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When you hire Secret Service for your event, you are hiring consummate professionals whose goal is to create a joyous, high-energy atmosphere for all attendees; performances may include props, giveaways, and games to encourage maximum guest participation. Before we even touch this information, there are some major Kingsman: The Secret Service spoilers in this article. Now that that’s out of the way, Kingsman: The Secret Service had a big weekend at the box office.
Firth is fantastic in the film, so I’d be thrilled to have him back, but you’ve got to wonder, how can Vaughn possibly pull that off in a believable manner? If that is the case, it could be interesting to see Harry return to Kingsman and have to adjust to life with Eggys as a full-blown agent. This is all speculation, but the idea of seeing the super experienced Harry Hart adapting to Eggsy’s “new way” could work. Related ContentNew 'Star Trek Beyond' Trailer Scatters the Crew Movie Trivia Schmoedown: Dan Murrell vs. This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. La-La Land Records presents the original motion picture score to the feature film Kingsman: The Secret Service, starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. Kingsman also starred Colin Firth as Harry Hart, the old-school spy who took Eggsy under his wing, teaching him the ins and outs of badassery and gentlemanly behavior. I’d love to see the story of these characters continue, and from the sound of it, expand to foreign territories.
Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is a member of the Kingsman, an urbane and virtuous spy outfit operating out of a Savile Row tailors.
Matthew Vaughn seems to be cinematic Marmite, dividing the film-going public into two camps. Particular praise must be given to the adrenaline-fuelled action beats that litter the film.
Sheer pleasure is the definite modus operandi here, injecting barrels of fun into a concept that could so easily have just been a run of the mill Hollywood bunkum. Much of this entertainment value is down to a roster of excellent performances, with the entire cast embracing the lunacy with wild abandon.
Kingsman is a rollicking thrill ride – light-hearted, fast paced and incredibly funny.

To book tickets to see Kingsman: The Secret Service at York City Screen Picturehouse, go here.
With an extensive and flexible song-list, Secret Service fills a unique roll in the world of event bands: music for people of our generation who want their events to rock steady. While you won’t find Secret Service playing line dances and played out party music, Agent Steve Caraway also functions as a professional MC and DJ, allowing The Organization to plan and present any musical requests to the desires of the hosts. If he does come back for Kingsman 2, I’m betting Vaughn takes the “he’s not really dead” approach. Scott Mantz 'Angry Birds’: John Cohen on Adapting the Smash-Hit Mobile Game as an Original Movie HBO Programming President Michael Lombardo Exits After 33 Years Poll: Who Should Play Cable in 'Deadpool 2'?
Jackson and Michael Caine, and directed by Matthew Vaughn – in theaters nationwide February 13, 2015. While watching Firth beat the shit out of poeple was definitely a highlight of the film, Egerton was a fantastic young lead who carried the film adeptly and, in my eyes, ended up stealing the show. Back in February, Vaughn commented that his idea for the sequel involved introducing an American branch of Kingsman. Some find his brand of sharp, stylised, often ultra-violent work to be fun, witty and just the right side of irreverent, while the others accuse him of being over-indulgent, succumbing to laddish fantasy and lacking heart or finesse.
I say luckily for me because Kingsman is the most Matthew Vaughn film Matthew Vaughn has ever made. Favouring long takes and a kinetic camera rather than the nauseating and choppy edits that seem to be the norm in Hollywood these days, Kingsman features some of the most inventive action I’ve seen in a long time. Indeed, Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman (who also worked on Kick Ass and Stardust) clearly love the spy genre and litter the movie with tons of neat references. Firth is the big winner here, clearly having the time of his life – relishing the opportunity to occupy a Bond-like role he sadly missed out on in younger days. The first half could be accused of being formulaic, grinding gears and positioning characters before the main plot kicks in, but even at its lowest ebb it never once dips into boring territory. Although much of the adult humour and violence won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, for fans of this kind of thing you’d be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining and uncompromisingly idiosyncratic film this year. As a part of the Secret Service package, clients will have direct access to an experienced Event Specialist.
There was a little bit of sequel talk even before the film hit theaters on February 13th, but now that it’s a certified hit, it’s no surprise that the Kingsman 2 discussions continue.

Mark Strong was also a standout as Merlin, the tech-savy spy who always came through in a pinch. While Eggsy is put through his espionage paces, lisping nutcase Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) sets into motion plans to take over the world with mobile phone SIM cards and it’s up to the Kingsmen to stop him. It’s an audacious and wildly entertaining rollercoaster ride, distinctly and unashamedly British and featuring some of the loopiest visuals ever committed to such a high profile blockbuster. From the subtle (the Kingsmen all sporting dapper Harry Palmer specs), to the not so subtle (Firth and Jackson engaging in a meta conversation about their favourite Bond films), it’s a treasure trove of spy tropes. Elsewhere, the otherwise sharp script comes undone with some muddled class system satire that could have benefited from a bit of a polish. The British have always cornered the market on gentlemen spies, but what happens when James Bond has to team up with Jason Bourne?
Vaughn also said recently that if the film was successful enough they’d find a way to bring him back. And of course, as ever with all Vaughn’s films, there are the usual excesses and a definite lack of subtlety.
This  “not-so-secret” service assures a stress-free atmosphere for hosts and guests alike, creating a smooth, rhythmic flow to your special day. It certainly looked like a fatal shot on screen, but I’d imagine Kingsman has some seriously skilled doctors on staff, so perhaps Harry Hart survived it. Those could be some entertaining sparks to watch fly, and I’d love to see how Vaughn would play with the tropes of American spy films.
There’s a level of ridiculousness (mushroom cloud exploding heads, anyone?) to Kingsman where bringing Harry back could work, but that would undermine the dramatic impact of the first film. Elsewhere, top support comes from the always wonderful Mark Strong as the Kingsman’s equivalent of Q, and Sophie Cookson as Roxy, Eggsy’s primary rival for the spy role and a refreshingly well-rounded female character in an otherwise male dominated genre. But these are minor gripes and aren’t sufficient to sully what is an otherwise sharp and funny film.

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