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The purpose of this program is to enhance the lives of special needs children from a variety of “wrap around” services in conjunction with our physical, occupational, and speech-language therapies.The program is designed as a two-tiered age-based program including a vast diversity of activities and support services.
As a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization we rely on the generosity of donors like you to enable us to expand our offering of therapeutic services, program development and community reach.
Yoga Time at Interactive Kids is a fun sensory-based movement program that is adapted for children with a variety of cognitive, physical and social challenges.
This group will embed attention, listening skills, turn taking and following directions into yoga time activities weekly. Art, imagery and breath techniques are used to reduce stress, improve focus and teach self-calming.
A  center-based program in which children are engaged in social learning opportunities and activities to develop turn taking, waiting, sharing, conversing,  attending, discerning non-verbal cues, regulating emotions, and other skills specifically targeted to the group’s participants . Our teenage group is designed to prepare young adults to manage the pressures of social situations in high school, college, or on the job. Kids love Lego, so why not build social skills through something they are passionate about! The mission of the PERICO Institute for Youth Development and Entrepreneurship (PRIYDE) is to provide youth development, training and technical assistance in financial literacy (asset development), prevention and intervention, resiliency skills, character development and life skills, certain apprentice skills, entrepreneurship, college readiness skills and work force development and advocacy to low to moderate income youth. The Foundation for the Mid South is a regional foundation that serves the Mid South states of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.
The focus is Wealth Building Priorities: Financial Competency, Individual Development Accounts (IDA), and Asset Development. Copyright © 2008 - 2014, PERICO Institute for Youth Development and Entrepreneurship, Inc. The findings of the study were taken from the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2, a long-term survey of special education students and their parents. The good news is that school is far more than simply learning lessons from teachers; it is where young people learn how to interact with each other and learn the social skills that will serve them throughout their lives. CBT and DBT refer to two types of therapeutic methods used in counseling and psychology that have some differences between them. CBT is a very popular therapeutic method in counseling psychology, mainly because it is not only effective but also short term as well. This clearly shows that CBT and DBT are different therapies, even though, the foundation for DBT lies in CBT. CBT: CBT refers to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an effective, short term therapeutic method in counseling psychology. DBT: DBT refers to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is a category of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

DBT: DBT is mostly used for Borderline Personality Disorder, Eating Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a few more disorders. Turn taking, interacting with peers, developing play skills, cooperating, attending to an activity and building self-esteem are several goals worked on during these sessions. Our services challenge and inspire youth to be good people, value and use their knowledge to help themselves and others, and give back to their community as they work to achieve their goals. The Foundation works to strengthen the region and its communities by attracting and mobilizing resources that improve the quality of life and opportunities for all Mid Southerners.
Overall, it was found that nearly 40 percent of autistic students rarely saw their friends in social settings and 28 percent of autistic students in the study had no social contact with peers whatsoever. Researchers observed the responses to questions relating to the social interaction of these students.
Many autistic people fail to develop proper social skills due to various limitations, but parents and teachers who have cared for and taught autistic children know that it is possible for them to socialize with their peers.
In the field of psychology, the psychologists study the mental processes and behavior of human beings.
CBT can be used for a range of mental illnesses and conditions such as depression, addiction, anxiety and phobias. For instance, the emotional stimulation of some people in various situations (in relationships, with friends and family) is much higher than what is considered as normal. A progress report will be provided to each parent at the end of the 8-week session to provide parents with feedback on how their child progressed during the 8-week period. The primary focus includes compromising and negotiating with others, accepting rejected ideas, communicating effectively with others, amongst other skills. Because social interaction is considered such an important part of a young person’s development, these socially isolated students could face a difficult transition from school to career and adulthood. It was found that nearly one-third of students with autism were considered to be socially isolated. Positive social interaction is very important to a child’s development, and it should always be encouraged even when it seems difficult. Through counseling, the psychologists and the counselors make an attempt to use the theoretical knowledge practically as they guide and assists clients in a variety of issues. Originally, DBT was used to treat individuals who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder.
Having group sessions is an added advantage for the individual because it allows him to learn specific skills. One parent meeting will be provided during one session so that parents can learn how to facilitate skills across settings.

Adaptations and prompts are faded as students become familiar with and understand the game concepts, enabling them to play the games in other settings. Other targeted areas include, but are not limited to conversational skills, eye contact, problem solving, establishing friendships, and anger management.
By identifying with and feeling accepted by a peer group the members build their self-confidence without always recognizing the “work” they’ve put in.  The specific goals targeted for each individual will depend upon the information provided in the application process. Meanwhile, only ten percent of students with an intellectual disability and two to three percent of students with emotional disturbances could be placed into this category.
Social skills can be taught, isolation can be addressed, and young people with autism can benefit. Through this therapy, the thoughts and feeling of the client are studied so that it will allow the counselor and client to comprehend the client’s behavioral patterns.
This increases his awareness of destructive behavior and also ways of dealing with such behaviors. As the second step, the focus is on behavioral patterns that contribute to the problem that has already been identified.
Now, it has expanded and is used for other mental illnesses as well such as eating disorders, PTSD or else Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Through DBT, necessary skills are inculcated so that the individual learns to cope with these emotional swings in an effective manner. Practical application of the skills taught are used during games, stories,  art, gross motor activities, cooking, role play, and music.  The material taught is adapted to promote socialization and communication skills. Although most students who fall on the autism spectrum have difficulty socializing with their peers, many autistic students actually crave social interaction and friendship as much as the other students in your classroom do.
As the final step, the client works with the counselor in changing the maladaptive behavior and learning new behavioral patterns. Psychologists believe that the foundation for DBT lies in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Adaptations and prompts are faded as students become familiar with and understand the game concepts, enabling them to play the games in other settings.  When appropriate, information is provided to parents to help them create successful interactions with their child, eliminate problematic behavior, increase positive behavior as well as promote independence. On the other hand, social isolation not only demoralizes those suffering this way, it can also contribute to a variety of related concerns that reinforce the isolation itself: If not treated, and without intervention, isolation and avoidance lead to more of the same. A progress report will be provided to all parents to assist with providing feedback on their teen’s performance during the 6-week session.

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