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Develop your communication skills as a manager and learn how to communicate your ideas and opinions to key people in your organisation. This workshop equips participants with the skills to frame ideas and issues in strategic business language, to speak and understand the language of senior managers.
This course has been developed for middle and upper-level managers who propose strategies and ideas, or report performance to senior management or other influential stakeholders. Develop your personal action plan for communicating to your senior management and key stakeholders.
Management Centre Europe is an industry-leading Learning and Development Provider in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Fill out your details to find out more about Communicating to Your Senior Management and Key Stakeholders.
Your contact information will be forwarded to the course provider who will contact you with further information.When you enter your personal information via our website we will include you in our e-newsletter. I often get opportunity to talk to senior management, especially in the context of project management office (PMO), in some cases, organizations do not have designated project management office (PMO) but senior management has portfolio of projects to monitor and deliver. With online project management software, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is significantly smaller compared to traditional software. It is not surprising that senior management typically look for high level status and progress reporting mechanism from the tool.
As a solution provider, we definitely understand their priority- what they need the most and provide easier ways to access useful reports and dashboard of project status, portfolio status. As we interact further, I emphasis on the usability aspect of the software from team members point of view. On the brighter side I have also seen instances wherein project team is involved in the software selection process; team is asked how easy they find ZilicusPM to use.

ZilicusPM is online project management software that offers an incredibly simple and collaborative  way to manage project Try ZilicusPM a powerful tool that enable online project planning – WBS, online scheduling, resource assignment, Gantt chart, project tracking, issue management, online calendar, risk register and much more. Live football on TV: What channel is showing Rangers v Hibernian and Crystal Palace v Manchester United? A new course to help women at middle management level prepare themselves for senior management positions is being launched at the University of Edinburgh Business School in a joint venture with head hunters FWB Park Brown.
THE FIRST Minister pledges investment and leadership to save Scotland's lost children - and she's making it the centrepiece of her next five years in office. HOLLYWOOD superstar George Clooney has filmed an incredible Christmas message for staff at West College Scotland. Two of the collegea€™s media staff, Paisley men Campbell Gray and David Donaldson, cheekily asked for the quick video clip a€“ and gorgeous George was happy to oblige. Get buy-in to your ideas from the people who can support you in implementing the strategy by learning how to communicate your idea or issue properly. Every year, MCE facilitates training for over 1,000 organizations and over 10,000 managers and leaders through open courses and in-company training.
So cost is definitely something they consider but it is not a major factor in consideration.
They periodically ask for project reports from portfolio managers, in turn from project managers and would prefer to see all progress indicators in a dashboard way.
Just because some system allows them to extract hundreds of report; it may not be a right choice.
Thus without  making any upfront payment for licenses you can ensure whether a given tool for for you and your team. The Executive Women's Leadership Development Programme which is due to start in mid May will run for eight months with twice a month sessions and a two-month summer break.

Of course, they ask whether a given tool meets organizations requirement  in terms of feature. And unless project team updates status of project activities, the information displayed in project reports and dashboard will be less useful.
I must say,  these days, free trial is reasonably common for online software and many companies take advantage of this.
The idea for the course came from Judy Wagner of FWB Park Brown after she read the Womenomics Scotland report published last year which looked at a number of issues including the female employment rate, gender pay gap and the number of Board positions held by women. In the past, some of them have realized how such solutions have resulted in waste of time and money for the whole department.
After reading the report, Wagner believed there was a real need to help women at middle management level develop well for senior management positions. In addition, participants will work on specific projects that require solving leadership problems for specific organisations and applying newly acquired skills. Managed by experienced Chairs from the Business School, each session will also have contributors from the business world a€“ including many CEOs of leading companies, who will share their own experiences and lead interactive workshops a€“ as well as acclaimed motivational speakers from other sectors such as sport and science.
Professor Susan Murphy of Edinburgh University Business School said it had engaged with many of Scotlanda€™s leading companies all of whom have recognised the value for their aspiring female managers in attending the course, with its targeted practical preparation for future upper level leaders.

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