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Additional Cold Damage: the Hatred aura works for all physical damage, including physical damage caused by spells and traps. Molten Shell is a spell that temporarily grants the player extra armour and casts an explosion of fire damage to surrounding enemies when a certain amount of physical damage has been prevented. Spell Block - Molten Shell keeps track only of physical damage blocked so it will never detonate if the player blocks elemental spells.
PoE (Path of Exile) is such a deep game that after more than a year of play I can confidently say I have yet to know all about it. We can start with our basic meta-game customization since key inputs and information display are extremely crucial.
In addition, it is recommended that you examine your various menus when you get into game (Getting used to your Character, Inventory and Map screens will be very useful). Right off the bat you should notice that the login client will allow you to select your ‘Gateway’. PoE starts with 2 base leagues: Standard (colloquially known as Softcore or SC) and Hardcore (HC).
Each Challenge League is based off the existing permanent leagues, there will be a Standard Challenge and a Hardcore Challenge league during each cycle. As you can probably figure out, the more valuable in-game equipment will be either Rare or Unique rarity. In general, higher tiers of item mods will not appear unless the item has a high enough item level. To take maximum advantage of item level, you should be farming at the highest level areas possible for the best possible affixes to appear on gear. With the exception of accessories, all equipment found in PoE will possess sockets that can hold skill gems.
Possible socket number is determined by item level, links are only limited by the sockets and are not directly affected by item level. Monster damage is often predictable and manageable with high resistance values and a high life pool. There are two types of Gems, Skills Gems which confer active skills and Support Gems which augment linked Skills.
It is important to note that you cannot support any skill gem with any support gem, very strict requirements must be met. Currency in this game is not handled with gold or anything of that type, but a materials bartering system.
I won’t give ratios between the currencies but it is helpful to sort currencies by value and liquidity. Currency that is rarely used for trading, usually people will try to buy these by the hundreds rather than accepting one or two due to how easy they are to get. Crafting with low-level currencies is fairly safe, provided that you do not need to use large amounts of currencies to achieve your results. By selling specific items to an NPC, you are able to receive specific currencies and items.
Pick up quality flasks and gems – you can sell quality gems to other people if they are over 10% quality. Path of Exile follows a typical ARPG style story progression, if you are familiar with the likes of the Diablo and Torchlight series.
You can retroactively complete quests in PoE if you have already met the requirements prior to talking to a quest NPC. Quest Rewards can range from extra skill gems, equipment, skill points and a few miscellaneous items. PoE can be broken up into 2 parts: the Main Storyline required for plot progression and the side areas that can be completed for bonus rewards and achievements. The sufficient EXP for progression can be gained from killing large packs and elite mobs only. Elemental undead possess a multitude of spells and elemental attacks that can melt down anyone with low resistances. Some higher health (400+ for normal) and decent AOE coverage is needed for the Weaver’s Chambers lest you be swarmed with spider mobs. The humanoid Undying come with 2 very dangerous variations: The Undying Grappler explodes in a huge radius when allies are killed while the Alchemist will through poisonous bombs from afar. The later zones will feature some more deadly Blackguards that will charge you and cast Lightning Thorns. Mid-Boss Piety and Act-Boss Dominus and several other dangerous mobs primarily deal lightning damage, so high lightning resistance is required throughout the act.
Voll deals primarily lightning damage, Kaom deals primarily fire damage and Daresso deals primarily cold damage.
The later zones have a large amount of Bleeding damage, rolling a flask with Staunching is recommended to prevent dying to bleed. While the results do not shine end-game, there are a couple of very convenient recipes that can produce good magic items for levelling.
A vendor recipe can be activated by selling the items to any NPC vendor, instead of getting regular items you will instead get whatever the recipe creates. So early on you will not be trading at all (not that you should need to at such a low level) and later on you will need to do a lot of bush-beating to actually get a trade going. Most of the time people will opt to buy skill gems early on for an Orb of Alchemy or a few Orbs of Alteration.
Once you reach higher levels, you will begin to utilize the forums (where you are reading this) as a shopping medium for both buying and selling.
