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As all SMEs will know, it is important to always be one step ahead in business planning and that is why Pro-actions’ Business Improvement Specialists have compiled a list of the 8 trends that need to be factored into your 2015 marketing plan. 2014 was the year in which both Twitter and Facebook began testing new features that made it easier for users to buy products and services in just a few clicks. Social media posts made by peers can be extremely influential over spending habits of those in their network. As a small business owner, Facebook or Twitter may not be part of your marketing mix just yet. LinkedIn’s publishing platform is something you need to explore by the year’s end if you haven’t already.
Content marketing can be used to spread the word about your business without the aggressive sales cliches. This year has seen an increasing amount of irate customers using social media to express their discontent directly and very, very publicly. When you are looking for ways to improve your online marketing, it is important that you have an active role and that you are looking for ways to attract new clients. Your people are your greatest assets, therefore ensuring the wellbeing of those staff, is like ensuring a car is well maintained in order to continue to get performance out of it and prevent it from breaking down.  Wear and tear take their toll. Have you done everything possible to increase your success, yet something is preventing you from reaching your full potential?
Successful Living Institute’s is dedicated in providing high quality, expert coaching services to small business owners and professionals to achieve their full potential, to align and uncover hidden profits, and implement strategies to increase sales and performance. Peak Performance Coaching is designed to empower you with the focus, training, and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you deserve in your business. Just as a physical trainer helps you raise your standards for accelerated results in your body, we will challenge and support you in achieving the results you deserve to maintain the competitive edge in your business and thrive.
Sarah Cohen is a highly skilled coach who will create a customized experience that will drive your business to the next level, regardless of the type of business you're in or where you are located. Call us to arrange a free introductory meeting to discuss your company's needs, and set you on the right path towards success.

Dean sente os efeitos da Primeira Lamina (First Blade) ao mesmo tempo em que Metatron realiza seu ataque contra a humanidade. Although business coaching has been in existence since the early 90's as an organized profession, it's still in its infancy. You can count on a solid ROI from business coaching when you select the right business coach for you and your business, identify what a successful engagement looks like, and outline your plan of action. The introduction of “buy” buttons allows users to make purchases without having to leave the site.
Sites such as Yik Yak, Ello and Tsu have risen by fixing problems that users have found on other sites and using it as a USP. Facebook are limiting how many ads its members view meaning its ad pricing has risen 10 percent since 2013.
Or is everything simply our own personal perception of what is real, based on how we are conditioned, or “wired” to process information?
Yet many of us never reach it because of the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and lack of skills that keep us stuck at our current level. Ao mesmo tempo, Sam, Dean e Castiel enfrentam as chocantes consequencias quando decidem enfrentar Metatron. Considering the rapid pace of change across the entire landscape of our lives, we all need someone who can keep us focused, on track, and help us sort through the multiple decisions we make in a day.
This newness makes it more challenging to find a good fit when looking to engage a business coach.
This year, it is expected for Twitter and Facebook to drive consumer spending in a major way. According to a recent survey, 68 percent stated they were more likely to purchase a product or service after seeing a friend’s post about it. Popularity of social networking sites can change at breakneck speeds, guaranteeing popularity rankings will fluctuate throughout 2015.
LinkedIn has quickly become an influential publishing resource populated with relevant content on business trends, insights and careers.

You need to monitor what’s being said about your brand on social media and resolve customer issues immediately as this may be the first impression many get of your brand. It's not that we can't do it all on our own, working with a business coach just makes things move more quickly. With the pure coaching model, the business coach asks you discovery questions to bring you some clarification. A smart business coach knows they are not completely responsible for the results achieved by their clients, but they do play a role in pointing out opportunities and helping their clients think through the myriad of strategic decisions. This is an advantage for small businesses as it provides the ability to attach concrete revenue metrics to social media messages. Advertising on Twitter will become more and more essential for small business owners as the new advertising fee structure allows companies to pay for performance instead of paying for retweets, app installs and clicks. LinkedIn’s publishing platform can be used by small businesses to express your thoughts on these topics or to build your brand. You may as well be throwing money away if you’re investing in adverts that the viewer has no interest in. If the coach tells you they've been coaching their entire life, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. You want to select a coach who understands the challenges and opportunities YOUR business faces. Frankly, I'd rather hire a business coach who works across a wide variety of industries than one who works within only one industry.
The bottom line is that a good business coach should be able to state the results achieved by a variety of their clients. However, depending on the type of support you want, you may prefer a business coach who also has strong critical thinking or analytical skills so they can help you scrutinize and strategize your business.

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