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The second secret which will create real freedom in this life comes down to one basic thing.
The third secret to attracting physical success in this life is the habit of feeding the subconscious mind thoughts and feelings of success at the beginning of each day. I would like to take you on 3 guided inner journeys into this deeper positive mindset so that you start living in a permanent state of abundance consciousness and start manifesting it everywhere you go! No matter how challenged you are with your current life situation, it really doesn’t matter. This entry was posted in 1Posts>150, Reality Modification and tagged abundance, manifestation, visualization on June 9, 2015 by Gillian.
By practicing the techniques and meditations revealed in this program, you will have the power to make the impossible a reality.
Wayne Dyer has always been known as a speaker and writer with great passion, humor, and wisdom.
Included in this groundbreaking audio program, there’s an amazing ancient 20-minute technique that will enable you to create anything you want in life, whether it’s love, money, improved health, a better job, or anything else you want or need. Divine goodies just seem to fall into your lap when you’re living in abundance consciousness. By starting off your day reprogramming your subconscious with positive life affirming powerful statements, these messages bubble back up into your conscious mind throughout your day making your feel worthy of receiving the goodies you want, and giving you the inspiration to go out and create them. You can create true freedom in your life, and its much easier with specific tools that will take you there.

You can make problems go away and bring every joy and reward your heart desires into your life.
One of the great teachers of our time, he has the ability to take profound subjects and make them profoundly simple. If you want to shift into this awesome vibration, the first thing you want to do is adopt an attitude of gratitude. By taking 20 minutes each morning to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations, you’ll enlighten your attitude for the next 24 hours and this will help you manifest a new situation in your world. By simply listening to any one of these Manifesting Meditations daily, you will start feeling the powerful manifesting mindset growing within you! In this live seminar, he uses his talents to reveal to you ancient spiritual teachings that will uplift your spirit and change the way you think about life forever. And in this program you will be taught how to overcome your conditioning and grant yourself the power to know that manifesting your desires is possible.
Once you are into the appreciation mindset, opportunities will start opening up for you in every direction!
Its truly that easy to start feeling what its like to have nothing to worry about in your life ever again! These three guided meditations will help you remove any form of poverty consciousness hidden inside you, so you can start manifesting and skyrocket your life to the next level!! Using nine simple principles anyone can understand and practice, he helps you discover extraordinary powers you never imagined you possessed.

The Universe physically rewards those who are choosing to have positive thoughts and good feelings that open the heart and make the soul sing. When you’re aligned with the highest Source of Love, your energy shifts instantly to being relaxed, trusting. These powerful guided audio experiences will instantly increase your vibration and help you release any negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have around attracting abundance into your life.
When you’re grateful for everything in your life, the heart is relaxed and the mind becomes quiet and peaceful.
This is the first golden secret to opening up the channel to attract anything and everything you desire.
You start receiving the deep guidance you’re seeking, which increases your ability to trust in that next action step that will generate the flow of prosperity your way.
This sacred connection turns you into a natural magnet for receiving the physical desires you’re wanting to have.

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