Procurement is a program that acts as a shop management assistant for players, along with various other features. Alternatively Acquisition is a new streamlined program that focuses completely on shop management, it is gotten much attention due to it’s ease of use and high speed. It has been said before, but if you hold CTRL while clicking on an entrance, you will open an instance selection screen where you can join existing instances or create a new instance. By checking the town NPC or pressing S to bring up your social tab, you should be able to see a party bulletin with public parties available. It is going to be impossible to teach you the intricacies of character building within the scope of a beginner guide, unfortunately. If you look through the various class sections on the forums, there are a lot of up-to-date guides for the current patch version. Dual Flame Totems A very manly build where the main playstyle is to cower behind two bundles of wood that somehow shoot huge gouts of fire without burning themselves.
Facebreaker Melee While it requires a unique glove known as Facebreakers, this particular item is very low level and is often given away for free due to being a common drop. Summoner (another guide link) if you want to be the boss of unfeeling data algorithms, this may be the build for you. Poison Arrow completely fart your enemies to death with tenuously politically safe gas clouds. Alternatively, shooting me a PM or dropping by my stream will get you some 1on1 help for this type of thing.
Scion: This new character is a tri-attribute character situated in the middle of the skill tree.
Invasion: Invasion Bosses appear all over the world, bringing in new mob types to areas as well.

Rampage: Killing monsters within a certain time allows you to ramp up kill streaks, which confer special bonuses. Beyond: Killing monsters spawns portals to an otherworldly dimension, if enough of these portals gather they will spawn powerful Beyond monsters. Bloodlines: Bloodline mods can appear on magic monsters, increasing their damage or survivability or threatening the player summoned dangers when they are killed.
I read up on the leagues in this guide and it explains the organization but not its function.
It acts as a ladder reset for players since for these types of games the economy and ladder become fairly stale after too long. In addition I feel like it gives GGG excuses to do some balancing changes in the child leagues that would not work as well in a parent league since there will be old items and builds from before the balancing that muddles the results.
Generally before level 50 none of the rare (yellow) drops are worth selling due to the fact that the item rolls are higher at higher levels, so it is probably safe to vendor anything you are not using.
Using Chance Orbs on items that have a unique version will give you a small chance to turn them into uniques.
You can do cheap crafting by using Orbs of Alchemy on a single base item, then vendoring 5 rares into 1 rerolled rare using vendor recipes. Turn Orbs of Alteration into Orbs of Fusing at the vendor (purchase Jewellers Orbs, then purchase Orbs of Fusing). Use the Permanent Allocation option when partying, it will save a lot of headache worrying about loot. Seething is a very valuable mod on flasks, giving you the chance to recover a lot of HP instantly in a bad situation. Holding SHIFT while applying a currency orb allows you to constantly reapply it, which is useful if you are trying to jeweller or fuse or quality or chromatic an item. Abyssal Cry is a Warcry that applies the debuff Hinder which reduces movement speed on nearby enemies and causes them to explode when killed. When the duration of Molten Shell expires, the buff and any accumulated damage toward an explosion is lost.
This is in no-way related to any kind of server-based isolation that some other MMOs have, you can freely connect with people across the globe although your ping will be related to your gateway. When selecting ‘Create Character’ you will be brought to a selection of different character types and also a selection of ‘League’ at the bottom left. Whether you get bonus damage on your weapon, extra cold resistance on your helmet or movement speed on your boots is determined by what affixes are randomly rolled on your specific gear.
It is best to pick these ones up whenever possible, though low level items will end up being sold to the NPC vendor usually. It is not easy or intuitive to discover, but is critical in understanding the item system of PoE. Magic monsters will drop +1 to this level, while Rare and Unique monsters will drop +2 to this level. Red sockets are Strength- and Armor-related, Green sockets are Dexterity- and Evasion-related and Blue sockets are Intelligence and Energy Shield-related. You should be constantly making sure your skills and flasks are up to date, they give the most value when they are high level. Support Gems also possess their own colors, costs and requirements so they further complicate the skill system. Generally, you want to make sure that the keywords listed on your gems match up properly, or else the support gems will not be able to support the skill gems.
