season.

Richard was awarded the "Best Teacher of the Year 2011" by the Arizona Private School Association. Rooted in the concept of Holistic Health and Spirituality, Loreea€™s coaching methods consider and take into account your whole person a€“ body, mind and spirit. Loree also received her Strategic Intervention (SI) Coach Certification from Robbins-Madanes Training a€“ the foremost life coach training program in the world and the official life coach training of Tony Robbins. CSH became the 2012 National Indie Excellence Book Award winner in the Motivational category.
The Carefree Resort, Ranch MaA±ana Resort, Boulders Resort and The Tumbleweed Hotel are all close by. What about all the violence that spills from the football field?  What about Aaron Hernandez and Jovan Belcher, the Chiefs linebacker who killed his girlfriend and then drove to the Chiefs facility to kill himself?  What about the long-term brain damage, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) that might be linked to all of this?  Retired football players like Junior Seau, Mike Webster, and dozens of others are losing their minds in their 40s and 50s.  They’re getting depressed, confused and angry, and they’re taking their own lives.
He glared into the living rooms of football fans all over the country and all over the world. With his wise and intuitive knowing, and uplifting and straightforward approach, he has coached and guided thousands of people to a more powerful, passionate life. Loree serves the needs of clients through individual coaching, group coaching, educational workshops and interactive spiritual discussions. Sherman’s on-air rant was sparking an intelligent conversation about the culture of the game, its fans, and its players.
And this is why we love it.  This, along with its grace, athleticism and strategic brilliance, is why more people gather around to watch the Super Bowl every year than any other televised event.
This disease isn’t confined to NFL players; it has been found in high-school and college players as well. He had a special dislike for the San Francisco 49ers, their coach Jim Harbaugh, and their “mediocre” receiver, Michael Crabtree. Like the gladiator games of old, we love to watch immensely powerful men tear each other’s heads off.  Enlarge this combat into a tactical battle, and we are even more thrilled.

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