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This course presents hands-on methods to conduct a Windows-based computer forensics investigation.
Understand how to ethically conduct a forensic examination while following legal processes.
Identify, forensically collect, preserve, and analyze digital evidence such as documents, spreadsheets, databases. Create forensic images, preview the evidence, export evidence files and convert existing images. This course discusses cyber-attacks and security practices that are used to protect individuals, organizations and the national infrastructure.
This course covers the strategies, procedures and policies to manage and mitigate risk in information systems.
This course covers the principles, the approaches and the methodology in auditing information systems to ensure the processes and the procedures are in compliance with pertinent laws and regulatory provisions especially in the context of information systems security (ISS). This course investigates fundamental assurance technologies that can be applied to interface specifications, architectures and implementations of information security mechanisms.
This course discusses the design, deployment, management and security of relational database systems. This course provides the student with theory and experience associated with ethical hacking - the practice of using the same skills employed by hackers with malicious intent to improve organizational information security. Discuss what and who an ethical hacker is and how important they are in protecting corporate and government data from cyber attacks.
Identify federal and state computer crime laws, as well as changes in penalties for illegal computer hacking.
It seems like every week there is another news headline of personal and private data stolen by hackers. It should come as no surprise that employees are using personal devices to complete company business. SARNIC HOTEL - ISTANBULThe Sarnic Hotel is a charming boutique hotel located in the heart of Sultanahmet, within a short walking distance from Istanbul’s famous sights.
Originally from Holland, she is fluent in Dutch, English and French, but also speaks and understands German, Italian, Turkish and a little Spanish. Having spent a lot of leisure time in Istanbul over the past five years, she takes great pleasure in advising you on what fascinating things to see and do, as well as what wonderful restaurants to dine at.

Eveline moved here in October 2001 and seems determined to make every guest love this city as much as she does! You will learn how to use a popular computer forensics tool to investigate a Windows file system, looking for evidence of wrongdoing.
The course will focus on 10 strategies organizations supporting national infrastructure should implement to improve security posture.
You will learn the best principles for designing policies and procedures for protecting a variety of information networks, including those that are very distributed in size and scope.
It also covers risk analysis techniques that can be used to identify and quantify both accidental and malicious threats to computer systems within an organization. You will learn how to identify the key data assets of an organization and assess their value so that you can prioritize efforts to keep them safe. This course also uses case studies to teach students how to implement an IT Governance process in a company using COBIT (Control Objectives for IT & related technology), align IT strategy with the business planning process, and monitor and measure the IT internal controls to meet internal and external compliance legislation like Sarbanes Oxley and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requirements. You will learn how to design and implement measurable policies and procedures using COBIT and other compliance frameworks as a guide. You will learn how to use models as a basis of assessing and auditing IT systems for their resistance to security risks. It introduces students to the various types of project management organization and the detailed business and technical management procedures and human skills necessary to successfully manage any size project in the areas of research, product development, information systems, production, services and construction. You will learn how to plan and manage projects aimed at safeguarding an organization's digital assets.
The successful protection of digital assets of an organization requires solid understanding of such techniques used by hackers to be better prepared against those kinds of attacks. You will learn how to use tools to identify weaknesses in an organization's security controls so that you can identify the skillsets you need to look for when you hire white hat hackers to investigate your vulnerabilities.
The 16 tastefully furnished guest rooms all have individually controlled air-conditioning, satellite TV, mini-bar, telephone and key-card security system.
With some advance notice, she and her staff will be happy to organize Turkish cooking courses, wine tastings, and drawing or painting excursions.
Project management is a sophisticated juggling of human and capital resources, and this course gives your formal training in how to manage projects that keep an organization secure. You will learn how to store personally identifiable information securely, as well as how to control access to data so that only those who should see certain data can.

Ethical hacking also requires performing a risk analysis for the particular organization as well as identifying the data, network and policy vulnerabilities. He worked in conflict zones include countries like Angola, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Haiti, North Africa (Libya & Tunisia), Nigeria, DRC Congo and Iraq. Upstairs you can enjoy breakfast under the morning sun or drinks at night on our rooftop terrace with its fabulous view of the Blue Mosque.Your host Eveline has a solid background in luxury hotel management. Raath founded Tactical Executives, specializing in high-risk security training and high threat risk management consultation.  As trained Security Manager, Paramedic and a Health and Safety expert, Mr. After an education as varied as architecture, a Cordon Bleu culinary diploma and a hotel management diploma of the International Center of Glion, Switzerland, she worked for such prestigious places as the St Regis Hotel in New York and the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris. His paramedic skills have seen him assist in mass casualty scenarios involving suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and medical assistance in conflict zones in Africa. Mr. Raath has excellent threat and risk assessment, security planning, special weapons and advanced security training skills.
Appointed to the security team of the Janet Jackson concert tour ofSouth Africa (November 2011). Raath presented various Combat Tactical Firearm Training Courses to a large South African National carrier of high valuable goods. Raath also worked with a Private Security Company in Baghdad as the Assistant Country Security Manager, overseeing all Private Security Detail (PSD) missions on a national basis. In 2013 Mr. Raath was appointed as Project Manager for the China Petroleum and Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) Camp 1.
This mission included the setting up of regional offices, liaison with the Ministry of Interior, Border Police, Navy and Governmental Departments e.g. Due to the nature of the high risk security business this database is confidential and only vetted and physically able operators are deployed on our missions.     Copyright 2009 Tactical Executives Security Ltd.

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