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When it comes to Marvel Comics super villains Doctor Doom and the Red Skull stand out amongst the others though you'll probably get arguments about that.
The figure was a good representation of the comic version of Victor von Doom except that it lacked a cape. If you're going to collect the Marvel 1984 Secret Wars action figures you'll need the Doctor Doom figure. There's a lot of talk about upcoming heroes on these boards, but who cares about them, right?
This list currently includes: Venom, Kl'rt the Super Skrull, Magneto, Ronan the Accuser, Juggernaut, Spiral, Dr.
Note: This is not a comprehensive list of every single costume or variation of a costume worn by these villains, but includes a decent amount of them.
The only reason I haven't included Green Goblin (yet) is because there is pretty much no point where Normal Osborn was a good guy.
The others I listed are commonly villains but have openly worked with heroes and are (generally) not 100% evil all the time. The temptation to take them out of the package and start your own battles can be too much which is why you might need to get more than one.

We'll be getting more playable villains in the "near" future so I thought I'd start a thread to give people an idea of what they can expect in terms of alternate costumes (and maybe increase the demand in some cases).
I didn't really forget him, I just wasn't sure if he should be included under Venom specifically.
I know there was one other guy that went by the name Green Goblin who was essentially a hero of sorts (forgot his name, sorry) but Norman has never even remotely been a hero. This action figure release my Mattel was to coincide with a special 12 part comic produced by Marvel. Fans had begged for years for a cool Doctor Doom Secret Wars action figure and they got their wish in 1984 with this Mattel figure. I will only list the villains that are most likely to be playable, mainly due to having been mentioned before.
Though Ultimate Magneto and 616 Carnage are examples of the extremely bad versions of the characters. This is the Doctor Doom figure made in moulded plastic, he comes complete with weapons and 'Secret Shield' which can hold four dfferent convex card inserts.
The figure was issued with a double barrel blaster gun that was used with many of the other Secret Wars figures as well as a blaster rifle that was only used with the Dr.

In some cases, like Doom 2099 and Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth, they are actually good guys.
He is in mint condition, the plastic bubble has been re attached with staples but is otherwise very good. The Secret Wars series allowed for fans and collectors to act out their long awaited fantasies some of which were 20 years in waiting. They could even give him a bunch of costumes from the "other" Goblins like Hobgoblin and Demogoblin etc. So if you want to play like you're the monarch of Latvia and take on the world or perhaps the universe then here's your chance.

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