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The Secret Garden Tree House is located at the back of a private garden hidden behind a large hedge. This round tree house comes with a rope bridge and swing-set creating a wonderful playground for the children. Blue Forest were delighted to have completed this fantastic lakeside tree house at Cleveley Mere. Each year around 13,500 children visit Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire as part of a school educational day and 27,000 visit with their families. Blue Forest are delighted to announce the launch of The Quiet Treehouse - an entirely new concept in arboreal living! The Blue Forest scheme was innovative from the outset and was particularly desirable because it was so unique and appealing to a number of markets. The new Eco Classroom looks amazing, and I'm sure the school will get a lot of use out of it. Cliff Richard, an old mate of mine and a garden fanatic, saw one at the Chelsea Flower Show and told me it was just what I needed for my new place in Surrey.
It was a big investment to make but the finished treehouse really feels like an investment and not an expense.
The finished treehouse is amazing as it blends in with the whole woodland and is like stepping into another world.
We are thrilled with Cherry Treehouse, and it is set to become an enchanting place of wonder, creativity, and reflection for generations of Feltonfleet children in the future.
From my team point of view I've found working with your company to be an easy, hassle free experience with an excellent end result and happy client.
This facility will enable classes to undertake fieldwork in the School grounds and will greatly enhance many aspects of the curriculum as well as providing a facility for use by local schools. It's not the best looking treehouse photo you'll find floating around the internet these days.

Fancy staying amongst 600 acres of private wilderness in the Blue Mountains in a treehouse? This secluded accommodation, including a tee pee and love cabin, offers just that for a back-to-nature experience… in style.
HemLoft is a self-funded secret tree house built by Joel Allen on crown land (government owned) in Whistler, Canada.
Below you will find a brief timeline of events and the fate of HemLoft and what is next for Joel. After graduating with a degree in software development in 2003, Joel went to work for a start-up company that would eventually fold in 2006. Joel mentioned the idea of a loft in the woods to his friends Mark and Jayne who casually suggested the shape of an egg.
After tweaks and alterations to the proportion the final model was slightly fatter than a pure-egg shape to create a more spacious interior. In 2010 Joel would find his life partner Heidi, and together they would complete the HemLoft.
Since the treehouse was built on crown land, Joel doesn’t technically own it and so the fate of HemLoft is uncertain. Please upgrade your browser with either the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to improve your experience. There is lots of space inside, including a desk and chairs providing some comfort and activity for rainy days.
This spectacular, contemporary design includes a rope bridge, sun deck and floor to ceiling windows that provide wonderful views of Cleveley Mere lake.
In our busy lives our hearts long to get back to a still and peaceful place often found in nature and where better to do this than a cosy, quiet Blue Forest Treehouse.
I hope that it brings significant benefits to the young people who will use it and that it will help them to regain confidence in themselves.

The structure and steps appear very solid and the cladding helps it to blend in well with the surroundings. Blue Forest have delivered exactly what they promised, and more, and we are enormously grateful to them. Then I noticed the neighborhood kids, a Bad News Bears-esque gang of 9 to 12 year olds, all routinely migrating to one particular clump of trees in the neighbor's yard. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road. On a random job site he met a friend who was also an outdoor-adventure type (and also living out of his car). With an extra pair of hands and a new partner with an eye for design and carpentry skills to match.
The pictures seen in this post were taken by the couple and shared in a 21-picture gallery on Flickr, which you can find here. While Joel kept the secret for three years, the project has since been shared in magazines and online and now he needs your help! It's their territory, their domain, filled with their ideas, their knotted ropes, bent nails, and even hanging artwork. A self-taught caprpenter, Old Man John would inspire Joel to pursue his passion for carpentry.
And the whole thing is a wonderful reminder, not only that I should make sure my kids are up to date on their tetanus shots, but that this is what summer is all about.
After a long, freezing school year jam packed with homework (way too much), projects, after school activities, carpools, emails from teachers, conferences, and constant structure, this is exactly what they need.

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