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Regarder un extrait video ou la bande annonce en streaming de Epic : La Bataille Du Royaume Secret.
La sortie au cinema etait effectivement le 22 mai 2013, mais la sortie DVD ne sera que le 9 octobre 2013 ! SYNOPSISA highly intelligent young man who has fallen into a life of crime is given a chance at redemption. SYNOPSISFor years, the Golden Tablet of Akhmenrah has brought the exhibits at New York's Museum of Natural History to life. She has been forced into a marriage to her chronically ill cousin, Camille, by her pushy Aunt Madame Raquin.

Pas tres original (dommage), pas trop centre gaminerie (a l'inverse de l'age de glace ou Rio qui n'en sont pas moins tres bons), une histoire qui evolue sans ennuyer et des personnages attachant.
Following one of his criminal escapades, he is contacted by Harry Hart, who works for a shadowy private intelligence service called Kingsman. She is forced to work as a clerk in a shop all day and must endure the evenings of Madame Raquin playing dominoes with Madame's strange group of friends.
Seeing untapped potential in the young man, Hart puts him with a group of other young recruits, who must endure a series of exercises designed to test their physical and mental strength.
Hart's recruits are soon thrust into a danger as they encounter a mad technological genius whose plans threaten the world.

Museum security guard Larry Daley must travel to London in order to unravel the secret of the tablet.

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