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PITCS is Indiaa€™s #1 Training Marketplace that provides a platform for learners and training providers to come together. Our training and other processes ensure that Quality management system (QMS) in place which leads to achieve the ISO 9000-2001 standard. For PITCS , success is measured by interactive result oriented training and actual transfer of skills to the job.
A passion of helping people to realize their strengths and weaknesses so that they utilize their potential in the right direction for the right purpose. All Training Programs are personally designed, developed and executed Pan-India & Overseas by PI Solutions a€“ Corporate Soft Skills Trainer. Today more than ever; corporate success depends on effective and well executed training programs. We provide on-site corporate training to fresh entrants, junior, middle and senior management across sectors.
We build in our trainees the mindset to consistently develop and display leadership qualities in multi-cultural business environments and achieve personal goals of professional growth in line with the company vision they serve.In turn, corporates experience significant improvement in their human capital efficiency and recruitment quality and gain tangible success in retention strategies with exponential material benefit. IT Classroom Trainings: PIS Classic classroom training brings you the most effective and result-oriented learning experience. Our flexible training through standard or customized courses with standard class sizes empowers your team to produce outstanding results for themselves and their organizations. Customized training helps in better meeting of an organizationa€™s skill set requirements, rather than generic training, which, serves no purpose.
Training can be customized to blend traditional forms of training with technology-enabled training in a way that meets the organizationa€™s training goals to improve your business performance by leveraging your biggest asset- your human capital. Flexible and Customized: This includes both In-House training as well as Vendor training, depending upon which best fills our needs. PITCS application modernization services help modernize legacy applications to newer technologies and architectures to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs. The services provide a metrics-based framework to help you choose from different modernization methods a€“ Web enabling, re-engineering, re-hosting, computerization, and new development. Initial IT processes provide even better ROI when effectively monitored, managed, and optimized.
PITCS Performance Engineering services adopt a proactive approach, and techniques of engineering and high-performance computing. Organizations with multiple IT systems results in confusion, inefficiency and decreased productivity.
COMMUNICATION SKILLS PPT DOWNLOAD FREEBy sandra johnson, micro soft mvp sandra johnson is an that . We are a professional general contracting company specialized in civil and electromechanical disciplines. The learners include individuals as well as corporate learning & development (L&D) managers. Our team spends considerable time on understanding clienta€™s requirement and design the training program accordingly to reinforce the training effectively.
Our seminars, workshops, training and coaching sessions are executed in a unique and non-conventional style using the V-A-K model. Our goal is to train your employees to become more self-sufficient, more productive, and a greater asset to your operations.

It also plays a significant role in enabling companies to extract greater ROI on IT investment due to inherent advantages such as optimization of resources.
This not only saves costs but also saves the employeea€™s time, as they only learn skills relevant to their jobs and not sit through training on topics they are familiar with.
PITCS can help determine how to realize top system performance consistently, and on an ongoing basis through our performance engineering services. Our holistic approach enhances the performance and scalability of applications across the technology stack and application life cycle. PITCS System Integration services help customers to integrate the complex applications and provide a single IT platform. Fully licensed and registered in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, DEC has participated in several projects that helped build the communities present in the United Arab Emirates.
Sounds like you’re running a resource for special services are designed royalty free powerpoint presentation that. The training providers include those organizations involved in providing training to companies as well as conduct public training programs. You can benefit from our experience in compiling customized courses tailored to your specific needs.
Our Technical Training is a very unique series of programs that focus on filling the identified needs, thereby allowing them to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge that they must have in order to serve our corporate client.
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