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This film project represents the process of evolving to a new stage of consciousness — that is the theme of the film Barnet is making. We are constantly improving our site, and LOVE feedback, suggestions, criticisms, corrections, reports of bad links or videos, Etc.! I'm a very open minded person so do take the time to write, I would LOVE to hear about other experiences of people awaking and would be happy to give them a forum here on this web site to post, posting can be done anonymously if needed! Sullen, friendless schoolgirl Dawn Cotrell (Kimberlee Peterson) has been showing up at home with strange slashes on her skin.

Rather than deal with the problem like an intelligent adult, Dawn's mother, to whom appearances and total control are everything, merely hides all the knives in the house and orders her daughter to cease and desist. In this candid discussion between Freeman and Barnet on their weekly radio show, Cutting Edge Consciousness, the co-hosts explore motivation. With no one to turn to -- certainly not her milquetoast of a father (Robert Wisden) -- poor Dawn resorts to even more desperate and destructive measures to work out her frustrations. This is a personal conversation about the process of growth and evolution – developing deeper motivations.

Based on Steven Levenkorn's novel The Luckiest Girl in the World, Secret Cutting originally aired over the USA network on May 30, 2000.

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