Sometimes you will have a main attacking skill that is heavily linked while other skills will act as supporting skills and only share one or two links between them. Unlike equipment, quality bonuses are not consistent and will often depend on the gem itself.
A lower-tier of currency may be worth more than a higher tier but you should keep in mind liquidity is an important factor when trading with other players.
A lot of people will just keep a few stacks of these currencies to use on their own items rather than going through the effort of selling them. There is no NPC required Your currency is used directly on the item in the crafting process. It is exhilarating to find and incredibly valuable item at the end of a long day and you feel a rush to play more, find more, loot more. This is known as a vendor recipe and is the main way to acquire currency by selling gear to an NPC. They will sell to the vendor for Alteration Shards which will build up to Orbs of Alteration which can be traded in bulk or used. These can be sold for 7 Jeweller’s Orbs which can be traded in bulk or used on your own gear. These are quite valuable and you should use them yourself or sell them to others for currency. You progress through zones split into Acts (Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 … so on) and after finishing the story you will move up in difficulty (Normal, Cruel Merciless) and repeat the story a few more times.
For example, if you have slain a quest monster before you were requested to kill it, the NPC will give you the quest reward anyway. Completing sidezones will offer extra EXP and benefits that may prove useful, but you do not need to do any of them. It is not recommended to kill small packs that are more trouble than they are worth or full-clear zones. It is always recommended to kill them to keep up in drops and exp but they may warrant skipping if they are too strong. Resetting zones to farm them can be done by holding CTRL while entering the zone and creating a new instance. The armoured, bipedal Rhoa bird will charge at you, the Goatmen will jump on you with leap slams and the mid-boss Brutus deals very high damage with all his attacks.
All 3 are difficult but the most unique aspect of the fight is that they will heal to full HP if you try to teleport out, meaning that you need to be able to kill them in one go. If you aggro him, he is a quick and deadly physical caster who throws Ethereal Knives and Bear Traps.
If you hit a mob with lightning thorns, you will take a bunch of reflected lightning damage. You will often need to whisper a potential buyer or seller and haggle prices before inviting them to a party and joining their hideout. The ctrl+click is also useful for partying and trading, as it will show you existing zones of that area that contain your party members. Usually the main purpose is just to kill a particular boss or dungeon in the safety of a group so if you want to rush acts it will be a good idea to hop between parties to progress. You can gather friends that you party with together often to speed up the inviting process as well as share a chat channel that spans across the servers.
For now you should just be satisfied with copying another player’s build from the forums. The damage is very high without needing any specific items or investment, but the totems do not know how to get any stronger because they have no brains. Your feeble body will not matter as much as the undead wall of meat covering your skinny ass. These shrines appear with a large pack of monsters and will either confer buffs to their followers or attack the player.

Rare monsters will now sometimes spawn with added Nemesis modifiers that confer special characteristics such berserking, cursing, lightning attacks, exploding on death, etc.
The changes to the game would include new Corrupted Areas that appear in the world and contain strong Bosses protecting treasures, Vaal Skill Gems that would require the souls of slain enemies to release powerful effects and Vaal Orbs that could corrupt items for powerful effects or ruin them for eternity. These masters appear throughout the world and offer you missions to increase your reputation with them. New bosses, new items, new skills and a rebalanced passive tree utilizing the Jewels (a craftable item that can be slotted into your passive tree). The movements and types of the warbands will dictate which location they are currently in and what types of items they can drop. Areas affected by a tempest will have storms spawning randomly throughout the area that confer effects to anything inside the area.
Usually if you identify and sell every yellow (rare) item you don’t use to the NPC vendors and pick up every currency drop you come by, you will have enough currency by the end of the story (merciless act 3, around level 65) to buy cheap gear for mapping (something like endgame dungeons).
This means that if you craft an item with Orbs of Alchemy and Chaos Orbs, it is the same as finding a rare item from a mob. This is very rare but chancing is still the most reliable way to find some of the endgame uniques that only drop in maps.
