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Mark Millar took to Twitter today to share a couple of interesting pieces of information about upcoming Millarworld projects, showing that in spite of his new responsibilities overseeing the Marvel Comics movies at 20th Century Fox, his creator-owned properties are continuing to move forward."A week from now I'll see a first cut of Kick-Ass 2. Director Matthew Vaughn is closing in on a young actor to join Colin Firth in the Fox adaptation of The Secret Service. Based on the six-issue miniseries by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, The Secret Service follows super-spy Jack London (Firth), who takes his working-class nephew Gary under his tutelage to train in espionage and covert-ops.

I'm furious!" tweeted the writer, adding, "Well, Matthew Vaughn has just finished the screenplay for The Secret Service and, as always, made it better than my book.
Mutha-fukka!"Sounds like Matthew Vaughn had best watch his step, lest Fox allow Millar access to one of the "Marvel snipers" that we hear so much about!Millar added that while the film has a rough cut done already, fans aren't particularly close to seeing a trailer just yet. Rumors that he actually left the X-franchise to work on Star Wars haven't completely disappeared, even as Episode VII has a director.

If the script is already finished, that's probably a huge step in the right direction.Kick-Ass 2 is set to hit theaters on June 28.

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