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More than 20 years of personalized and professional Spanish language instruction for people who enjoy Hispanic culture and like to learn Spanish in Manhattan. Just fill out the form below and we will send you level-appropriate Spanish class recommendations.
Total Beginner: I have never taken Spanish or I have completely forgotten everything that I learned and I need to start again. I can conjugate ser & estar without too much difficulty but I’m not very comfortable with regular verbs. I can conjugate ser, estar and the present tense of regular verbs without too much difficulty but I’m not very comfortable with irregular verbs.
I am very comfortable using ser, estar and the present tense of regular in conversation and fairly comfortable with irregular verbs but need to work on it. I can speak with relative confidence about day-to-day topics in the present tense and a bit in the past tense but get stuck on the irregular verbs.
I am comfortable speaking in the present and pretty comfortable speaking in the past tense but it’s not always 100% accurate especially the difference between the imperfect and the preterito. I am very comfortable using all of the indicative tenses in conversation but I may need some review and the subjunctive is still a mystery to me! I am very comfortable using all of the indicative tenses and fairly confident (50%-75% accuracy) speaking in the more complex tenses in conversation (subjunctive, conditional, past conditional, etc.), but may need some review as well as work on improving overall conversational skills.

I am able to use all tenses with 75%-100% accuracy in conversation and am able to talk about any topic although I lack sophisticated vocabulary and still make little mistakes.
Language International, a leading provider of language study abroad programs, is thrilled to announce our new partnership with ABC College in Barcelona. Gonzalo Romagosa, Marketing Director of ABC College, explains the importance of this partnership with Language International: “Language International offers students exceptional customer service and has un unsurpassed reach.
Do you already speak a 2nd language?  Are you looking for a job in Utah as a language teacher?
At Spanish Classes in New York, you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site. Students may choose to enroll for 6, 8 or 12 weeks (textbook included in all enrollment packages).In the first 6 weeks weeks, students will be introduced to basic vocabulary and sentence structure in the present tense. If you see in our reply a Spanish class that suits your needs, you are welcome to attend a trial. I can understand and formulate very simple sentences such as introducing myself, my profession, nationality, etc.
I can’t hold a conversation but can ask and answer short questions such as directions, ordering in a restaurant, introductions, etc. The partnership will extend Language International’s presence in Spain and increase the number of partners in Barcelona, making it one of the most important language immersion destinations in Spain for Language International’s students.

It is renowned for both its magnificent architecture from the Middle Ages and experimental and surreal constructions by Antoni Gaudi.
Under this partnership with ABC College in Barcelona, Language International students will have access to a wider array of Spanish language learning schools,” said Karen Ong, CEO and founder of Language International. We can identify with the focus on customer service and look forward to partner with Language International.
In 8-12 weeks, students can expect to cover most of the present tense, negations, questions and adjectives as well as some past tense usage.To reserve a space you need only sign up for the minimum 6 weeks and may upgrade to a longer enrollment by your 2nd class. Some of the greatest artists of the 20th century have walked the streets of Barcelona, including Miro, Gaudi and Picasso. 12-week enrollments include 1 make-up class (a 13th consecutive class) for a missed lesson.As with all of our groups, once a class is started it will be ongoing with flexible enrollment options. And the avant-garde is still to be found today, where the chefs of the finest restaurants are leading the way in new and exciting cuisines, making even the French speechless.  Just outside the city, visitors can explore the Montserrat mountain range and enjoy lazy weekends at the beautiful sandy beaches.

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