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Nancy Clancy and her best friend, Bree, have love on the brain–after all, they’re learning about the human heart in science class!
That Nancy and Bree would get caught up in Valentine’s day is hardly a shock, but it was lovely to see how their plans for their favorite teen-agers evolve over the course of the book. Perfectly played romance and high quality values merge effortlessly with just a plain fun story. My daughter got Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth for Christmas this year, and she and I both LOVED it!

Every trip to the library she comes home with at least one, even if she has already read it. I had never heard of this kids series before last month and I swear I hear about it at least once a week if not more since O_O Sounds like a really cute series though my friend loves them–she has a daughter. Her birthday is in June, and Nancy Clancy Secret Admirer is going to be one of her presents. O’Conner weaves in teachable moments and the kind of characters I can be proud for my daughter to emulate.

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