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Dominating medieval battlefields for more than two centuries but requiring long and arduous practice to command, the English war bow and its battle shaft are the symbols of the rise of British power in Europe. In this April 15, 2000, file photo, Revolutionary War re-enactors portraying colonial militiamen fire on British regular soldiers in the Battle of Lexington on the Lexington Green in Lexington, Mass.
Archeologists using 21st-century technology are mapping out the exact spots British soldiers and Colonial militiamen were standing as they fired at each other during a pivotal skirmish on the first day of the American Revolution. Parker's Revenge, as the fight is known, occurred on April 19, 1775, after the battles of Lexington and Concord as the redcoats retreated to Boston. Undaunted, Parker planned his revenge, positioning his remaining men on a rocky hillside on the border of Lexington and Lincoln and awaiting the return of the British early in the afternoon. Morris' organization is financing the project in a partnership with the National Park Service. Using ground-penetrating radar, sophisticated metal detectors and other modern-day technology, archeologists and volunteers, led by Meg Watters, have uncovered several musket balls as well as a cast copper waistcoat button.
Some of the musket balls were unfired, indicating where someone stood during the fight, Watters said.

The nine musket balls recovered so far were discovered in a small area within 80 yards of each other, showing just how close the armies were. The artifacts will be placed on display at the park's visitors center, enhancing its educational mission, said park superintendent Nancy Nelson.
The park will eventually install more informational placards, called waysides, at the Parker's Revenge site. Despite being crafted for hundreds of years and wielded by generations of archers, no example of the war bowa€”the military version of the longbowa€”exists, outside of a single broken limb. The 44-acre Parker's Revenge battle site is completely within the Minute Man National Historical Site. Some had been damaged and flattened, indicating they had been fired, and struck a rock or tree, or perhaps even a person, she said. It may even restore the wooded landscape so it more closely resembles what the site looked like in 1775. Now for the first time, expert craftsmen use all available evidence including applied archaeology to unlock the secrets of the English war bow.

John Parker's 77-member Lexington militia in the original battle fought there on April 19, 1775. Using ground penetrating radar and sophisticated metal detection, archeologists have found used and unused musket balls at the site of a subsequent battle the militia fought that day known as Parker's Revenge. The project is expected to continue into November or December 2015, and may also restore the 44-acre battleground, which lies within the Minute Man National Historical Site, to a wooded landscape that more closely resembles how the site looked in 1775.
Soar is joined by Christopher Jury, fletcher, Mark Stretton, master blacksmith, and Joseph Gibbs, bowyer, in order to demonstrate how a war bow and its associated arrow heads and shafts may have been constructed and used. Armed with this new information, Soar provides an analysis of both successes and failures of the war bow in several important battles. Illustrated in color and black and white, Secrets of the English War Bow provides an invaluable service for those interested in medieval military history, archery, and technology.

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