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This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants, children and adults. This is a nationally accredited course, This first aid training course is considered the preferred for people who are interested in or currently working in a regulated Child Care or School facilities .
To learn First Aid skills, manage emergency situations, providing care for the ill or injured children until medical help arrives. Reading and writing – a learner must be able to read, comprehend and write a range of texts within a variety of contexts. Oral communication – a learner must be able to use and respond to spoken language including some unfamiliar material within a variety of contexts. Ideal to support Children, Individuals or groups participating in this training, who may require this training as part of their job role, e.g. Leadership And Management Training - For All Management Levels A company's people are its most important asset and their performance is what drives the performance of the whole organisation.
Whether you are a first time manager or an experienced C-Level Executive, there will be numerous challenges for you to face and obstacles to overcome.
First time or experienced managers who have not received formal training on the fundamental skills of management.
The best leadership and management practice is grounded in methodology, process and behaviour.
Our leadership and management programmes range from fundamental through to senior level and are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results.
Our management know-how is based on respected and recognised leadership principles and models and is regularly updated to reflect best practice. Course presenters are leading thinkers and practitioners, drawn from a pool of over 100 water professionals working in government, industry, science and education. From the water cycle through to privatisation and water law, this single day primer course will provide attendees with an overview of the current technical, environmental, legislative, economic and social issues associated with Australian water resources management.

This 1-Day Workshop (9am - 4pm) is open to all interested in the problem of water security in highly variable climates. This two day course will highlight the importance of groundwater, a hidden resource with the vast majority of the world’s fresh water underground. This course teaches the basic principles of hydrology and hydraulics for staff with no formal training in water engineering. Comprehensive, national HEC-RAS training, incorporating 5 consecutive courses across 1 week - covering 1D and recently released 2D. HEC-RAS (Hydrologic Engineering Centre-River Analysis System) is recognised as an industry standard hydraulic modelling program that is widely used throughout the world.
The School provides rapid upskilling on the fundamental science, technology and governance underpinning best practice in sustainable water management. You will be exposed to the most critical issues facing the industry and gain understanding on likely directions in the next few years. This ? Day Workshop is open to all interested in the problem of water security in highly variable climates. The Presenters are nationally recognised for their outstanding breadth of experience and knowledge both in Australia and internationally. Offered in liaison with the Young Water Professionals National Conference this Workshop will be held on the day before the YWP Conference starts. We’ve got you covered with a wide range of online short courses in just about every industry imaginable!
Many Child Care facilities and Schools prefer for their employees to hold a first aid qualification specific in providing first aid with emergency treatment to Asphyxia and Asthma. Workplace First Aid Officers, Child Care educators, teachers and those wishing to learn more about First Aid and have those skills to help people in need, e.g.
Therefore, it falls upon the managers of each department to ensure that all individuals are directed, mentored and motivated in a way that suits them.

Inspire your team to achieve peak performance through motivational leadership at all levels of management. Learn to make decisions that will be positive for your company's future based upon sound financial judgement and understanding.
This means that as well as providing vision and direction great leaders and managers lead by example, plan meticulously, apply process, are disciplined, show courage and decisiveness, understand, develop and grow their people, provide fair reward and recognition, balance individual and team needs and harness the past while handling the demands of the present and future.
All our management programmes are available, worldwide, as in-company courses, tailored to your specific business and development needs. They are highly regarded mentors, committed to developing skills and knowledge and cultivating professional links within the water industry.
This is a course for new entrants to the water industry or for current staff working in water-interested organisations.
Offered in association with the NCCARF's Climate Adaptation Conference, this Workshop will be held on the day after the Conference. This week-long course covers basic, intermediate and advanced levels across both 1D and 2D.
Maybe you are looking try your hand at a new profession and want to see if the industry is for you or perhaps you are seeking a refresher course in your chosen field?  Regardless these online short courses are an affordable option done in the comfort of your own home, and perfect for everyone. Many managers are promoted into such a role without the necessary skills to help a team perform. In some territories they are also available as open, public programmes – running regularly throughout the year at a variety of locations. Managers with the necessary training and skills will be able to maximise performance and make the most from this most important of company assets.

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