The result is the same as turning 5 Alchemy Orbs into 6 Chaos Orbs in terms of how many rolls you got on a rare item. Usually people opt to have at least 1 seething flask in their endgame setups for this reason. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Skill Gem you wish to augment.
As an MMO-ARPG, PoE focuses heavily on the theoretical and technical aspects of gameplay, creating a rich metagame and the need for such a long beginner’s guide.
If you are using the Steam Client, you should already be given authentication while you will need to log-in normally using the regular Client. The main difference that separates them is the fact that dying in Hardcore League will transfer your character to Standard League. Challenge Leagues are on separate servers and ladders, presenting a fresh economy and ladder for players to play and enjoy . If you had a character on a Challenge League, he will be transferred to the permanent leagues.
This means that lower Item Level gear will have much lower potential than high Item Level gear. You are also able to link sockets together so that the skill gems in linked sockets are able to interact with each other. Keep in mind that this means an item with a high Strength requirement will likely roll many Red sockets compared to Green and Blue, for example.
In addition, Quality can be consumed by an Orb of Fusing or Jeweller’s Orb to improve socketing and linking results. The former is largely solved by maintaining capped (75%) resistance values and both problems can be handled with a large life pool.
It is important to make sure you can keep up with these requirements so that you can get your skills stronger and stronger. You would need to look up each gem specifically to learn what quality will improve on each skill gem. However at the same time it is confusing and intricate, leaving many confused of what to pick up and what to keep. Therefore you are safe progressing at whatever speed you wish since you can return to town and complete your quests at any time you want.
Get some lightning resistance for the Chamber of Sins and try to round out all the other resistances before you make your way through the Ancient Pyramid. Other than that, most items are not worth selling nor buying below the 60s, so just vendor items until then.
In addition, you can use microtransactions to add a Guild Stash, a server-wide stash that is shared by all guild members. I am also trying to make progress into a second guide about character builds, however this will be very long and complicated and much more technical than this guide. The minions are easy enough to scale but there are limited sources that can scale them so you will reach a softcap early on. Kind of straddles the line between the two categories of builds here, it takes a decent weapon to make it work but reaches high damage quickly and consistent upgrades can boost the damage (there is a bit of drop-off because it doesn’t scale very quickly once you reach a certain point).
In addition, a challenging boss encounter, Queen Atziri, was created to challenge high-level players to see who could take her down.
High levels of reputation allow you to create your own personalized hideout, craft affixes onto items using a master’s crafting bench or get randomized items from a master’s personal shop.
Of course this assumes itemlevel is constant and you can guarantee a supply of whatever base item you are looking to craft. So you’ll be in for the long-haul with this game, so drink deep or taste not the fruits of your efforts. You also possess a ‘Stash’ in the game that basically acts as your bank and is separated by league. For example the Regal Orb can be worth X amount of Chaos Orbs but also can be used to upgrade an item from magic rarity to rare rarity.
Very receptive to gear investment as the damage can become incredibly high very fast as long as you keep upgrading. The ghosts will drop items on death and increase the drop rate of any monsters it buffs or possesses. Stacking large amounts of Increased Item Rarity and Increased Item Quantity will improve your drops and therefore the chances of finding good gear. This will happen both ways (when Vaal Molten Shell is casted while Molten Shell is active). In other words, you better read this guide and play for a long time cause it takes awhile for the game to become enjoyable. If you die in Hardcore, your character and equipped gear will be transferred to Standard, however future Hardcore characters will retain access to the Hardcore stash, which will not get transferred. Nothing will be lost when Challenge Leagues end, so there is no risk in joining the Challenge Leagues. Therefore each currency will have different economic values often related to their usage and rarity. The only damage mitigation provided by the skill is the bonus to armour while the buff is active.
If you die in the Hardcore Challenge League, you will still be sent to the Permanent Standard League.
The Detonation Threshold stat only indicates the threshold at which the buff will end and an explosion will take place.

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