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As our name suggests, our commitment and passion is endless and we strive for excellence in all we do. We train and inspire people to sell more, be more productive, communicate better and work smarter. The Soft Skills Training course is designed for students at an Intermediate level and above who wish to study at an international university in Vietnam or abroad.
Take the opportunity to be fully prepared for an international university environment or a more successful career. With IT sector unemployment at its lowest rate in seven years, it's a seller's market for professionals with technology skills. Sharon Florentine covers IT careers, women in technology and diversity, as well as software, Agile, cloud tech, data center and security topics. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
According to the results of research conducted by Stanford Research Institute among Fortune  500 CEOs, long term success in a job is 75% due to soft skills and only 25% due to technical know how.

Learning Experience 2.0 is a revolutionary learning framework designed to create an immersive learning experience that will engage and transform your team, provide in-the-moment training and improve the outcomes of their work. And over time, this builds your competitive advantage and boosts your business performance.
Talent Intelligence is established since 2008 focus on soft skills training that improve the performance and productivity of individual and organization. Communication, negotiation, team-building and conflict resolution are all critical to IT success, especially in leadership positions. However, it takes more than just hard-core technical knowledge to get ahead in IT departments. When your team takes on Learning Experience 2.0 alongside any of our training workshops, they will be able to leverage on this framework for optimal learning effectiveness. We bring together a pool of highly qualified and experienced trainers with more than 2000 training days to train, coach and share of information during the trainings that prove to be extremely valuable and mind opening.
Our team are dedicate to fulfil our promises to deliver only programs of the highest quality and greatest value.

The components that participants will study in this course include some or all of the following: time management, summarising and paraphrasing skills, citing and referencing skills, computer skills, presentation skills, professional report writing, emailing and telephoning skills. Technologists who have these soft skills are better able to understand and accurately convey the business value of IT projects to other, non-technical stakeholders, get their buy-in and support and deliver more successful projects," Brosseau says.Soft Skills Drive Engagement and RetentionThere's a direct relationship between soft skills and workers' effectiveness, and greater effectiveness on the job translates to better overall business results, says Kevin King, founder and CEO of Transformation Point, a management consulting and assessment firm, in a recent webcast for Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).
With effort from our pool of experts, we are proud to be one of the most innovative corporate learning business partner.
Our latest talent development framework had successfully developed a substantial number of corporate professionals. With this development framework, we are able to predict behavioral change to drive business objective. If you have workers with great communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills, hold onto them.

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