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The BSc Risk and Security Management has been developed in conjunction with the private security sector. People of all ages and backgrounds study with us, for a range of reasons, such as to gain a qualification, broaden their skills, enhance their career prospects, change career direction or challenge themselves.
All applicants should apply as soon as possible to reserve a place and ensure adequate preparations are made for the start of your studies.
Students on the BSc Risk and Security Management range from 18 to 60 in age and come predominantly from the private security sector, military or police at a wide variety of career stages. Students can also exit after 18 months of study and achieve a nationally recognised Certificate of Higher Education or exit after 36 months and achieve a nationally recognised Diploma of Higher Education.
Our graduates progress to a variety of career destinations in risk and security management, or take advantage of both their degree qualification and the learning they have achieved to advance more quickly within their organisations.
You may earn the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing, vital to a career in a UK police force, on this programme.
Find out why our degree in risk and security management is the ideal opportunity to combine work and study that will boost your career prospects.
Course materials, discussions and seminars are contained in an online learning environment called Moodle.
You will be introduced and shown how to access and make use of the tools and resources in Moodle during the induction period though ongoing support and assistance is available throughout your study on the course.
You will receive feedback on your assessed essays, which will indicate what you need to do to obtain better marks in your next essay, alongside the criteria against which your essay was marked. As academic qualifications in security risk management become increasingly important, we are proud to offer a degree tailored to the needs of today's security practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds. An animation that explains how you study on an Institute of Criminal Justice Studies distance learning degree and the benefits of studying at a distance. The Institute of Criminal Justice Studies was founded in 1992 and has since grown to comprise 50 academic staff and more than 1,800 students.
Our extensive experience and close professional relationships with the police service and criminal justice agencies ensure that our courses reflect the changing needs of the profession. Our distinctive approach to supported distance learning, robust procedures for the accreditation of prior learning and modular award framework not only help facilitate access to higher education but also offer flexible and transferable platforms for life-long learning. The Institute is an accredited provider of the CKP qualification, a prerequisite to applying for a UK police career. There are extra costs associated with studying, which you will need to consider when planning your expenditure.
If you wish to purchase recommended texts, rather than borrow from the University Library, the average price is A?50-A?60. We recommend that you budget A?75 a year for costs of photocopying, memory sticks, DVDs and CDs, printing charges, binding and specialist printing. If your final year includes a major project, there could be cost for transport or accommodation related to your research activities. This degree has been developed to meet the requirements of the expanding security industry, whose roles are becoming increasingly complex. To make sure you take the right steps on your career path, we’re here to give you help, support and advice throughout your study.
Employers tell us that they want graduates to be able to demonstrate certain skills when they come out of university. Your application will be received by the University's Admissions Team before being transferred to individual departments for consideration and processing. If you want to know more about undergraduate distance learning courses in ICJS, you will be welcome at our Virtual Open Days, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the academic and administrative staff.

