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India has a billion dollar opportunity for Online Shaadi Business, but it is complicated as well as it is spread over geographies, religion, caste & several other factors.
MakeYourSoftware a leading brand in Online Web based software, It provides solution to this unique opportunity . In coming blog post we continue to talk about matrimonial business and how it can grow online with new age business model of franchise.
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Computer networks evolve technologically which means there is a commercial demand for such development. That is where we face the issue of web site profitability, something that probably any fellow webmaster is familiar with.
Introducing Advanced GIF Optimizer, the unique GIF image optimization software intended to make your profits grow, decrease your e-business expenses and speed up pages loading! This application allows you to optimize GIF files on the fly and includes batch optimization and command line support.
Advanced GIF Optimizer offers innovative approach to optimization of GIF files without image quality loss based on advanced math model used generally in expensive professional software only. Taking into account that the program comes with additional GIF tools intended for all webmaster's needs, Advanced GIF Optimizer stands for professional web developer toolbox at an unbeatable price.

The popular and well known blogger, Linda Ikeji Blog, uses blogger to drive her brand on the internet. Before you start posting and miss your target which I know is to create a brand and make money, See my post on 3 Secrets of a Successful Blogger. India has been forefront and historically the shaadi business has been in the hand of family pundits. Nature of Baseboards Styles for Beautiful T see moreChief Architect Home Design Software For Builders And Mar 3 2015 3D architectural home design software for Building and Remodeling by Chief Architect.
Five to eight years ago making profit out of a web site was the goal of large companies operating clusters of expensive dedicated servers. As with any business our profits are subject to simple equation: 'profit = income - expenses'. Translated to English this means you can optimize your entire web site graphics within several seconds automatically.
This award-winning software is even available as a free trial version that you can download right now! It provides wide scope for creation of small clusters and niches for various matrimonial businesses. We expertise in website like classified, directory, dating, auction, deal, crowdfunding website.

Savings of up to 70% or more in file size are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times, save on disk space and reduce bandwidth charges.
If we serve about 100,000 web pages per month that means we spend 1.7 Gb of traffic just to show this image.
Growing Indian population has been the most important reason of rising of the Online Marriage Bureau business.
Software comes with special versions of Muslim Matrimony, Christian Matrimony & Hindu Matrimony. Many of us have come to a thought 'How can I decrease the traffic flow without having to loose my web site visitors?' already. The audience is much more educated and Internet savvy, likes to spend more time on Internet & is serious about finding best partner for life.

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