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The group’s talent and versatility is apparent on their debut long-player, Sympathetic Resonance, which clocks in at just shy of 55 minutes. Daily Ireland Friday columnist Robin Livingstone decides to highlight some lesser-known predilections of the Orange brethren.
I really would like to know what a purpleman is and then I will explain to you the exact visual I got in my head when I skimmed the article. When confronted with this evidence the OO say it is all untrue, but when then asked what does actually transpire, they reply, ?that?s a secret?. Other questions are asked, although the nature of such depends totally upon the individual examiner. Upon my assurance there is nothing in that obligation that may prove detrimental to you in life, or hinder you in the duty you owe to God, your country, or yourself, are you therefore willing to take upon yourself that voluntary obligation? Upon his positive affirmation the candidate is instructed, "Kneel upon your right knee in token of your humility; place your right hand on the Holy Bible in token of your sincerity.
I will to the utmost of my power support and maintain the Protestant religion, and glorious Constitution of 1688, against all foes, foreign and domestic; I will aid and assist all true and faithful Royal Arch Purplemen in all just and lawful actions, and I will not wrong, nor see any of them wronged or defrauded, if in my power to prevent it. And I further promise and declare never to marry a Papist, nor stand sponsor for the child of a Roman Catholic or Papist when receiving baptism from a Romish priest, nor allow a Papist to stand sponsor for my child when being baptised. And I will always obey, without scruple or reserve, in all things lawful, the bye-laws of my Chapter, and the Rules and Regulations as drawn up and published by the Grand Royal Arch Purple Chapter of Ireland.
I will not have any unlawful carnal knowledge of a brother Royal Arch Purpleman?s wife, mother, daughter, sister, or any of his near or dear female relatives.
I will not be at the making of Royal Arch Purplemen behind hedges or ditches, or on the Queen?s highway, or in any other place except in a legally constituted Royal Arch Purple Chapter meeting.
I will obey the five points of fellowship, and keep and conceal the secrets of my Royal Arch Purple brethren within my breast, as well as my own, murder and treason excepted.

The candidate then affirms, "O help me, Almighty God, and keep me steadfast in this my solemn vow, but voluntarily obligation, being that of a Royal Arch Purpleman taken under this Warrant of Royal Arch purple Chapter No ?.. So because a few of them feel so disgusted with themselves for their forefather?s behaviour they themselves carry it on.
Orange, purple, red, white, yellow, who gives a s?t If these jokers faced the truth of what they were actually taken part in, they would cringe with embarrassing disgust! The effects: did anyone see the inbred Appalachian Mountain creatures (a product of 'scotch-Irish' emigration) depicted in the John Boorman film 'Deliverance'?
Before the patriarchical onslaught of the white christian religions there existed many tribal and matriarchical societies, which were not afraid, neither of blood nor of war. Other religions and philosophies changed and adapted the story, she can be venus and other such entities.
Was this around 1912 when the average English person would laugh at the Ulster lads marching round the fields with wooden guns??
In fact, two years later they were begging for those same lads as the nasty Kaiser was coming!! The band -accompanied by the talented lineup of Joey Vera on bass, Bobby Jarzombek on drums, and Frank Aresti on additional lead guitar- began tracking the drums for their debut album Sympathetic Resonance on January 12 and continued to record through March with Jim Matheos producing. This time, much like A Twist of Fate, the man again steps out from behind the curtain without the third person to reveal his human flaws. You can input the URL's from these links into a rss reader and you will be informed whenever somebody posts a new comment.
I was reading in the paper the other day, some DUP members were complaining of the "fascist" republicans, who had taken down flags, and other such vicious attacks on the protestant community.
The author is an ex member of the brethren who, having seen a different light, exposes the secret bits and pieces the upright and dour spokespeople (or rather spokesmen - would women go in for this level of kinkiness?) for the OO try to keep a lid on.

They know it?s always been wrong, but they can?t see a way out of it except to carry on in blind acceptance of the norm.
A British general (Freeland) once quoted after watching an orange march ?Boy?s with toys? (and he was on the same side) and he was right indeed.
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Ray (Alder) was unable to commit to a record at that time so I approached John about doing a couple songs together, maybe another EP.
Now, maybe I'm just misguided, but I fail to see how someone taking down a UDA flag in nationalist area is anything like the actions of a Mr. These jokers should just take a moment out to realise that we the world?s peoples Catholic and Protestant, etc, etc can see their blatant FEAR.
It's bad enough that there is Orange people marching about the place, but now we hear of purple people as well, where did the purple people come from and what ails them? Opinions are those of the contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by Independent Media Centre Ireland.
Surely if they act human and grown up they can just stop the silly absurd marching garbage and just plainly state that they support government oppression and the police state of N Ireland that has been treating fellow human beings like crap for decades and they have supported this because they have been appeased and kept quiet with better living and work conditions from the Brit N Ireland government, the scraps from the table of the protestant gentry and corporate businessmen. Does anyone know what the colour purple signifies to these people and what are they on about? There are some long compositions, so putting anxiety and apprehension on the back burner it was time to dissect these numbers into digestible bits.

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