Postgraduate Information Days are held twice a year and give you the opportunity to visit the University and meet with subject tutors. Security Training South West is a Devon based training provider that has a reputation for delivering quality training cost effectively.
Ideal for anyone wishing to work as a security operative, this license allows you to work in retail security, static guarding, mobile patrols, festivals and event as well as a door supervisors in licensed premises. For door supervisors who were trained and obtained their license prior to the summer of 2010.
This course is ideal for a wide range of occupations and is suitable for anybody who has a customer facing role, dealing with service users or the public. Course assessment is valuable to the teaching process because it allows you to identify what is “working” in the classroom, make informed revisions in future courses and record success for funding agencies and other actors. Effective teaching can be measured through different types of direct and indirect assessment.
The following matrix [Table A: Learning Outcome Assessment Matrix] will guide you in the process of aligning over-arching goals, desired learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment strategies for your course. When developing measurable learning outcomes, consider including a combination of lower- and higher-order thinking skills. Table D provides a sample of pre- and post-test assessment content aligned with the overarching goals, desired learning outcomes and teaching methods in a learning outcome assessment matrix.
Other types of indirect assessment include informal feedback strategies (incorporating specific questions into a lesson) focus groups, self-reflection assignments and individual student interviews. Phase 1 - Reviewed all operational practices and managed the restructuring of the majority of operational aspects of the organisation. Phase 3 - Identified opportunity to increase revenue by redesigning layout of events which increased revenue by at least 15%. Completed a review of tender documentation and subsequently revised requirement for all temporary structures and infrastructure equipment.
RFA has managed the ground operational aspects of this new series of Air Racing, over the last 2 years. International Major Event Organisation services offer all of the help, guidance and support that you need to run a successful event. International Major Event Organisation services your event may go over budget or the planning and logistics may not be complete by your deadline. Management Consultancy can be a cost effective way of identifying and highlighting these problems.
It aims to equip security practitioners, and those working in occupations with a significant security role, with the ability to understand and apply relevant approaches, techniques and processes from both general management and their own specialist management field.
There are no formal entry requirements for this course, and individual applications are assessed based on the candidate’s experience and educational background. In other cases our students are working in non-security fields and looking to build an entirely new career in security risk management. Those who have completed an appropriate foundation degree can do the final year of this course and gain a full honours degree.
Students frequently report transferring the knowledge they have gained in their studies into the workplace and receiving positive feedback from line managers about their progression. Whenever I have experienced any kind of problem, they have gone out of their way to help me.
You will also be able to communicate with the tutors and other students through it, as well as present your work. You do not need to be especially computer literate, although typing skills are obviously useful.

The tools and resources available in Moodle are designed to guide and support your learning and study. As marks obtained in stage one do not count towards the classification of the degree, you will have time to hone your essay writing skills. Its strengths include a relevant, up-to-date curriculum, excellent administration and support, and a strong, full-time teaching team with acknowledged expertise in the field.
Now an internationally- renowned focal point for the study of crime and criminal justice processes, it draws together expertise in criminological analysis, applied psychology, police governance and management, victimology, penology, risk and security. You will benefit from these links by hearing guest speakers, listening to leading-edge research and being helped to find professional work placements.
To find out more about these and our visits to your region see our International Office exhibitions page. It gives you a better understanding of how to prevent conflict situations arrising and feel more confident in dealing with situations if they arise.
Since measuring teaching is clearly not an exact science, the more varied the data sources, the more useful the measurement is likely to be. Table B is an example of a completed, yet simplified matrix [Table B] for a statistics course organized according to these principles.
Student A, while not achieving the same level as Student B, actually showed greater improvement as a result of teaching strategies and course instruction. These types of exercises offer instructors the opportunity to gauge comprehension of material and achievement of specific learning goals. Operational and safety benefits quickly materialised due to improved communications and systematic approach. It includes questions of strategic and operational management, risk management, security management, business continuity management, cyber security, investigations and counter fraud.
Most are seeking to progress within commercial or organisational security or make a transition into the private sector from the military or police, sometimes after 30 years’ service and in other cases much earlier in their careers. You can to access the resources in Moodle whenever or wherever you are (as long as you have access to the internet). You may be able to access some of the resources through a tablet or smart phone but the functionality will be limited and slower than if you use a computer. Unit materials often contain interactive exercises to encourage you to think and write about the issues being discussed, to test and encourage your learning.
We make sure we prepare you for employment through work-related learning, projects, placements and working in simulated environments that are designed to prepare you for the working world. It is a level 2 award and covers the principles of customer service including how to meet customers expectation the importance of appropriate behaviour and communication techniques as well as ways to deal with customers problems.
Guidelines for developing and assessing student learning outcomes for undergraduate majors. Our students come to us from across the UK and all corners of the globe, and are a diverse and interesting group. These allow you to meet staff and other students, as well as participate in more traditional forms of learning, such as lectures and tutorials.

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