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The revised comment section is intended for intellectual discussions over symmetry and aesthetics. It’s been the travel buzz-word of the past few summers (especially where boho-riche music festivals are concerned) and the coolest way to sleep in a tent.
In this five-star resort and spa (a winner of a TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2012 award), you can expect to find your own private cavernous (253 square metres) tented villa that’s beautifully decorated with solid teak, linen and rich paisley prints with traditional Arabic elements. Some of the wee sketches she has a wedding ring on, sometimes she doesn't and other times there is a voice calling her darling, but no wedding ring.

In the successful marriage of glamour and camping, glamour is the Fred to camping’s Ginger.
You’ll be completely transported to a Bedouin paradise in your king-sized bed, surrounded by Moorish lanterns, bags of snazzy modern technology, romantic drapes and a vast sumptuous bathroom with large soaking tub.
Is she playing different parts or is she just a filthy wee bitch who puts it about all over the shop, slipping the wedding ring off when it suits her? It’s the finest, dreamiest, most luxurious version of glamping that could possibly exist.

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